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In 1992 I underwent a profound revelatory experience of God which revealed that the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" is a "Sign in the Heavens" that symbolizes God's divine omniscience. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan of the Unitarian Church of Montreal contemptuously dismissed as my "psychotic experience" here: - This revelatory religious experience inspired me to propose an inter-religious celebration of Creation that would take place whenever a total solar eclipse took place over our planet. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan and other leading members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal falsely and maliciously labeled as a "cult" here: - I am now an excommunicated Unitarian whose "alternative spiritual practice" includes publicly exposing and denouncing Unitarian*Universalist injustices, abuses, and hypocrisy. The Emerson Avenger blog will serve that purpose for me and hopefully others will share their concerns here. Dee Miller's term DIM Thinking is used frequently and appropriately on this blog. You may read more about what DIM Thinking is here -

Monday, November 28, 2011

Is That Something To Be Proud Of Unitarian Universalists? i.e. Is Denying, Ignoring & Minimizing My "Prophetic Work" Something To Be Proud Of U*Us?

Montreal Unitarian David Horan asked me a rather foolish Unitarian question as I was engaging in my "alternative spiritual practice" of protesting against UU injustices, abuses and hypocrisy yesterday. I *had* been planning to do a TEA blog post about it anyway but, as it happens, Rev. Roger Jones the Family Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento, California aka Pastor Cranky gave me a wonderful foil* to play off, and thus my blog post originates as a comment that I just posted in response to his OCCUPY THE COMMON GOOD: HOW CAN WE KEEP FROM SINGING? – UU SERMON blog post on Pastor Cranky's IRONICSCHMOOZER’S WEBLOG -

Yesterday, as I was protesting outside the Unitarian Church of Montreal against the anti-religious intolerance and bigotry that I and too many other people have encountered in the so-called UU World (along with a variety of other UU injustices and abuses including the UUA’s lamentable track record of negligence towards and complicity in all manner of UU clergy misconduct) I pointed out to some Montreal Unitarians entering the church that I have been “Occupying” the sidewalk right outside the Unitarian Church of Montreal since 1998. In pretty much the same breathe I pointed out that I have been preoccupying this “less than perfect” UU church (to say nothing of the UUA) for the same time period, if not somewhat longer. . . Admittedly I have not been protesting every single day since I began what one UU minister long ago called my “alternative spiritual practice”, and another one much more recently described as my “prophetic work”, in the spring of 1998 but I have been there most Sunday morning as well as for numerous special events held at the church on weekdays and Saturdays.

One Montreal UU, attempted to shame me, by asking me -

“Is that something to be proud of?”

I responded by saying yes, it was something to be proud of, and retorted by pointing out to him that every single slogan on my picket signs was solidly supported by evidence and asking him if Montreal Unitarians were proud of all but totally ignoring my legitimate peaceful public protest against UU anti-religious intolerance and bigotry and other UU injustices, abuses and hypocrisy. In hind sight I *should* have pointed out to him that at least one UU minister who is well acquainted with the UUA’s shameful legacy of complicity in all manner of UU clergy misconduct, recently expressed *appreciation* for my “prophetic work”.

You are correct in pointing out that protesters are dangerous in that they are “a danger to the way things are, to the status quo and to our complacency about the decline of the common good in this country.” I am a danger to the shameful “status quo” of the UU World, and disturbing UU complacency about the decline of “the common good” in what UUA president Peter Morales has described as “a tiny, declining, fringe religion.” For over fifteen years Unitarian Universalists have not only obstinately ignored my “prophetic work” but have gone to highly questionable lengths to try to censor and suppress it rather than responding in responsibility to the Spirit that bloweth where it listeth. . .

I hereby ask the congregation of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, ALL UUA leaders including the UUA Board of Trustees, and Unitarian Universalists more generally -

Is that something to be proud of?


Robin Edgar

P.S. Protesters do in fact have “weapons” in the form of the words that they write on their picket signs and chant in their slogans etc. Indeed sometimes these words can be weapons that are “sharper than knives”. . .

* Aren't you glad I didn't say "a Big Fat U*U Foil" U*Us? :-)

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Unitarian Universalists aka U*Us Are Woefully Ignorant & Uninformed About Other Faiths

It shows in their Big Fat U*U Rejectionism*. . .

But don't take *my* word for it U*Us.

Take the word of Rev. Matt Tittle, minister of Central Unitarian Church in Paramus, New Jersey, as Tweeted to his Twitter account earlier today. . .

