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In 1992 I underwent a profound revelatory experience of God which revealed that the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" is a "Sign in the Heavens" that symbolizes God's divine omniscience. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan of the Unitarian Church of Montreal contemptuously dismissed as my "psychotic experience" here: - This revelatory religious experience inspired me to propose an inter-religious celebration of Creation that would take place whenever a total solar eclipse took place over our planet. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan and other leading members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal falsely and maliciously labeled as a "cult" here: - I am now an excommunicated Unitarian whose "alternative spiritual practice" includes publicly exposing and denouncing Unitarian*Universalist injustices, abuses, and hypocrisy. The Emerson Avenger blog will serve that purpose for me and hopefully others will share their concerns here. Dee Miller's term DIM Thinking is used frequently and appropriately on this blog. You may read more about what DIM Thinking is here -

Friday, September 18, 2009

What Harvard Student Or Indeed Harvard Professor Does Not Know That The Word Massachusetts Only Has One Double S In It?

Answer. . .

The one who Googled -

massachussetts minister sexual abuse tibetan exchange

less than an hour ago.

I dare say that the infamous "less than perfect" Unitarian*Universalist minister Rev. Mack Mitchell seems to be becoming a fairly famous Unitarian*Universalist considering just how many people run Google searches that are either specifically looking for Rev. Mack Mitchell, or otherwise end up finding this convicted rapist U*U minister as this one did. It would appear that this Harvard student, or professor, or whatever. . . Harvard janitor maybe? ended up getting Rev. Victoria Weinstein's "pillar of the church" Richard Buell as a bonus item. . .

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Obnoxious "New Athiest" P. Z. Myers Is Now Officially A "Famous Fundamentalist" If Not A Famous Fundamentalist Atheist Asshole. . .

ROTFLMU*UO! Someone from Batangas in the Philippines found their way to The Emerson Avenger blog today as a result of running a Google search on Famous Fundamentalist. . . Currently my 'Famous Fundamentalist Atheist Asshole P. Z. Myers' Namecalls The Emerson Avenger As "An Obnoxious Poster Who Is A Demonstrable Asshole". . . post is ranked Number 2 in Google for that particular Google search, at least in the Philippines version of the Almighty Google search engine, and to think that I wasn't even *trying* to get that hilarious result. *Too* funny! No U*Us?

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fundamentalist Atheist Unitarian*Universalist U*Us Why Go To A U*U *Church* On Sunday When You Can Sleep In And Avoid *Religion* Entirely?

I mean *really*. . . Why would *any* self-respecting anti-religious Fundamentalist Atheist U*U want to go to *any* church on Sunday?

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Imagine No "Tiny, Declining, Fringe Religion" Known As Unitarian*Universalism aka The U*U Movement

While the *stated* mission of the Freedom From Religion Foundation *may* be "entirely consistent with UU values", as UU World business manager Scott Ulrich asserts in his letter cum UU World blog post about the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s advertisement* in the Fall 2009 issue of UU World, doesn't *this* FFRF outdoor billboard advertisement seem to be similarly promoting the end of ALL religion? Would that not be ever so inclusive of the "tiny, declining, fringe religion" known as Unitarian*Universalism aka The U*U Movement? Do U*Us *really* want to support an organization that seems to have a considerably "less than hidden" hidden agenda of ridding the world, or at least the U.S.A., of ALL religion?

* WARNING! Big fat U*U PDF file. . .

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Hemant Mehta aka The Friendly Atheist On The Controversial Freedom From Religion Foundation "FreeThought" Bus Signs Ad In The UU World

Hemant Mehta aka The Friendly Atheist recently addressed the controversy arising from the publication of an ad from the Freedom From Religion Foundation seeking donations for its "FreeThought" Bus Sign Campaign on the Unitarian Universalists Complain About Atheist Ads post of his The Friendly Atheist blog. Amongst other things The Friendly And Forthcoming Atheist says -

"The ad placement makes sense — a lot of atheists belong to UU congregations and would be likely donors to FFRF’s ad campaign."

True enough. In fact I have heard that the FFRF's controversial advertisement in the UU World magazine did cause some U*Us to join the Freedom From Religion Foundation and it no doubt also garnered a certain number of donations for the FFRF's "FreeThought" Bus Sign Campaign from Atheist U*Us, whether they were Friendly Atheist U*Us or intolerant and *hostile* Fundamentalist Atheist U*Us. . .

In response to the subsequent back-tracking of UU World business manager Scott Ulrich in which Ulrich responsibly acknowledged that the FFRF ad in question "seems hostile to all religion" and that "it was a mistake to run this particular ad" The Friendly Atheist says -

"That’s a depressing response. The ads are not hostile to religion. They simply showcase famous people who happened to be atheists. They reach out to others who may think the same way, which do happen to be many UU folks. What look to be a few vocal opponents forced the magazine to apologize for a perfectly appropriate ad."

