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In 1992 I underwent a profound revelatory experience of God which revealed that the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" is a "Sign in the Heavens" that symbolizes God's divine omniscience. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan of the Unitarian Church of Montreal contemptuously dismissed as my "psychotic experience" here: - This revelatory religious experience inspired me to propose an inter-religious celebration of Creation that would take place whenever a total solar eclipse took place over our planet. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan and other leading members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal falsely and maliciously labeled as a "cult" here: - I am now an excommunicated Unitarian whose "alternative spiritual practice" includes publicly exposing and denouncing Unitarian*Universalist injustices, abuses, and hypocrisy. The Emerson Avenger blog will serve that purpose for me and hopefully others will share their concerns here. Dee Miller's term DIM Thinking is used frequently and appropriately on this blog. You may read more about what DIM Thinking is here -

Monday, June 19, 2006

How Rev. Ray Drennan's Intolerance & Bigotry Tarnished The Public Image Of The Unitarian "Church" of Montreal aka The "Church" of the Tarnished Image

Click your mouse cursor on the image of the newspaper page to go to a larger more readable image file. Click on the box that will appear in the lower right corner of the image to see it at its full size. Needless to say the same principle applies to all the other images on this blog.

Montreal Unitarians excommunicated me from the Unitarian Church of Montreal for allegedly tarnishing the public image of the far from immaculately polished reputation of this alleged Unitarian "church". My alleged "image tarnishing" activities were my entirely legitimate public protest and the resulting television, radio and print media news stories that publicly exposed the anti-religious intolerance and bigotry of Rev. Ray Drennan and other Montreal Unitarians and also exposed the incompetent, negligent and effectively complicit failure (or more properly the obstinate refusal) of the Board and congregation of the Unitarian Church of Montreal to responsibly redress my serious grievances in a manner that even remotely lived up to Unitarian*Universalist "covenants" to "affirm and promote" justice, equity and compassion in human relations.

Most ironically, one of the very reasons that I felt that it was necessary to file my formal complaint about Rev. Ray Drennan's slanderous intolerance and bigotry in the first place was because I was concerned that he would unleash his intolerance and bigotry on others in the future. I was actually trying to spare the Unitarian Church of Montreal from future public embarrassment by giving them a very early warning of Rev. Ray Drennan's arrogant and abusive behaviour towards me that I had good reason to believe would surface more publicly in the future. Regrettably for all concerned the Board ignored this clear warning that was contained in my initial letter of grievance arising from Rev. Ray Drennan's demeaning and abusive slanderous attack on me.

The letters to the editor that appear in the above image represent the overwhelmingly negative public response to Rev. Ray Drennan's intolerant and bigoted anti-Catholic attack on the fact that former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau's state funeral was a Roman Catholic rite. Most ironically titled 'Wrong Message', Rev. Ray Drennan's intolerant and offensive opinion editorial was published in the October 9th, 2000 Montreal Gazette. The letters to the editor were published several days later on the 13th of October. Gazette editorial staff informed me that a "ball-park figure" of about 50 Montrealers had written letters to the editor expressing the fact that they were "shocked and appalled" by Rev. Ray Drennan's anti-religious intolerance and bigotry. Five representative letters were published. One need only read the letters to see that the public image of Rev. Ray Drennan and thus by extension the Unitarian Church of Montreal who he formally represented in his offensively opinionated Op/Ed piece were "tarnished" as a result of his 'Wrong Message'.

My point here is very simple. I am no more guilty of "tarnishing" the "image" of the Unitarian Church of Montreal than the five people who entirely justifiably wrote letters to the editor that condemned Rev. Ray Drennan's anti-religious intolerance and bigotry by expressing their "horror" at the "petty and wrong-headed", "totally disrespectful", "narrow views" spouted by "Mr. Drennan" in his "bald attack" on Pierre Elliot Trudeau's funeral rites that were "unbecoming of a minister of a church". . . The "devout atheist" R. W. Morel hit the proverbial nail on the head when he wrote, "Mr. Drennan preaches tolerance, but his article leaves the impression that he doesn't practice it. . ."