"UUs are woefully ignorant (uninformed) about other faiths. It shows in our rejectionism."

* To say nothing of U*U anti-religious intolerance and bigotry of ALL kinds. . ..

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Almost ALL Unitarian Universalist Congregations Are Reactive To Christianity & "God Talk"

But don't take *my* word for it U*Us.

Take the word of Rev. Matt Tittle, minister of Central Unitarian Church in Paramus, New Jersey, as Tweeted to his Twitter account earlier today. . .

"Almost every UU congregation is reactive to Christianity, God talk, etc. Why?"

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Gratitude Shmatitude A Thanksgiving Message For UUA President Peter Morales Courtesy Of The Emerson Avenger

This TEA blog post *could* be alternatively titled -

The Emerson Avenger's Karma Runs Over Rev. Peter Morales' Dogma

UUA President Peter Morales has delivered a Thanksgiving holiday message on his ironically títled 'Beyond Belief' blog *entitled* 'Oh Gratitude'. Here is the comment that I just submitted in response to Rev. Peter Morales' questionable Thanksgiving holiday message -

:Gratitude does not mean blinding ourselves to what is wrong in our world, nor does gratitude mean we do not strive to heal what is broken. Quite the opposite is true. Gratitude for all that is good in our lives leads us to compassion and generosity of spirit.

I do not see you doing much at all, let alone "striving", to heal past victims of UU clergy misconduct by providing the long overdue "restorative justice" that the UUA insincerely "preaches" but obstinately refuses to actually practice Peter. I see very little evidence of genuine compassion and generosity of spirit in you personally either. . . I informed you of serious problems with the MFC Rules and other UUA policies and procedures for dealing with clergy misconduct over a year and a half ago during the April 2010 UUA Board of Trustees meeting but, not only have you failed to correct these serious problems that are out of alignment with UU principles and ideals, you have given me the proverbial corpse-cold Unitarian shoulder from Day One.

What was it that you said when I asked you to ensure that my clergy misconduct complaints against Rev. Ray Drennan and Rev. Victoria Weinstein were responsibly reopened and reexamined?

You bluntly responded -

"We are not going to reopen something that happened years and years and years ago."

Just oozing with "compassion and generosity of spirit" eh Peter?

And how did you respond to my unbecoming conduct complaint against Rev. Cynthia P. Cain for the anti-Republican intolerance and bigotry that she expressed here -

You totally ignored it. You did not even responsibly acknowledge receipt of the emails that I sent you. . .

Bravo Peter!

One of the most destructive things that your UU clergy culture does is to irresponsibly teach UU clergy that they can get away with all kinds of "murder" including, but by no means limited to, intolerant and abusive character assassination. Abjectly failing, and even obstinately refusing, to do anything to correct this shameful culture of negligence towards and complicity in UU clergy misconduct of ALL kinds destroys U*U souls and your so-called UU World. . . In fact the Nashville Unitarian Universalist church seem to believe that the UUA's shameful legacy of negligent and complicit responses to clergy sexual misconduct complaints is a significant contributing factor to Unitarian Universalism being the "tiny, declining, fringe religion" of our time. . .

Read 'em and weep for your "tiny, declining, fringe religion" which is unlikely to ever become "the religion for our time" in light of the way that you and too many other UUA leaders are not only miserably failing to practice what you preach, but outright refusing to do so. . .

"We can be proud of our congregation -- time and again willing to break the silence surrounding clergy sexual misconduct. While we have less power than the UUA and it’s difficult to move the process along, we also see that many UU congregations suffer from a history similar to ours. And we see that at a time when logically UUism should flourish, in fact our numbers are falling. Although there are other factors, we doubt this is a coincidence."

end quote

I hereby demand that you act immediately to "move the process along" so that by June 2012 there can be and will be a very significant component of restorative justice for ALL victims of ALL forms of UU clergy misconduct (i.e. not just clergy sexual misconduct alone) as part of the UUA's "Justice GA" in Phoenix Arizona. Maybe then I will actually have some reason to be thankful to you because I and other people who have been victimized not only by abusive UU clergy, but by the UUA's egregious institutional stonewalling and denial etc., don't have much to be thankful for right now Peter.. . .


Robin Edgar

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Is UU Clergy Sexual Misconduct And UUA & MFC Complicity Therein Responsible For Unitarian Universalism Becoming A Tiny Declining Fringe Religion?

The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville Tennessee and its church sub-group that is "working to effect much-needed change in the policies, procedures and attitudes surrounding clergy sexual misconduct" UU Safety Net seem to think so. . .