Hemant Mehta's questionable assertion that, "The ads are not hostile to religion" is thankfully countered by several commenters who acknowledge that the "FreeThought" Bus Sign Campaign ads are in fact quite hostile to religion in general, and theistic religions in particular. I recommend reading the full Friendly Atheist blog post and the fairly lengthy comment string that follows it.

Here are the comments that I just successfully submitted to it. The first "off topic" comment is in direct response to the comment by a Unitarian*Universalist aka U*U named Alex that directly preceded it.

To wit -

"Our great Theodore Parker and heretic also got thrown out by the Boston Unitarians for his blasphemy. So it’s nothing new for the UU power structure to censor or excommunicate heretical or blasphemous people or organizations."

My response -

For the record: One Robin Edgar got thrown out by the Montreal Unitarians for his peaceful public protest against the anti-religious intolerance and bigotry that he was subjected to by the far from friendly, indeed the intolerant, insulting, and outright *hostile* and abusive Atheist leaders of the Unitarian Church of Montreal.

You are quite right Alex. It is in fact nothing new for the U*U power structure to censor or excommunicate critics and dissenters who U*Us choose the fate of portraying as heretical or blasphemous people. Outrageously hypocritical Unitarian*Universalists aka U*Us will even go so far as to have such “heretical” people unjustly arrested on trumped up criminal charges in order to try to suppress a peaceful public protest. . .

My second "on topic" follow-up comment -

Getting back to the controversy arising from the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “FreeThought” Bus Sign Campaign ad in the UU World magazine it should be noted that some agnostic Humanist UUs considered the ad to be inappropriate and hostile to ALL religion even non-theistic religion. No doubt the ad that offended these *religious* Humanists was the Butterfly McQueen quote which did not float like a butterfly but did sting like a ‘B’ for boorish. . . It is one thing for a person to speak about freeing themselves from their own personal “slavery” to religion but quite another for someone to assert that ALL religion is “slavery”. Anyone interested in reviewing what Unitarian*Universalist bloggers thought about the FFRF ad in the UU World magazine should follow this link to the UUpdates blog aggregator and browse through the various blog posts and attached comments. It’s probably not *too* late to comment on their blogs yourself if you want to. I had quite a bit of fun parodying the ads on The Wonderful Wizard of U*Us blog (linked from my name) as well as on The Emerson Avenger blog and the Occam’s Zweihander blog.

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The Transparent EyeBall Of Ralph Waldo Emerson Has Been Quite Helpful To The Emerson Avenger For Some Time Now. . .

Lends a whole new meaning to Unitarian Universalist transparency doesn't it U*Us?

What was it that Rev. John T. Crestwell Jr., former minister of Davies Memorial Unitarian*Universalist Church, said in his Sunday sermon entitled 'Transparency'?

"Being transparent means we examine our actions and ask the tough questions. And most of the time, we must ask those questions to ourselves, like:

Am I hurting someone else with my actions?

Or, am I justifying negative or destructive behavior?

Is what I’m going to do going to tear down instead of build up?

Will what I’m going to do create chaos or community?

These are the questions we must ask ourselves.

When we are in church I believe the same rules apply. We should be an open and affirming ministry where honesty and openness are valued and affirmed."

Needless to say I am still waiting for a U*U World where honesty and openness are genuinely valued and affirmed, rather than censored and suppressed or mocked and ridiculed. . . I guess Ralph Waldo Emerson's transparent eyeball still has some work to do in the U*U World.

Here are some more choice quotes from Rev. John Crestwell Jr.'s sermon on Transparency.

"Now most of us, from a pauper to a president, live with secrets. We have skeletons in the closet, and we prefer to keep the closet closed (amen). But one of the questions today is how can we change our personal lives and church lives in such a way that we are more open and honest about our feelings, hurts, desires, frustrations, ambitions, and the like, so that people really know who we are, where we want to go, and what we love and care about. Particularly us men who internalize so much stuff..."

"We’ve got to be more open. And how much better could our lives be if we could be more open, not holding back sharing who we are for fear of vulnerability? How much better could we be particularly in this community if we knew what was troubling our brothers and sisters so we can offer a word of support or a helping hand? Living a life that is transparent—more open-- I do believe, can make a difference."

"There are cases when one little lie can turn into many big lies! Have you ever been in that situation where you start out with an honest little lie and next thing you know it’s out of control and you can’t even control it anymore? Somebody knows what I’m talking about!"

"If every church in the world set a true course for freedom, if every church got beyond their gossip, were more transparent and raised its children in culture of peace; if all our sons and all our daughters reached in friendship across the waters, refusing to be enemies and study war no more--what a world this would be!

Heed the words of Gandhi again as I close:

"The moment there is suspicion about a person’s motives, everything he/she does becomes tainted."