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Unintelligent Designer Aurélien Guillory Gets His Proverbial Fifteen Minutes of World Fame - Surveillance Photos From Sunday June 18th


OK I don't really expect U*U hypocrisy or bigotry of various kinds to completely end but these serious problems that clearly exist within contemporary U*Uism must be responsibly acknowleged, addressed and properly dealt with in order to significantly reduce them. . .

A young churchgoer surveys the damage. . . The slogans written in chalk on the sidewalk say CULT IS A FOUR LETTER WORD and U*Us CONDONE HATE SPEECH. The former is a classic picket sign slogan that I have displayed for several years now in protest against the false and malicious labeling of Creation Day as a "cult" by Rev. Ray Drennan and Unitarian Church of Montreal Board Presidents Frank Greene and John Inder. The latter plays off of the fact that former "bad boy" Montreal city councillor Jeremy Searle and various other Montreal Unitarian U*Us have labeled my own picket sign slogans that display words like "cult" and "Solar Temple", in the context of protesting against these damaging slurs, as "hate speech" and "hate crime" in their deeply cynical misguided efforts to criminalize my legitimate protest activities in order to have them censored and suppressed by the Montreal police and Crown prosecution.

Straight Eye For The U*U Guy. . . Interior designer Aurélien Guillory tries to give the exterior Unitarian Church of Montreal a make-over.

In the past Aurélien Guillory and his partner had grabbed my picket signs and had tried to confiscate them, walk away with them, and carry them into the Unitarian Church of Montreal. A couple of times today I was across the street from the Unitarian Church of Montreal taking some pictures of the whole facade of the church to show the row of signs in front of it. I saw Aurélien Guillory, who besides being an "internationally renowned interior decorator", has been a Board member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, approaching the church from the east with a small group of other people. He quickly noticed that I was not on the sidewalk on front of the "church" and I heard him ask, "Where is Robin?" Knowing what he had done in the past I decided to keep quiet and more-or-less out of sight and watch what would transpire if he thought that I was not around. When he verified that I was not in front of the church he began to gather up my picket signs as he had done in the past. I said nothing and just took pictures of Guillory's vigilante U*U censorship activities.

Another churchgoer, a woman approaching from the west, started to grab my picket signs as well and met Aurélien half-way as it were. As Aurélien began to walk towards that "church" entrance with a stack of my picket signs in his hands I alerted him to my presence and showed him my camera. I warned him that he was committing theft and that I had evidence of his "crime". He responded that he was only "moving" my signs and proceeded to stash the pile that he had purloined behind the row of bushes that line the front of the church property. This is most ironic really in that in their futile efforts to have me and/or my picket signs removed from in front of their alleged "church" various members of the Unitarain Church of Montreal have repeatedly claimed that my picket signs are on church property even though I take care to ensure that they are on municipal property. Perhaps even more ironic however is the slogan that I had chalked on the sidewalk to the east of the "church" that Aurélien Guillory had walked across on his way to confiscate and remove my picket signs -


Pictures of my recent protests in front of the Unitarian Church of Montreal

A Montreal U*U knocks down my picket signs in a futile act of petty censorship.

Montreal police officers enter the Unitarian Church of Montreal responding to a complaint about my taking pictures of people.

Former Montreal city councillor Jeremy Searle, the perjurious U*U who falsely accused me of "hate speech" and "hate crime" in his depositions to police that led to my false arrest on trumped up criminal charges in December 2000, jabs his finger at the police officers that I was having a civil and respectful discussion with and aggressively demands that they finally get rid of me and what he alleges are my "hateful" picket sign slogans. Evidently Jeremy Searle is unaware of the saying that every time you point your finger at someone you have three of your own fingers pointing back at you. . .

Thursday, June 15, 2006

WWPD (i.e. What Would Rev. Peter Boullata Do?) Quite Regrettably For U*Us, Absolutely Nothing.