Here is a telling excerpt from the sermon of a recent Sunday service that the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville devoted to the subject of UU clergy sexual misconduct and the UUA's shameful legacy of negligence towards & complicity therein -

"We can be proud of our congregation -- time and again willing to break the silence surrounding clergy sexual misconduct. While we have less power than the UUA and it’s difficult to move the process along, we also see that many UU congregations suffer from a history similar to ours. And we see that at a time when logically UUism should flourish, in fact our numbers are falling. Although there are other factors, we doubt this is a coincidence."

end quote

So *many* UU congregations *suffer* from a history similar to that of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville Tennessee, and the current leaders of FUUCN doubt that it is a coincidence that membership in what UUA President Rev. Peter Morales himself has acknowledged is a "tiny, declining, fringe religion" is falling. I have heard from other sources that as many as 50% of UU congregations *suffer* from a history that includes UU clergy sexual misconduct of one kind or another, to say nothing of non-sexual forms of UU clergy misconduct that can be very damaging to UU congregations as well.

I have long believed that the anti-religious intolerance and bigotry that is found throughout the so-called UU World is a major contributing factor to the stagnation and decline of Unitarian Universalist membership levels but, if the UUA's past and ongoing negligent and complicit response to UU clergy sexual misconduct is as bad as some UUs say that it is, there can be little doubt that this too is a significant contributing factor to Unitarian Universalist decline.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Yet Another Unitarian Universalist Church Joke Courtesy Of The Emerson Avenger With A Little Bit Of Help From His Friend Rev. CrankyAss. . .

Rev. Dan Harper aka Rev. CrankAss, Assistant Minister of Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, California (UUCPA) has posted one of the lamest Unitarian Universalist Church jokes that The Emerson Avenger has ever had the misfortune to hear/read to his Yet Another Unitarian Universalist blog in a brand-spanking new blog post entitled -

'Another stupid church joke'

Believe me U*Us, there are MUCH better UU church jokes around than the rather stupid and incredibly lame one that Rev. Daniel Harper somehow saw fit to post to the interconnected web of the internet on his YAU*U blog. As just one Big Fat U*U *Example* there's that wonderfully ribald "How many UUs does it take to screw in a light bulb?" Unitarian Universalist church joke which comes with the Big Fat U*U Punchline -

"None. UUs screw in sleeping bags, not light bulbs!"

Gotta stand on the side of LOVE for *that* UU church joke, allegedly told by 16 year old UU girl at a Unitarian-Universalist church camp. Nudge, nudge, ;-) ;-)

No U*Us?

Without further ado, here is the brand-spanking new Unitarian Universalist church joke (or indeed UU riddle) that The Emerson Avenger just came up with as inspired by the "in the red" part of the stupid AND lame UU church joke that Rev. CrankAss posted to his YAU*U blog -

Why do Unitarian Universalist churches positively LOVE to be "in the red"?

Because it enhances their credentials as "The Church Of The Far Left". . .

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Collective Authorship Of The Robin Edgar Sucks Blog Ever So Collectively Kick Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang And Her Negligent

and complicit UUA & MFC Enablers in their Big Fat U*U Balls. . .

It never ceases to amaze me just how far up their Big Fat U*U Asses the so-called, self-titled, not to mention self-appointed "collective authorship" of the Robin Edgar Sucks blog have shoved their remarkably pig-headed Big Fat U*U Heads. I dare say that these outrageously hypocritical Crazy U*U AssHats are "anally impaled" on their own heads to borrow some choice "deliberately rude and offensive" words from *the* Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang of Peacebang's Beauty Tips For Senators fame. . .

In a brand-spanking new Robin Edgar Sucks blog post hypocritically *entitled* 'The Ultimate Hypocrisy of Robin Edgar' these Big Fat U*U AssHats (Oops! I mean Big Fat U*U "Authors". . .) collectively reveal the ahem "ultimate hypocrisy" of remarkably two-faced Big Fat U*U Hypocrites like Rev. Ray Drennan, Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang, Rev. Cynthia P. Cain and other "less than polite" U*U clergy, as well as their grossly negligent and effectively complicit UUA and MFC enablers such as Rev. Diane Miller, Rev. Dr. Tracey Robinson-Harris, and Rev. Beth Miller (not to mention former UUA Presidents Rev. Dr. John AssHat Buehrens and Rev. William G. Sinkford aka Bill Sinkford. . .) who officially "whitewash" these misconducting U*U ministers, or otherwise condone and tolerate their intolerant and/or verbally and psychologically abusive behavior.