Transparency must become our way of life.


More (im)pertinent transparent links will be added to the text later. . .

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The Unitarian Church Of Montreal And Other DIM Thinking Unitarian*Universalist U*Us Have Ignored These Two U*UTube Videos For Almost Two Years. . .

Will U*Us ever *LEARN* from these educational U*UTube videos?

The first of a series of short video clips documenting my peaceful public protest against the anti-religious intolerance and bigotry of fundamentalist atheist U*U minister Rev. Ray Drennan and other anti-religious leading members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal shot the better* part of two years ago on September 29th 2007.

This is the second video in a series of short videos clips that I shot on Saturday September 29, 2007 and Sunday September 30, 2007. This video clip follows immediately after the first one shown above and continues my explanation of the various slogans on my picket signs that are displayed in front of the Unitarian Church of Montreal on any given Sunday, as well as the occasional Saturday and weekday.

* The worse part perhaps?

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Rev. Ray Drennan Famous U*U Fundamentalist Atheist Bigot Is On The Theological Education Funds Committee Of The Canadian Unitarian Council

How ironic. . .

Well what do U*Us know? A little Googling around reveals that the outspoken anti-religious fundamentalist atheist bigot of a "Humanist" U*U minister Rev. Ray Drennan, who preached Sunday sermons dogmatically asserting that God is "a nonexistent being" and that belief in God "seems primitive" and contemptuously dismissed my monotheistic aka Unitarian religious beliefs as being nothing but "silliness and fantasy", is now on the Theological Education Funds Committee of the Canadian Unitarian Council aka CUC now aka CU*UC. . .

I guess that say a lot about the so-called "theology" of the U*Us eh?

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Someone Somewhere In Summertime Can See The Simple Minds And Soft Minds Of Soft Minded Unitarian*Universalist U*Us

Herewith the plagU*Urized lyrics of the Simple Minds hit song from the 1980s 'Someone Somewhere In Summertime'. . .

Stay, I'm burning slow
With me in the rain, walking in the soft rain
Calling out my name
See me burning slow

Brilliant days, wake up on brilliant days
Shadows of brilliant ways will change all the time
Memories, burning gold memories
Gold of day memories change me in these times

Somewhere there is some place, that one million eyes can see
And somewhere there is someone, who can see what I can see. . .

Someone, somewhere in summertime
Someone, somewhere in summertime
Someone, somewhere in summertime

Stay, I'm burning slow
With me in the rain, walking in the soft rain
Calling out my name
See me burning slow

Moments burn, slow burning golden nights
Once more see city lights, holding candles to the flame
Brilliant days, wake up on brilliant days
Shadows of brilliant ways will change me all the time

Somewhere there is some place, that one million eyes can see
And somewhere there is someone, who can see what I can see

Someone, somewhere in summertime
Someone, somewhere in summertime
Someone, somewhere in summertime
Someone, somewhere in summertime
Someone, somewhere in summertime
Someone, somewhere in summertime
Someone, somewhere in summertime

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Is The U*U World A Nation Or Civilization That Continues To Produce Soft-Minded Men To Say Nothing Of Soft-Minded Women?

Someone, somewhere, in summertime at an undisclosed location in Germany was just asking Google sorta. . .

Their free and responsible search for the truth and meaning of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous saying -

"A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan."

led them to read an old blog post of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quotes created for the benefit of soft-minded U*U persons courtesy of The Emerson Avenger a while back. Quite regrettably, The Emerson Avenger fully expects to be blogging about the remarkably foolish aka bone-headedly stupid words and actions of soft-minded U*U men and women, including but not limited to U*U clergy, for some time yet. . . In fact, as a result of Rev. Diane Rollert's remarkably soft-minded decision to get hard-nosed with me and play hard-ball with me a while back, I not only have a backlog of The Emerson Avenger blog posts to write, but a whole whack of unused U*U ordinance aka U*U ammunition that Rev. Diane Rollert and a little gang of other remarkably hard-headed, yet stunningly soft-minded. . . Montreal Unitarian U*Us foolishly passed to me in the form of their highly misleading and outright false depositions to the Montreal police force and Quebec Crown Prosecutors, to say nothing of their highly misleading and outright false court testimony about me. Blogging about that foolishly soft-minded U*U BS alone could keep The Emerson Avenger in business for at least a month or two. . .

In what way are U*U men and women, including U*U clergy, soft-minded U*Us ask?

Let me count the ways. . .

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Is Rev. Diane Miller - Former Executive Secretary Of The UUA's Ministerial *Fellowship* Committee - Running For UUA President Again?!!

Somebody from Kansas City Missouri *might* be just asking Google.