In his comment on my previous post Indrax asks what I am doing to work towards reconciliation with Montreal U*Us and then suggests that I am doing nothing at all to work towards reconciliation in his opinion. These two emails that were sent to the interim minister of the Unitarian Church of Montreal Rev. Peter Boullata, within the last year, should not only demonstrate that I have in fact made reasonable and even quite generous efforts to seek reconciliation with Montreal U*Us in the last several months but will also reveal that these efforts have been once again shunned, ignored and rejected by Montreal Unitarians aka Montreal U*Us who are obstinately unwilling, chronically unready, and apparently even pathologically unable to enter into the conflict resolution procedures that are necessary to resolve this decade old conflict in a manner that lives up to the quite evidently insincere (and even effectively fraudulent. . .) U*U claims to affirm and promote justice, equity and compassion in human relations.

Yes, you guessed it. . . Rev. Peter Boullata failed to respond to my email communications in any way, shape or form in spite of having clearly stated that he was interested in meeting with me during the encounter described in this email communication.

What is that famous saying that is attributed to Edmund Burke and which applies so well to Montreal Unitarians and no shortage of other U*Us?

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

What is the U*U covering lame excuse that Rev. Brian Kopke, the minister of the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, rather sheepishly bleated out in response to my personally challenging him about the fact that he and two other Canadian U*U ministers had negligently and complicitly failed or refused to responsibly act upon the serious and well-documented complaint that I had filed with them when they visited the Unitarian Church of Montreal to do the first "peer review" of Rev. Ray Drennan?

"Nobody did anything."

So true. . . Yes it is indeed the callously indifferent, grossly negligent, and effectively (if not knowingly and willfully. . .) complicit "do nothing" U*Us, Montreal Unitarians and otherwise, who are most responsible for the fact that after more than a decade this conflict, which arises out of the well-documented anti-religious intolerance and bigotry of Rev. Ray Drennan and other "fundamentalist atheist" U*US, is not even close to being resolved yet.

Indrax please be so kind as to contact Rev. Peter Boullata and ask him when he and other Montreal Unitarians are going to start to work towards reconciliation because it is patently obvious that they are doing nothing at all and have been doing nothing for about a decade now. I anxiously look forward to seeing their official response to your efforts posted here in the comments section. I expect that it will closely resemble the U*U spin of Anonymous U*Us obvious institutional denial and cover-up assuming you get any response at all that is. . .

Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 19:15:45 -0500 (EST)
From: "Robin Edgar"
Subject: Fwd: Shunning Me Will Get You Nowhere Fast ( previous letter to UCM Board attached )

Dear Peter,

As per our conversation of this afternoon I am forwarding the email letter that I sent to you in September as I had said that I would following the brief encounter we had when you were entering the church as I was protesting one Sunday in early September last year. The heading refers to your shunning of me because it was written after our brief encounter downtown prior to my writing the letter where you refused to speak with me when I indicated that I wanted to have a brief chat with you. As I said today it was sent care of the UCM Church office because I did not have a direct email address for you at the time. If you did not receive it it is well within possibility that this is because it was knowingly and willfully suppressed by a church administrator. OTOH I did phone a few times asking if you had received it and never got any response from you. I do think that we should talk ASAHP so please get back to me to set up some kind of meeting. As per my attached communication I have no objection to have a third party present if you so wish but do not believe that this is necessary in terms of an initial meeting.

The first observance of World Day of Conscience will take place on March 29th and it will be observed in various countries around the globe. It is very much a grassroots affair so I am not in a position of being able to say precisely what will be happening on March 29th. It depends very much upon how the groups and individuals who receive the invitations to observe WDC respond to them.

Here are two pertinent URLs -

The lack of comment activity on the blog does not mean that much. I have had plenty of positive feedback via private emails and other forms of online communication elsewhere on the inter-connected web of the internet. I am fully expecting at least modest observances of World Day of Conscience around the world on March 29th and, regardless of how many or how few people observe it, I will then begin planning the next observance for August 1st, 2008 which will provide over two years to organize and publicize the second observance of World Day of Conscience. Unitarian Universalists were invited to participate but so far very few have chosen to take up that invitation. UUA President Rev. Bill Sinkford was informed about World Day of Conscience via email several weeks ago but chose to ignore my communications.