Without further ado I herewith put the cowardly and U*Ultimately hypocritical "collective authorship" of the Robin Edgar Sucks blog on The Emerson Avenger's U*U World-famous "Eat Your Words" Diet -

You can’t have it both ways, Unitarian Universalists in general and U*U clergy in particular. . . You U*Us can’t demand of "others" like Robin Edgar or The Emerson Avenger a standard which you U*Us yourselves have obstinately refused to live by for over a decade now, and continue to refuse to live by. . . And no matter how many times you outrageously hypocritical U*Us try to rationalize or otherwise "justify" the ‘deliberately rude and “in your face” offensive’ behaviour of Rev. Ray Drennan, Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein, and Rev. Cynthia P. Cain etc. etc. etc. Ad Big Fat U*U Nauseum. . . there is simply no Big Fat U*U Excuse for it. Even your pathetic attempts at distancing yourselves from what you and/or your "less than polite" U*U clergy or their complicit UUA & MFC enablers do is meaningless. After all, Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein created her so-called ‘Peacebang persona’ (dare I say "Altar Ego" U*Us?), and thus she is ultimately responsible for everything that she attributes to that Big Fat U*U Act, which includes, but is by no means limited to blogging her Big Fat U*U Sodomy Fantasy which luridly, and ever so Sadistically. . . imagined U.S. state senator Bill Napoli "anally impaled on the Statue Of Liberty's torch".

end plagU*Urized quote

I *could* say quite a bit more about how 'The Ultimate Hypocrisy of Robin Edgar' blog post actually reveals the outrageously hypocritical double standards that are exercised by verbally & psychologically abusive U*U clergy, their negligent and complicit UUA and MFC enablers*, and Unitarian Universalists more generally, but will do so in another TEA blog post.

* AFA*I*AC UUA President Rev. Peter Morales has now joined The Emerson Avenger's "Hall Of Shame" of negligent and complicit UUA and/or MFC enablers of abusive U*U clergy, as have UUA Moderator Gini Courter and most if not ALL past and current UUA Trustees. Then of course there is the elU*Usive Dick Cheney of the U*U World UUA Executive Vice President Kathleen 'Kay Montgomery who has been implicated in the UUA's negligent and complicit responses to U*U clergy misconduct of ALL kinds for well over a decade now. . .

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The UUA aka Unitarian Universalist Association Of Congregations aka UU WorId Is A More Ruthless Business Environment Than The For-Profit World?!!

Apparently so. . .

But don't take my word for it U*Us, take former UU World magazine senior editor Tom Stites' word for it. . .

Of course doing so *does* require a small amount of "reading between the lines" of the following Tweet from Tom Stites, however sometimes a free and *responsible* search for the Truth and meaning of people's statements requires some judicious "reading between the lines" to determine their unspoken or unwritten subtext. . .

Web journo~Sometimes I think the nonprofit world is a more ruthless business environment than the for-profit world. Yup.

Here is how I just responded to that quite revelatory Tom Stites Tweet with an additional embedded link or two to help people to engage in a free and responsible search for its Truth and meaning. . .

@tomstites Yes, I seem to recall that you were "under instructions from (your) employers" not to speak to me following my protest at UUA HQ.

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How *The* Reverend Doctor Kelly Murphy Mason Sucks & Blows At The Same Time. . .

A free and responsible Google search for the Truth & meaning of the phrase "suck(s) and blow(s) at the same time" reveals that its meaning is somewhat obscure to say the least. That being said, *I* always thought that asserting that someone "sucks and blows at the same time" meant that they were two-faced hypocrites who were guilty of contradicting their claimed principles and ideals with diametrically opposite words and actions (or indeed complicit silence and negligent inaction. . .) at pretty much the same time that they had spouted their hypocrisy. And *that* U*Us is how *the* Reverend Doctor Kelly Murphy Mason, Pastoral Counselor at Union Theological Seminary in New York, sucks and blows at the same time AFA*I*AC. . .

I will now proceed to walk Unitarian Universalists aka U*Us through exactly how, at least according to *that* definition of the meaning of the phrase "suck(s) and blow(s) at the same time", *the* Reverend Doctor Kelly Murphy Mason sucked and blowed at pretty much the same time on her Twitter account last week.