As U*Us may know, Rev. Diane Miller ran against Rev. William G. Sinkford aka Rev. Bill Sinkford in the 2001 UUA presidential election and ended up being something of a "sore loser". What many U*Us may not know yet is that Rev. Diane Miller subsequently "whined" about the pain of being a "sore loser" and publicly made allegations, or what UUA list serve moderators would characterize as "unsubstantiated rumors", about "falsehoods and deceit in the process" of the 2001 UUA Presidential election, if not UUA "democracy" aka UUA politics more generally. . . in a Sunday sermon that she delivered in November 2001 and posted to the website of The First Religious Society Carlisle. Exactly what those alleged "falsehoods and deceit" are I don't know, although I *could* hazard a few educated guesses as to just what they *might* be. . . Maybe someone "in the know" can fill us in on what Rev. Diane Miller actually believed were "falsehoods and deceit" in the 2001 UUA elections by commenting here one day. . . Heck I hereby extend an open invitation to Rev. Diane Miller to do just that herself by commenting below. What could be better than hearing it straight from the proverbial horse's mouth of this former UUA presidential candidate?

What I do know is that Rev. Diane Miller, in her official capacity as the Director of the UUA's very aptly named Ministerial *Fellowship* Committee, effectively endorsed the demeaning and abusive, and indeed harmful and damaging, "falsehoods and deceit" regarding me and my religious beliefs and practices of one Rev. Raymond Drennan by pretending that Rev. Ray Drennan's intolerant and hostile behavior towards me, which quite evidently arose from his "fundamentalist atheist" anti-religious intolerance and bigotry, was "within the appropriate guidelines of ministerial leadership." In that Rev. Ray Drennan's intolerant, hostile, and abusive "less than excellent" ministry clearly disregarded and violated both the letter and the spirit of the UUMA Guidelines and Code of Professional Practice to say nothing of some other "guidelines" U*U ministers should adhere to, not the least of them being the Seven Principles of Unitarian*Universalism, I dare say that she herself may be guilty of uttering falsehoods or engaging in deceit with her well-documented words. . .

I doubt that Rev. Diane Miller is *really* considering running for UUA President again in 2013 but I am none-the-less quite curious as to why someone from Kansas City Missouri would run a Google search on -

diane miller for president uua

in September of 2009. It seems to me the time to do that would have been late 2000 and the spring and summer of 2001.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yet Another U*U Blog Post About The Freethought Bus Sign Campaign - My Response To Paul Oakley's 'Literalism, Outrage and Imagined Victimhood' Post

This response to U*U seminarian Paul Oakley's 'Literalism, Outrage and Imagined Victimhood blog post was accidentally published when I absent-mindedly clicked on the 'Publish Post' tab rather than the 'Save As Draft' tab. I guess this is a case of what's done is done and I will leave it up as a cross-posting of my comment. I have corrected a couple of typos and may add some pertinent links to the post later -

It looks like we have to disagree on several important points too Paul.

:Do any God narratives depict literal facts about God? Of course not!

Neither you nor anyone else living on this planet can make this rather dogmatic assertion with any credibility. You are effectively saying that there are no "literal facts" about God because God does not exist. If God exists there are "literal facts" about God and it is entirely possible that any number of God narratives, not just Jewish and Christian ones BTW, do in fact depict literal facts about God.

:Only the literalist/fundamentalist would even claim that Bible or other narratives of God are literal truths.

You are painting with a rather broad brush here Paul. I dare say that many liberal Christians and Jews would say that parts of the Biblical narratives of God do convey literal capital 'T' Truths about God whereas other parts are indeed largely fictionalized aka mythical.

:But non-literalness is a far different thing from non-truth.


:So, when we look at the Darrow quote ("I don't believe in God because I don't believe in Mother Goose."), what we see is literal mindedness.

Aka "fundamentalist atheism". . .

:For him, if this quote actually represents his belief, truth lies in factual verifiability.

As with most ultra-skeptical fundamentalist atheists, except when they choose to turn blind eyes and deaf ears to factual verifiable truths of various kinds.

:Only. It is a statement of a worldview that is narrow but that no more maligns God and believers in God than it maligns Mother Goose and people who find truth and utility in those narratives and rhymes.

What about if Darrow had just come out and asserted that belief in God is nothing but "silliness and fantasy" rather than simply hinting at that idea?

:In short, all the Darrow quote tells us is that Darrow was a fundamentalist/ literalist, a position most UUs would be uncomfortable with but that most of us would be willing to grant one has the freedom to believe and express.

Many of the U*Us I know seem to be very comfortable with fundamentalist atheists and even hire them as U*U ministers who preach Sunday sermons dogmatically asserting that God is a "non-existent being" and that belief in God "seems primitive".

:I do not believe that the quote is inherently offensive to people who aren't looking to be offended.