I will provide more information when we have a follow-up meeting to our unplanned encounter earlier today. If I was a bit testy it was because you rudely shunned me immediately after I greeted you by saying that you had "nothing to say" to me and also because you engaged in a certain amount of denial and victim blaming which rubs me the wrong way.after a decade's worth of very well documented Unitarian Universalist injustices, abuses and hypocrisy. I was also more than a little bit tired after spending several 24 hour plus sessions on the internet promoting World Day of Conscience with little sleep in between them in the last week and a half or so.

For the time being I am prepared to limit our discussions to possible participation in the first observance of World Day of Conscience by yourself, other Montreal Unitarians, and indeed other Unitarian Universalists that you know who may be interested in observing World Day of Conscience on March 29th, and on future dates when the symbolic total solar eclipse "Eye of God" metaphorically "looks down from the heavens" on out planet Earth.

It was nice to be able to conclude our discussion that started off so poorly with a handshake and agreement to meet again soon.


Robin Edgar

Note: forwarded message attached.
Forwarded Message
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 17:04:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Robin Edgar"
Subject: Shunning Me Will Get You Nowhere Fast ( previous letter to UCM Board attached )

From: Robin Edgar
(514) 996-3937

September 26, 2005

Dear Peter,

Your shunning behavior towards me during our chance encounter downtown last week does absolutely nothing to resolve the conflict that presently exists between me and the Unitarian Church of Montreal but, on the contrary, is rather detrimental to resolving this regrettable conflict in a genuinely just and equitable manner. On Sunday September 4th I informed you that you might soon be receiving a letter from me bringing you up to speed with the situation so you would know where things stand and what my current position is. You responded quite positively to that information by indicating to me that you looked forward to reading such a letter.

Unfortunately before I could get around to writing the intended letter I was subjected to a threat of physical violence against me by a church goer on Sunday September 11th as I was conducting my usual protest activities. I felt it necessary to report that threat to the police and they acted upon my call by arresting the individual who made the threat against me. I can only assume that your shunning behavior when I encountered you last week results directly from that police intervention during your second Sunday service as interim minister of the Unitarian Church of Montreal. I put it to you that your shunning behavior is misdirected and that, if you should be shunning anyone at all, it should be the person who made the threat against my safety and well-being and thus is ultimately responsible for the subsequent police intervention that presumably caused some disruption of your Sunday service. Your anger and/or disappointment would also be more appropriately directed towards those past and current leaders of the Unitarian Church of Montreal who have abjectly failed and obstinately refused to undertake the responsible measures that are required to resolve this drawn out conflict in a manner that is genuinely just and equitable and in accordance with other pertinent Unitarian Universalist principles.

Prior to your shunning of me last week my attitude towards you was on the positive side of neutral and I had some reason to believe that under your leadership as interim minister of the Unitarian Church of Montreal this conflict could potentially be resolved with genuine justice, equity, and compassion. I still believe that this may still be possible however it will certainly require an appropriate attitude adjustment on your part. When I indicated that I would like to talk with you briefly last week it was because I thought that it would be a good idea to informally discuss matters with you prior to writing the letter that I had indicated that I intended to send you. Having a prior chat with you about the conflict might have helped me to formulate my intended initial letter to you in a way that might facilitate a just and equitable resolution of the conflict.

The attached email was sent to all UCM Board members soon after I became aware of Rev. Ray Drennan's impending resignation. A fair number of printed copies were also distributed to members entering the church on Sundays as I protested. Until I discuss matters further with you it, along with this email, will have to serve as the letter that brings you up to date with current situation. You will see that UCM Board members and those other members who received copies of the letter were clearly warned that my protest activities would continue into the term of the interim minister and even the permanent replacement minister if they failed or refused to subject Rev. Ray Drennan to full accountability for his intolerant and abusive words and actions towards me.