On #TheologicalThursday November 10th, in response to this Tweet by Rev. Roger Butts of High Plains Unitarian Universalist Church in Colorado Springs, *the* Reverend Doctor Kelly Murphy Mason Tweeted -

So try to be hospitable to the other and see all difference as grace? That sounds good to me, @RogerButts and @revnaomi #TheologicalThursday

I responded to Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason's somewhat questionable Tweet with the following cautionary Tweet -

It *is* possible to take that too far. Indeed the word "all" takes it too far. Certain differences are far from #grace.

Hopefully it is not necessary to explain to most people of intelligence and conscience how it is "less than wise" to "see ALL difference as grace" and how a good number of differences are indeed anything but grace. . .

I followed up that terse*, but none-the-less quite civil, cautionary Tweet with a second Tweet cautioning against the unjustified and/or excessive "othering" of "others" -

The whole business of #othering "others" is questionable. Often the "other" is not all that different from you & yours.

So how did Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason respond to those two little Tweets of mine U*Us ask? Well she certainly didn't enter into a genuinely free and responsible search for the Truth and meaning of those two Tweets, or I probably would not be blogging about how the not so good Reverend Doctor sucks and blows at the same time would I U*Us? Quite regrettably Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason rather boldly sucked and blowed at pretty much the same time by all but totally contradicting what she had said in the Tweet that I was responding to by most ironically (and more than a little bit hypocritically. . .) Tweeting the following "less than hospitable" Tweet that publicly shunned and ostracized aka "othered" your's truly -

@RobinEdgar NB: User RobinEdgar blocked permanently from my Twitter feed @revnaomi #TheologicalThursday

Now *that's* what *I* call "sucking and blowing at the same time"!

Perhaps especially in light of the specific Tweet that *the* Reverend Doctor Suck-And-Blow-At-The-Same-Time was responding to. . .

No U*Us?

For the broken U*U record. . . I initially responded to Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason's sucking and blowing at the same time by Tweeting -

@RevDrKMM @revnaomi So much for a free and *responsible* search for the Truth, to say nothing of several other UU principles & ideals. #FAIL

and subsequently Tweeting -

ROTFLMU*UO! It would appear that I have been "othered" by @RevDrKMM for questioning her notion that we should "see all difference as grace".

I *could* go on to blog about my subsequent Twitter chat with the Rev. Naomi King who chastised me for Tweeting those critical Tweets but I will save that for another day. . .

* As I pointed out to UU Twitterati Rev. Naomi King in this follow-up Tweet, Twitter's 140 character limit encourages terse (and even quite blunt) "electronic communications" rather than more detailed and nuanced communications that require the use of more words than the 140 character limit allows for. . .

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You U*Us Can't Evict The Human Spirit Of The Emerson Avenger Even If You U*Us Can Foolishly Evict TEA From Your Outrageously Hypocritical U*U "Church"

Rev. Donna Schaper, Senior Minister of Judson Memorial Church has just published an interesting article in The Huffington Post on last night's NYPD "eviction" of the Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zucotti Park titled 'You Can't Evict the Human Spirit'. Amongst other things, Rev. Schaper writes about the effective use of humor in peaceful public protest.

Here is the comment that I just posted to Rev. Donna Schaper's Opinion/Editorial piece aka Op/Ed -

"I see the pathetic nature of police action, when it confronts the human spirit."

Behold the hilarious nature of the foolish actions of a Totalitari­an Unitarian "Citizens' Police Officer".


In case you are wondering, outrageous­ly hypocritic­al Unitarian Universali­sts in Montreal have been using real police officers to try to shut down my peaceful public protest against UU anti-relig­ious intoleranc­e and bigotry, UU clergy misconduct­, and other UU injustices & abuses, for over a decade now. Thankfully they have not been all that successful and my protest continues. . .

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

El Tres de Mayo by Francisco de Goya And A "Cautionary Tale" About "Shooting The Messenger" Unitarian Universalist Style

"There are cautionary tales here as well. Goya’s horrific images of The War Of The U*U World portray savagery and brutality, not heroics. No Big Fat U*U Sermon opposing violence could be as powerful as Goya’s paintings and sketches. They are deeply unsettling, in no small part because none of us wants to believe that we Unitarian Universalists are capable of such things. . ."

Rev. Peter Morales, minister and President of The Tiny Declining "Fringe Religion"™ (sorta)

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Rev. Peter Morales Is A Minister And President Of *The* Tiny Declining Fringe "Religion"™

Just saying as they say. . .