It is borderline. It suggests that those people who believe in God are immature and childish. That God is nothing but a "fairy tale". In light of the fact that many fundamentalist atheists, including Richard Dawkins and P. Z. Myers et al, engage in that kind of not so subtle put-down of God believing people on a quite regular basis I expect that many of the U*Us who were offended saw the quote in that context.

:As for the Twain quote ("Faith is believing what you know ain't so."), that is just a non-theological way to phrase the exact same thing that plenty of mainstream Christian theologians have claimed through the centuries. Twain had a streak of bitterness and enjoyed his barbs.

Apparently the Freedom From Religion Foundation has a similar streak of bitterness and quite enjoyed repeating Mark Twain's barb. . . N'est-ce pas?

:But, agree with him or not, there is nothing in this quote that is inherently upsetting to anyone except so far as they gain pleasure being upset by the long-ago statements of the dead.

I disagree. The statement clearly implies that faith is nothing more than delusional thinking or lying to oneself. That kind of "blind faith" does exist, I even know plenty of fundamentalist atheists who engage in their own version of such "faith", but I would say that most faith is actually founded in a realistic assessment of available information and then extrapolating from it. I might add that the comment is a quote from one of Mark Twain's *fictional* characters and thus may not reflect Twain's actual beliefs about faith.

:Dawkins meant to be provocative ("The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction."). Yes. But where is the problem? Calling God a fictional character? The only people who should have any trouble with that are fundamentalists/literalists.

A whole lot of people *literally* believe that God exists and has certain attributes Paul. I would say a few billion do. . . Certainly millions of Americans do. The strong suggestion, or indeed dogmatic assertion, that God is a purely fictional "character" who does not actually exist is a slight to believers. It is one thing to say I do not believe in God, it is quite another to suggest or assert that people who believe in God are delusional as Richard Dawkins quite *literally* does along with other fundamentalist/literalist Atheists. . .

:Most of us believe that God narratives are not literally factual, that their truth lies elsewhere.

Most U*Us perhaps, but by no means all U*Us. The ads are offensive to those U*Us who do believe that *some* of the God narratives are at least in part "literally factual". The ads, at least those few that are provocative (and no doubt deliberately so) essentially tell God believing people that they are delusional and even lying to themselves. That being said, I naturally agree that Richard Dawkins is quite correct in his assessment that God, as portrayed in the "Old Testament", is a rather unpleasant character on more than one occasion. Those accounts may well be fictional aka mythological but who's to say that God cannot be rather unpleasant in character in *fact* assuming God exists? One need only look at the Creation to quickly determine that the Creator is not all sweetness and light. Right Paul?

:To say that God as narrated in the Bible is not, in a real sense, a fictional character is objectively incorrect.

You left the ized off fictional Paul. God has been mythologized but I challenge you or any other human being to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that God is a purely fictional character. Neither you, nor anybody else on this planet, is in a position to credibly declare that all of the stories about God in the Bible, or indeed other God narratives, are pure fiction and not founded upon *some* facts about a God who actually exists.

:And to say that that character did not do or command some of the greatest imaginable evil in the history of story telling is not correct.

Correct. The only question remaining is whether or not God actually did any of those evil acts or commanded them.

:People have argued about the appropriateness of the ads to the venue and UUWorld has decided that they were inappropriate. But regarding Dawkins', Twain's, and Darrow's quotes themselves, the only reasons for anyone to be seriously bothered rather than mildly annoyed is either that they too harbor literalist views or that they enjoy playing the victim.

I seem to recall UU World advertising manager Scott Ulrich formally acknowledging that the Freedom From Religion Foundation ad "seems hostile to all religion". Was he wrong Paul? I can assure you that I do not enjoy playing the victim. Au contraire. . .

Quite frankly I think that you just managed to ad insult to injury (or vice versa) to those people who found the ads offensive with that victim blaming statement.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rev. Christine Robinson Gets A U*U Heads Up From The Emerson Avenger Regarding The Written And Unwritten Codes Of Silence That U*U Ministers Adhere To

The comment below was just submitted to the South Carolina post of Rev. Christine Robinson's iminister blog. I may add some additional links to it. The Emerson Avenger blog post that it provides a U*U heads up about will be written and published here soon enough. . .


As a result of your refusing to post the legitimate critical comments that I submitted recently The Emerson Avenger feels obliged to write a blog post about how the unwritten Code of Silence that *some* "less than excellent" U*U ministers insist on adhering to, even though there is nothing *obliging* them to do so in the written Code of Silence that is found in the UUMA Guidelines. I came very close to offering you the option of simply publishing the censored and suppressed comments instead, but decided that the opportunity that you provided to freely and responsibly share my concerns about U*U ministers censoring and suppressing legitimate criticism of U*U ministers made by others is not one that I should pass up.

I regret that it is you who has provided this opportunity since you have been reasonably good about publishing my critical comments in the past. I would much prefer that a U*U minister who is more deserving of being publicly criticized had given me such a perfect opportunity to expose and denounce the hypocritical double standards of the Code of Silence that too many U*U ministers adhere too.