I am asking you to rethink your currently unproductive and unwelcoming attitude towards me and to agree to meet with me in the near future to discuss the current situation in an effort to resolve this ongoing conflict. The only way to resolve this conflict in a genuinely just and equitable manner is through frank and open communication and meaningful dialogue with subsequent appropriate action on the part of the Board and congregation of the Unitarian Church of Montreal. You may reach me by phone at (514) 996-3937. If you are uncomfortable with meeting with me for a private personal discussion of the situation I have no objection to a few other people being present at an initial meeting with you. In fact, as always, I am more than willing to frankly and openly discuss this conflict with the Board of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, an appropriate sub-committee of the church, or an informal group of church members who are genuinely interested in attempting to finally resolve this drawn out conflict in a manner that actually lives up to the letter and the spirit of Unitarian Universalist principles rather than flagrantly disregarding them and outright flaunting them as has been the case so far.

If you take a genuinely just, equitable, and indeed compassionate leadership position in this conflict and make a sincere and hopefully successful effort to resolve it while you are interim minister you should come out of it looking very good indeed. If however, like so many other thoughtless UUs, you choose to continue to contemptuously shun me and deny me my right to genuine justice and equity by doing little or nothing to try to redress the injustices and abuses that I have been subjected to by Rev. Ray Drennan, other UCM leaders, and the Unitarian Church of Montreal as an institution, I can assure you that the conflict will escalate to levels as yet unseen and that neither you nor the Unitarian Church of Montreal will look very good to anyone.

Knowing what littke I do know about you I am still reasonably confident that after some thoughtful reflection you will agree that making a sincere effort to resolve this conflict so that the next permanent minister of the Unitarian Church of Montreal does not have to deal with it is the only right thing to do. With an appropriate change of attitude on your part I hereby stand ready to continue to communicate with you, to meet with you in person, and to try to collaborate with you in any sincere attempt that you undertake towards arriving at a genuinely just, genuinely equitable, and genuinely compassionate resolution of this conflict in the coming weeks and months. The sooner that you and indeed other leaders of the Unitarian Church of Montreal responsibly open lines of communication with me, rather than willfully ignoring me and outright shunning me, the sooner a just and equitable resolution of this long drawn out conflict may be attained.


Robin Edgar

(514) 996-3937

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Raising a bit of Hell with Montreal Unitarians & Celebrating Eight Years Of Kicking U*U Butt. . .

Well today was the first Sunday on which I had protested in front of the Unitarian Church of Montreal in several weeks and it was significant in a variety of ways. I had not protested much in the first quarter of the year since I was quite busy working on a special project and I had then gone on a trip south of the Mason-Dixon line for a few weeks before returning to Montreal earlier this week. It turned out that today's sermon, delivered by interim minister Rev. Peter Boulatta, was titled 'The Five People You Meet In Hell' and it was all about seeking reconciliation with those people that you have harmed, as expressed in the brief description of the sermon - "What if you had to spend all of eternity with people you had wronged? Wouldn’t forgiveness in this life be better? Would reconciliation be easier?" Quite evidently this is a sermon subject that U*Us in general and outrageously hypocritical Montreal Unitarian U*Us in particular would do very well to pay heed to. . . It was thus almost imperative that I put in an appearance today and, as it happened, I didn't really have anything particularly better to do with my morning anyway.