Here is the comment that I just submitted to the 'Pilgrimage to the Prado' post of UUA President Peter Morales' (in)appropriately titled 'Beyond Belief' blog -

"As a minister and president of a religious association,"

But Peter, I thought that according to your own well-documented public statements that you are actually a minister and president of a tiny, declining, fringe "religion". . .

Please forgive me for taking yet another cue from you and enclosing the word religion within euphemistic quotation marks here, but it *is* open to *some* question as to whether or not Unitarian Universalism aka The Tiny Declining Fringe Religion™ is a bona fide religion these days. . .

end quote

It sure was refreshing to see Harriet Peterson give President Morales the following well deserved public "dressing down" for his intolerant U*U "Foot-In-Mouth Disease" in her follow-up comment -

November 8, 2011 at 12:18 pm (UTC -4)

You say religious art is art that “speaks powerfully to the human condition.” Yet you put “religious” in quotes when describing paintings of “adoring madonnas and pious saints.” Certainly adoration and piety are also a part of the human condition. There is enough divisiveness in our society without the president of the UUA adding to it by calling into question whether art that holds deep meaning for many Christians is religious. Your point that the paintings of dwarfs is religious art could certainly have been powerfully made without calling into question whether the paintings of madonnas and saints is religious.

end quote

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Monday, November 07, 2011

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary And Peacebang's Big Fat U*U Beauty Tips For Vapid & Vain Ministers - What's The Connection?

Can U*Us say. . .

What's Under Your Big Fat U*U Robe? A Clergy Image Seminar”?

The Rev. Victoria Weinstein speaks at the conference,
"What’s Under Your Robe?: A Clergy Image Seminar" on Sept. 26,
2011 at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
This "Less Than Fair Use" photo courtesy of Michael Whitman

As reported in 'Faith and fashion aren't mutually exclusive' by Peter Smith the religion writer for The Courier-Journal of Louisville Kentucky.

Gotta love the "Less Than Holy Trinity of 100% negative comments on this article about Peacebang. . . No U*Us?"

10:04 AM on October 8, 2011
I don't think I could have come up with a an article more embarrassing to the Unitarians than this.

Did the CJ really think this was worth paper space?

10:08 AM on October 9, 2011
I have to smash through my glass house to throw this stone, but really? The message of a 5'3" 226 lb size 20 minister is that looks are important? Well apparently not as important as pizza. mmmmm pizza.

9:10 AM on October 10, 2011
Hey Rev. Weinstein, since you have no problem with blunt talk, let me be blunt with you: you are fat. For you to lecture other clergy about their appearance when you have to shop for plus sizes is hypocritical. To paraphrase a Bible verse, you should remove the log from your own eye before worrying about the splinter in someone else's eye.

end quotes

Unitarian Universalists who are concerned about the proverbial public image of The Church Of The Tarnished Image aka The Tiny Declining Fringe Religion™ *might* want to take a cue from that first commenter and "real in" Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang before she causes any further Big Fat U*U Public Embarrassment to The U*U Movement. . .

FWIW In case anyone is wondering what Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein *really* said in the Peacebang quote that I plagU*Urized for the purposes of parody & satire, it was -

“We serve the sovereign God of creation, and then we show up in Birkenstocks and T-shirts. . .

We look like hell, and we're talking about heaven.”

Forgive me for saying so U*Us, but *I* happen to think that Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang would have been rather more presentable if she actually had shown up at her 'What's Under Your Robe? A Clergy Image Seminar' at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Birkenstocks and sporting a bright orange Standing On The Side Of Love campaign T-shirt, rather than looking like she had just walked of the set of a John Waters film like 'Female Trouble' wearing that tacky fake leopard skin sweater, hU*Uge costume jewellery necklace aka bling-bling, frilly black shoulder-less dress, and God only knows what tasteless butt kicking boots. . .

No U*Us?

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Unitarian Universalist Bullying & Bigotry Suck U*U Gets Added To My Arse*nal Of Picket Sign Slogans Protesting Against U*U Injustices & Abuses


In case anyone is wondering what epigram the Unitarian Church of Montreal's "Wayside Pulpit" in the background is displaying it is -

"Learning is ever in the freshness of its youth, even for the old."

Aeschylus (525-456 BC)

I must say that Montreal Unitarians, perhaps especially old Totalitarian Unitarians like U*U COP, are *very* slow learners. . .

I think that I should resurrect my old picket sign slogan that said -


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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Is The UUA Board Of Trustees' "New Covenant" Worth The Paper It Is Written On Or The Breath That It Will Be Spoken With?