Robin Edgar aka The Emerson Avenger

end quote

For the time being I will simply post the comments that Rev. Christine Robinson censored and suppressed below -

"Less than excellent" U*U ministers who insult and abuse a congregant in his or her home show themselves to be undisciplined hicks, and worse. . .

The above comment, as submitted to the 'South Carolina' blog post, did not contain the rather embarrassing links to supporting evidence that may be quite readily found on the wonderfully interconnected and remarkably *interdependent* web of the internet aka "interwebs".

It *simply* looked like this -

"Less than excellent" U*U ministers who insult and abuse a congregant in his or her home show themselves to be undisciplined hicks, and worse. . .

The other critical comment that Rev. Christine Robinson censored and suppressed recently may be read on my blog post titled - 'Anthony Van Jones Has Got Rev. Christine Robinson All Riled Up Apparently Because He's Not As Smart As All That. . .'

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Friday, September 11, 2009

U*U Human*ist Salvation Lies In The Typing Hands Of The Creatively Maladjusted Emerson Avenger - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Sorry I just couldn't resist that one U*Us! :-)

BTW. . . Don't U*Us think that this Emerson Avenger blog post proved to be quite prophetic within the last week or so?

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The Moral Arc Of The U*U Universe Is Way Too Long And It Bends Justice. . . Rev. Theodore Parker Updated To 21st Century Corpse Cold Unitarianism

The moral arc of the U*U Universe aka U*U World is wa*a*a*ay too long and it bends justice rather than bending towards justice. . .

Famous Unitarian, now famous U*U, Rev. Theodore Parker's famous saying about how the moral arc of the Universe bends towards justice is now U*Updated to apply to 21st Century corpse*cold Unitarianism aka The U*U Movement aka The U*U World.

I expect that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would concur. . .

So where do we go from here U*Us?

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Seven Unitarian*Universalist Principles For Children Presented Here For The Benefit Of Adult U*Us And Aging U*Us Who Obviously Just Don't Get It. . .

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh North Carolina has a very nice web page titled 'Unitarian Universalist Principles (Modified for Children)'. The UUA Bookstore sells a booklet of these children's versions of the Seven Principles of Unitarian*Universalism titled 'My Seven Principles: A Child's Booklet'. This U*U booklet currently sells for $7.00 which works out to a buck (dare I say a passable buck?) per U*U Principle. As far as The Emerson Avenger is *concerned* a whole lot of U*U adults, including plenty of U*U ministers and top level UUA leaders who I would not insult children by name*calling them as childish. . . would be very well advised to take these children's versions of the Seven Principles of Unitarian*Universalism to heart and try to *genuinely* honor and uphold them.

There are many misconceptions about Unitarian*Universalists aka U*Us. One is that U*Us embrace all beliefs; another is that U*Us embrace no beliefs.

The embarrassing TrU*Uth lies somewhere in between. ;-)

The fact is that Unitarian*Universalists are not nearly as united in U*U commitment to conduct a responsible search for meaning, to respect the interdependent web of existence that U*Us are part of, nor to be advocates and workers for social justice, nor to honor the inherent worth of all beings as U*Us *pretend*. . .

As Unitarian*Universalists aka U*Us, U*Us repeatedly "affirm and promote" but often abjectly fail, or even obstinately refuse. . . genuinely honor and uphold these Seven Principles of Unitarian*Universalism aka U*Uism aka The U*U Movement.

These Seven U*U Principles have been modified for children as well as U*U adults who just don't get it. . .

1. Each person is important.
2. Be kind in all you do.
3. We're free to learn together.
4. We search for what is true.
5. All people need a voice.
6. Build a fair and peaceful world.
7. We care for Earth's lifeboat.

Spirit Play has added color codes to them

1. Respect All People (Red Promise )
2. Offer kind and fair treatment to all (Orange Promise)
3. Grow by Exploring What is True and Right (Green Promise)
4. Believe in our Ideas and Act on Them (Blue Promise)
5. Yearn to Accept and Learn About Ourselves and Others (Yellow Promise)
6. Insist on Freedom, Justice, and Peace for all People (Indigo Promise)
7. Value our home, Earth, that we share with all living beings (Violet Promise)

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Free At Last! Free At Last! Thank God Almighty! Free At Last! Would Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Thank Google For Free Blogger Blogs If He Could?

Or would that be thank Google Almighty free at last? ;-)

Happy Birthday Blogger!

In light of some of his famous sayings about freedom and justice, to say nothing of the "inescapable network of mutuality" of the interconnected and interdependent web. . . I do believe that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be quite thankful that Google Blogger, and other free blogs, free websites, and free internet forums allow people to stand up and speak up in favor of freedom and justice.