It turned out to be a somewhat more eventful morning than I had originally anticipated, although it was somewhat less eventful than it could have been if I had committed a certain act of civil disobedience that I seriously contemplated undertaking in light of the sermon subject. It was pretty much the 8th anniversary of my ongoing protest campaign which began in May of 1998 and has continued to this day because Montreal Unitarian U*Us are neither ready, nor willing, nor apparently even able to deal responsibly with abusive clergy misconduct and their own religious intolerance and bigotry, to say nothing of various other injustices and abuses that they have perpetrated and perpetuated against me and indeed other people over the last decade or so. The first article that broke the news about my now approaching a decade long public protest against Unitarian U*U injustices, abuses and outrageous hypocrisy was quite appropriately titled 'Spitting In God's Eye'. It was written by Montreal journalist Jacquie Charlton and was published in the Thursday June 4th, 1998 edition of the Montreal Mirror alternative weekly newspaper. So, in that I was splashing around on Tybee Beach near Savannah Georgia last Sunday, today was the first Sunday on which I could commemorate that quite justifiably "image tarnishing" news that made my ongoing protest against Unitarian U*U religious intolerance and bigotry known to thousands of Montrealers. You may read the original Montreal Mirror article here and I would also recommend reading my rather *too* heavily edited follow-up letter to the editor which corrects some errors in the article and challenges misleading U*U "spin" and disinformation as well. Pardon the pun but it looks like the Unitarian Church of Montreal, and indeed the greater Unitarian Universalist (aka U*U) "religious community", have now had over eight years of rather bad "luck" since this undeniably "image tarnishing" "bad news" about U*Us was broken to the Montreal public in the Montreal Mirror.

Quite regrettably rather dismal weather conditions did not permit writing various witty protest slogans in coloured chalk on the sidewalk as I usually do in the summer, and as I had hoped to do to celebrate the 8th anniversary of what one insightful Unitarian Universalist minister once appropriately described as my "alternative spiritual practice", however I hopped on the METRO with a full complement of picket signs and proceeded to display them to the public in front of the Unitarian Church of Montreal as I have done for the last eight years or so. I brought my Nikon D70s digital SLR camera along to record the occasion and it prooved to be more useful than expected. . . At one point one of the cranky old women that make up a significant portion of the Unitarian Church of Montreal's stagnant if not "aging and dwindling" membership began to knock down my picket signs that I place against trees and bushes and lampposts etc. to inform the Montreal public of this U*U church's outrageous hypocrisy etc. This sort of willfully ignorant vigilante U*U censorship of my perfectly legitimate and perfectly legal public protest has happened in the past but I never had a camera at the ready to catch the perpetrators in the act. Although I was a good distance from the cranky U*U churchgoer, and had the camera's zoom lens set to its widest-angle setting to photograph my picket signs with the alleged Unitarian Church of Montreal in the background, I was able to catch her red-handed as it were. I think that this kind of petty willfully ignorant censorship pretty much sums up U*U attitude to my protest activities. Not only do they just not want to know the truth but they will do anything they can to hide it from public view, even if they know that their Phyrric victory will be measured in the seconds that it takes me to walk back to the signs and put them back up again.

Those who have read this blog before, or who have seen my other pertinent internet posts elsewhere, will know that other Montreal Unitarian U*Us have not only engaged in this kind of foolish and futile activity but have even illegally seized (aka stolen. . .) my picket signs in the past. Most ironically, and indeed most entertainingly. . . the haughty and arrogant Queen's Counsel lawyer who had advised the Unitarian Church of Montreal about how it could attempt to cynically criminalize my protest activities in a deeply misguided and ultimately totally futile attempt to bring a permanent end to my protest, quite literally took the law into his own hands one Sunday when it had become clear that having me arrested on trumped up criminal charges did not bring about the desired results. The rather less than honourable Kenneth Howard QC stole my picket signs by snatching them right out of my hands and then technically assaulted me by shoving me backwards when I sought to grab my purloined picket signs back from this fool of a lawyer. I had him charged with theft and assault and the charges stuck. . . So far, this foolish Queen's Counsel lawyer who engaged in theft and assault against me, and another "church" member who morev recently uttered threats of violenced against my person are the only people to have been found to have committed criminal acts in this long drawn out conflict. Yours truly was acquitted of the cynical and completely unfounded criminal charges that were brought against me by perjurious Montreal Unitarians who made a complete mockery of U*U claims to be opposed to censorship by church or state in their desperate efforts to silence me.