In the sixth in a series of blog posts about the October UUA Board Of Trustees meeting on her UUA View from Berkeley blog entitled Our covenant Pacific Central District UUA Trustee Linda Laskowski writes about a new "covenant" for UUA Trustees. Apparently the old UUA Board covenant, which I have not ever seen, was not up to scratch. In fact Linda asserts that back in 2007 she and five other newly elected UUA trustees were "somewhat put off by what appeared to be a cavalier attitude toward covenants" so they complained about the existing covenant; whereupon UUA Moderator Gini Courter gave them the opportunity to "readdress" the covenant during the next board meeting. Linda says that they did share their concerns about the old covenant during the next meeting but then goes on to say. . .

"Not much has been done by the Board with the covenant since, in spite of adding several new trustees."

Forgive me for saying so U*Us but *that* sounds like "par for the course" for the UUA Board of Trustees. Someone identifies a problem, it is "addressed" by the Board, and then nothing is done to change the problematic or outright unacceptable status quo for years. . .

Linda informs U*Us that during the October 2011 UUA Board meeting, four long years down the road from when she and five other new UUA Trustees first shared their concerns about the old covenant, UUA Trustees managed to draw up a brand spanking new Board covenant "from scratch" and agreed to begin each UUA Board Of Trustees meeting by reading this new covenant together. One can't help but wonder why it took four long years for the UUA Board of Trustees to finally get around to doing something that probably took at most an hour or two to get done.

Just as Linda Laskowski did on her blog post I am reproducing this "New Covenant" of the UUA Board Of Trustees below "in its exact form" aka verbatim -

We promise to:

....listen deeply, speak boldly and keep an open mind, balancing views of self and others authentically humble, prepared and present and focus on governance as the board's essential role, while taking the long view, and maintaining accountability for anti-racism/anti-oppression/multi-culturalism

....have respect and affection for each other, assuming the best of intentions and honest needs and building new bridges and bridges that are broken

....remember our sources and whose we are, giving space for faith

....learn and grow, practice self-care, laugh and sing!

I actually have a few concerns of my own to share about some of the "promises" made in this "New Covenant" but for the time being I will simply reproduce the comment that I submitted in response to this blog post -

I don't think that any of you listened deeply to what I had to say at the April 2010 Board meeting, especially in light of the fact that you ALL totally ignored my follow-up emails. If any of you did listen you promptly and conveniently forgot what I said in the days, weeks and months following that meeting. I see no evidence whatsoever that the UUA Board of Trustees has responded in an even remotely responsible manner to the legitimate concerns about serious flaws and inadequacies in the MFC Rules and other UUA policies and procedures for dealing with clergy misconduct that I shared with the Board during the April 2010 UUA Board meeting. More than a year and a half has gone by since that meeting and I see no changes to the MFC Rules that responsibly correct the serious flaws that I identified during the meeting nor do I see any progress being made on other aspects of the unacceptable status quo which I made abundantly clear is NOT in alignment with the claimed principles & purposes of the Unitarian Universalist religious community. I thought that it was the Board's responsibility to ensure that all UUA bylaws etc. are in alignment with UUA principles and purposes.

Your new covenant is devoid of any sincerity AFA*I*AC. It is nothing but empty words that will be forgotten almost as soon as they are spoken. I recall that UUA Trustee Rev. Jake Morrill delivered a reading that called for similar values, at the beginning of the April 2010 Board of Trustees meeting. What came of that? UUA Trustees quite evidently did not honor and uphold those empty words then so why should anyone believe that Trustees will genuinely honor and uphold your "new" covenant now Linda?

After all, through your ongoing negligence towards, and thus effective complicity in. . . all manner of UU clergy misconduct you are ALL disregarding, and even outright violating, the "covenants" that are expressed in the Seven Principles of the Unitarian Universalist religious community. You have ALL failed, and seemingly even outright refused, to genuinely practice justice, equity and compassion in your human relations with me and other victims of UU clergy misconduct and/or other related UU injustices and abuses such as the egregious institutional stonewalling and denial that the UUA & MFC are clearly and unequivocally guilty of engaging in for decades.