To UU World Editor Christopher L. Walton aka Chris Walton aka Philocrites all I can say is The Emerson Avenger blog which you pretty much demanded that I start the better part of four years ago now. . . is an excellent example of the principle -

Be careful what U*Us ask for lest U*Us get it. . . :-)

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French Philosopher Blaise Pascal's Pensées aka Thoughts On Religious Conviction Joyfully Taken To Extreme Prejudice. . .

"Les hommes ne font jamais le mal si complètement et joyeusement
que lorsqu’ils le font par conviction religieuse."

Blaise Pascal, philosophe français, (1623-1662)

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully
as when they do it from religious conviction."

More literally -

"Men never do evil so completely and joyfully
as when they do it from religious conviction."

Blaise Pascal, French philosopher, (1623-1662)

Originally posted in this The Wonderful Wizard Of U*Us blog post.

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The "Unjust Arrest" Of Henry Louis Gates Jr. And The Unjust Arrest(s) Of The Emerson Avenger Caused By Montreal Unitarians - What's The Connection?

It looks like someone from Hartford, Connecticut, was just asking Google minutes ago. . .

Anyone interested in my own unjust arrests resulting from highly misleading and even outright false testimony and depositions made to Montreal police and Quebec Crown prosecutors by paranoid and*or perjurious Montreal Unitarian U*Us need only enter into a free and responsible search for the truth and meaning of those unjust arrests by scouring through the results of this Google search.

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When Faced With U*U Evil As Perpetrated And Perpetuated By Unitarian*Universalist Clergy And UUA Administrators I Expose It And Denounce It.. . .

Just saying. . . on the 'When Faced With Evil' blog post of U*U minister Reverend Erik Walker Wikstrom's A Minister's Musings blog.

"Far from having nothing to say about evil, our Unitarian Universalist faith tells us that the face of evil is the face of alienation, of separation, of us and them."

Then why do Unitarian*Universalists *themselves* go around alienating and marginalizing people as "the other"? Why do so many U*Us maintain complicit silence when they see clear evidence of their fellow U*Us alienating and marginalizing and outright demonizing people? If the face of evil is the face of alienation, of separation, of U*Us and them. . . then Unitarian*Universalist U*Us are beyond any reasonable doubt *guilty* of perpetrating evil and perpetuating evil against your's truly and plenty of other "others".

"And our Unitarian Universalist faith tells us that the only response to a tragedy such as this is to look through the eyes of what is best within ourselves, opening the door of compassion and remembering our place in our common family."

I guess that a whole lot of U*Us, including plenty of U*U clergy and no shortage of top level UUA administrators. . . are abjectly failing and even obstinately refusing to practice what U*U clergy so emptily and insincerely preach. I am still waiting to see something that even remotely resembles an ounce of compassion from either the Unitarian Church of Montreal or the UUA and its very aptly named Ministerial *Fellowship* Committee. I won't talk about U*U "justice" and U*U "equity". Outrageously hypocritical U*Us, including U*U clergy and yes. . . top level UUA officials, have repeatedly proven to me that they do not know the meaning of these words, at least when it comes to their rather inhuman human relations with me and other victims of U*U clergy misconduct.

end quote

Just in case Rev. Erik Walker Wikstrom engages in the evil of separating my legitimate critical comment from the 'When Faced With Evil' blog post of his A Minister's Musings blog aka "Memory holing" it I am posting a screen-shot of the comment as it was posted.

Update: In light of the unfortunate way that the Blogger labels aka blog tags for this TEA blog post have the label/tag for Rev. Erik Walker Wikstrom lined up immediately after the label/tag "Evil U*Us", I feel that it is incumbent upon me to make clear that I do not number Rev. Erik Walker Wikstrom amongst those U*Us who have done evil to me, and I am not aware of any evil he has done to others. This blog post is not intended to be strongly critical of Rev. Erik Walker Wikstrom himself but rather to point out how his words about evil align very well with the well-documented behavior of other U*Us, including other U*U clergy and top level UUA officials, in their rather inhuman human relations with me and other people. For the record, Rev. Erik Walker Wikstrom is amongst those U*U ministers who I have little or no quarrel with and who I would be quite happy to sit down and have a chat with one day.

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Unitarian*Universalism aka U*Uism Also Known As The U*U Movement And Bangkok Thailand And Thai Cuisine In Berkeley California - What's The Connection?

Somebody from Bangkok Thailand was just asking Google on the interconnected and indeed *interdependent* web of existence of the internet. . .

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Albatross! Albatross! No Not Monty Python's Albatross, Nor The Albatross Hanging Around The Neck Of A Famous Ex-Unitarian's Ancient Mariner. . .

Just the rather embarrassing "albatross" hanging around PeaceBang's thick neck for foolishly shooting the messenger* a few times too many. . .