Not long before I was about to leave a police patrol car pulled up and two officers got out to have a chat with me. It was the usual story about church members calling in complaints about my "disruptive" presence in front of their so-called "church" only this time it had the added element of a member or members complaining about me taking pictures of them. Wouldn't it be ironic if the complaint to the police had been called in by the cranky old lady who toppled over my picket signs on her way into the alleged Unitarian Church of Montreal earlier and who I was able to catch in the act with my digital camera? As usual the police officers wanted to know the reasons for my protest and, as usual. . . I proceeded to tell them most of the gory details of the malicious and abusive labeling of Creation Day as a "cult" by Rev. Ray Drennan and two Board Presidents of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, namely John Inder and Frank Greene. I told them how Rev. Drennan had labeled me "psychotic" and how other "church" members had falsely and maliciously pathologized me because I am claiming a profound revelatory religious experience. I actually tried to keep it short and sweet but they pressed for more details and got them. A third police officer showed up in another car and joined in the discussion. I started all over again with him and he ended up taking over the discussion. The two other officers stood by and listened to the whole sorry saga. . .

This third police officer seemed to be quite interested in chatting and our discussion covered a variety of points and was spread over at least fifteen or twenty minutes I think. I won't bore you with all the details right now but he seemed to want to find ways to try to resolve the dispute if possible so that my ongoing protest could finally end. He was polite and professional as were the two other officers who had initiated the discussion. Basically we had a civil discussion of many of the issues involved and in the end he and the two other officers who stood by listening for the most part were pretty thoroughly briefed about the situation and understood that the main problem was the obstinate refusal of the Unitarian Church of Montreal to enter into any kind of dialogue in an effort to resolve the conflict. The irony of the sermon subject was not lost on these police officers. In fact I made it very clear that I had made a point of being there this Sunday precisely because the sermon subject was about seeking reconciliation with people that you had wronged. . . When the police officer asked why I was so persistent in my ongoing protest in spite of the obvious eight year long obstinate refusal of the Unitarian "Church" of Montreal to acknowledge wrongdoing and seek reconciliation with me, or to even enter into ANY dialogue with me at all I responded by asking him why it was that some police officers were so persistent in bringing criminals to justice. . . Needless to say they all got the point.

At one point Jeremy Searle, the arrogant former Montreal city councillor whose highly misleading and even outright perjurious testimony against me was instrumental in the police arresting me on trumped up criminal charges, cut into the conversation as he passed by us on his way into the "church" that he had previously claimed in sworn testimony that he was afraid to attend because of my "intimidating" presence. He spouted his usual U*U BS by aggressively demanding that the police had to get rid of me because of my "hateful" protest activities in front of the "church". Having my camera at the ready I snapped of a few frames of this perjurious polititian who seems inordinately proud of his status as a WASU* catching him jabbing his finger towards the police officer that I was having a civil discussion with. The police officers were a bit surprised that I had snapped a few shots of Searle while in their presence since the complaints against me were in part due to my taking pictures of people, but we had already established that I had every right to take pictures of people if I wanted to and that it was a civil matter if the people objected to it. I explained the "issues" that I had with Searle as a result of his perjurious testimony against me in terms of the Unitarians' cynical attempts to criminalize my protest activities in their misguided and futile efforts to force an end to my protest. When they asked what I intended to do with the photo of Jeremy Searle I responded that I would probably post it to the internet. See below. . .

I was actually quite surprised to see Jeremy Searle coming to the Unitarian Church of Montreal today because it had literally been years since I had seen him attend a "church" service. During my criminal trial he had repeatedly stated in sworn testimony that he was physically and psychologically intimidated by yours truly and had been compelled to stop attending services at the Unitarian Church of Montreal as a result of my oh so intimidating presence that caused him to shake with a combination of fear and (hint hint) anger when he dared to walk by me and attend a "church" service. Interestingly enough his sworn testimony about when he stopped attending services at the Unitarian Church of Montreal as a result of my deeply intimidating presence began just after Rev. Ray Drennan offensively attacked the Roman Catholic state funeral of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau in an Op/Ed piece in the Montreal Gazette that was most ironically titled 'Wrong Message'. Coincidence? I am not so sure. . .