How many UUA Trustees actually entered into a free and genuinely *responsible* search for the Truth and meaning of what I said during the April 2010 Board meeting, to say nothing of my previous and subsequent emails to UUA Board members? What did UUA Trustees actually DO to work towards the goal of a UU World community with peace, liberty, and some long overdue restorative justice for ALL victims of UU clergy misconduct? How did UUA Trustees affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of UU clergy misconduct victims in the wake of that meeting? What has the UUA Board of Trustees done to build bridges with me and other past victims of clergy misconduct? From where I stand it would appear that you are ALL "standing on the side of love" as in zero, nothing, nada. . .

I demand genuine restorative justice for myself and ALL other victims of UU clergy misconduct whose complaints to the UUA & MFC were arbitrarily dismissed out-of-hand soon after being submitted to the UUA or were unjustly or otherwise inadequately responded to by the UUA & MFC. I further demand that this long overdue restorative justice must be very publicly seen to be done by UUA delegates during this year's "Justice GA". You can expect to see me standing in front of 25 Beacon Street with strongly worded picket signs condemning the UUA & MFC in the coming months if UUA Trustees fail to respond in responsibility to the letter and the Spirit of this comment and my previous "electronic communications" with you.


Robin Edgar

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Herman Cain's Alleged Sexual Harassment And UUA Negligence Towards And Complicity In UU Clergy Sexual Misconduct - What's The Connection?

Unitarian Universalist minister and sexologist Rev. Debra Haffner is 'Raising Cain on Sexual Harassment' in The Huffington Post. Her article about sexual harassment accusations against Republican would-be presidential candidate Herman Cain raises some questions about how the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations responds to clergy sexual misconduct. So I asked some of these questions in a comment responding to this comment by Skeptic406 -

Not only is it Slick Willie's "private business" but he will actually inspire a "less than perfect" Unitarian Universali­st minister who unceremoni­ously dumped his first wife to marry a neighbor's wife he coveted to say -

"I am so proud of you. Hang in there."

Source -

I can't help but wonder if the "specific national religious denominati­on" where "up until now" sexual harassment training had been optional at its headquarte­rs was none other than the ever so progressiv­e Unitarian Universali­st Associatio­n of Congregati­ons. . .

It may be that the UUA now has a required course on clergy sexual misconduct prevention and how to create a congregati­on free from sexual abuse, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct etc. etc. but the fact of the matter is that the UUA has a shameful history of being incredibly lax in its disciplini­ng of "less than perfect" Unitarian Universali­st ministers who are guilty of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct­, to say nothing of numerous forms of non-sexual clergy misconduct­. But don't take my word for this. Take the word of UU minister Rev. Deborah Pope-Lance as presented during the UUA's Berry Street Lecture -


I wonder how many UUs know that they elected a UU minister who was justifiabl­y accused of clergy sexual misconduct involving an adulterous affair or "fling" as President of the UUA?

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dan Cryer's 'Being Alive And Having to Die' Is A Fascinating Portrait Of Misconducting Unitarian Universalist Minister Rev. Dr. Forrest Church

According to Karen R. Long's book review of Dan Cryer's biography of Rev. Dr. Forrest Church which was published in Cleveland Ohio's 'The Plain Dealer' on Hallowe'en. . .

Here is the comment that I just successfully posted in response to this book review -

It is not really all that surprising that Rev. Dr. Forrest Church ass-erted that he was proud of former U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Rev. Dr. Forrest Church's "1991 adultery with a wealthy, fetching congregant", which "doomed two marriages, damaged four children", and caused considerable harm to the congregation of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Manhattan, was by no means the only adultery that he engaged in if we are to believe Rev. Daniel Harper's online review of Dan Cryer's biography. I would not be the least bit surprised to learn that this "senator's son" said something quite similar to former UUA President Rev. William G. Sinkford aka Bill Sinkford in the wake of his own adulterous encounter(s) that allegedly resulted in a formal clergy sexual misconduct complaint being brought against him by another UU minister and a subsequent acrimonious divorce.

I would suggest that anyone interested in clergy sexual misconduct Unitarian Universalist style should read Rev. Dan Harper's "book review" entitled 'A portrait of the minister as a misconductor' here -

Rev. Scott Well's follow-up blog post is worth a read too -

as is his older misleadingly titled 'UU clergy sexual misconduct roll call' which is nothing of the sort in that it does not name a single Unitarian Universalist minister who has been accused of clergy sexual misconduct.

Sadly the Unitarian Universalist religious community has a long and shameful history of doing little or nothing to hold its misconducting ministers accountable for the clergy misconduct be it clergy sexual misconduct or some other form of misconduct.

Here is the URL for Rev. Scott Wells' 'UU clergy sexual misconduct roll call' blog post -

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