Rev. Victoria Weinstein, WHAT *IS* THAT AROUND YOUR NECK?!!

Albatross removal suggestions*instructions for Peacebang, and other incredibly stubborn and stiff-necked U*Us. . . are provided below.

If you would like the rather embarrassing albatross that has been hanging around your neck for a while now to be more or less removed you *might* want to consider publicly apologizing for insultingly shooting *this* messenger. While you are at it you can publicly apologize to some of the other people who you have insulted and defamed on your Peacebang blogs over the last few years. Or you can just keep your albatross. The choice is yours to make. But it would be nice to see at least *one* “less than perfect” U*U minister taking some personal responsibility for their “less than excellent” ministry. . .

Comment here by The Emerson Albatross — September 10, 2009

What was it that Famous Ex*Unitarian Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the author of 'The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner', said about corpse-cold Unitarianism a few centuries ago?

Oh ya. . .

"Unitarianism is the worst of Atheism
joined to the worst of Calvinism,
like two asses tied tail to tail."

How prophetic. . .

That not so bon mot of dis*illusioned Famous Unitarian, now most ironically Famous U*U. . . Samuel Taylor Coleridge from some centuries ago seems to be all *too* readily applicable to the corpse-cold Unitarianism and amazingly asinine U*Uism of today,
to say nothing of last week. . .

But do enjoy this YouTube video of the famous Albatross sketch of Monty Python's Flying Circus anyway. . .

* And not just *this* messenger

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Rev. Charles Eddis Minister Emeritus Of The Unitarian Church Of Montreal On What Unitarians aka Unitarian*Universalists aka U*Us *Pretend* To Believe

Rev. Charles Eddis' CUC produced pamphlet entitled 'What Unitarians Believe', or maybe 'What Do Unitarians Believe?', is counted amongst the highly misleading, if not outright fraudulent. . . false advertising that caused me to choose the fate of joining the Unitarian Church of Montreal and greater Unitarian Universalist religious community, assuming of course that the word "greater" can be properly used to describe The Tiny Declining Fringe Religion™ aka The U*U Movement™. This effectively fraudulent and now effectively *obsolete* U*U tract has been republished by the CUC, even after much of the information it contains has been proven to be either outdated or false by the words and actions of Unitarian*Universalist U*Us, including Canadian Unitarian Council co*founder, former CUC President, and current UCM minister emeritus Rev. Charles Eddis himself BTW. . . and other facts, information, and evidence that contradicts what is claimed in this U*U false advertising. The latest version of this obsolete religious propaganda is entitled 'What Do Unitarians And Univeralists Believe?' aka 'What Do U*Us Believe'*.

So how is this U*U religious propaganda false and fraudulent and outdated U*Us ask?

Let me count the ways. . .

1. Unitarians are people who want a straightforward, practical, ethical religion.

Montreal Unitarians, including several ministers of the Unitarian Church of Montreal starting with Rev. Charles Eddis himself and proceeding through Rev. Ray Drennan, Rev. Peter Boulatta and Rev. Diane Rollert have been far from straightforward and practical, but more importantly *ethical* in *practicing* their religion with me and/or other people. If I left out one U*U minister of the Unitarian Church of Montreal it is because there is little or no reason for me to add Christian Unitarian minister Rev. David B. Parke, who was the interim minister of the Unitarian Church of Montreal when I decided to join it in December 1993, to that list. Likewise a whole lot of other Unitarians aka Unitarian*Universalists aka U*Us, including plenty of other U*U clergy and top level UUA administrators and UUA Trustees, have been anything but straightforward, practical, and ethical in their dealings with me and other people. If Unitarians were *really* people who want a straightforward, practical, ethical religion they would try harder to actually be straightforward, practical, and ethical.

2. The word "Unitarian" comes from the emphasis Unitarians four centuries ago put on the unity of God, in contrast to the Christian belief in the Trinity, God in three persons.

The key phrase here being "four centuries ago". . . i.e. *outdated*

Yes, the information is factually correct, but it is misleading to God believing people who believe in the unity of God but are then treated with disrespect, hostility, and contempt by the "fundamentalist atheist" faction of "Humanist" U*Us at the Unitarian Church of Montreal and any number of other Unitarian "churches" in Canada and the U.S.A., to say nothing of elsewhere in the so-called U*U World.

3. While Unitarianism was known by others primarily for its denial of one Christian doctrine, it was from the first much broader. It was a comprehensive programme for religious reform, rooted in humanism and the radical Reformation. It was as much a spirit as a programme. It stressed free intellectual inquiry, freedom, tolerance, and ethical living.

Notice Rev. Charles Eddis' use of the past tense here. . . Yes, perhaps once upon a time Unitarianism *stressed* free intellectual inquiry, freedom, tolerance, and ethical living. Now intolerant and abusive U*Us at the Unitarian Church of Montreal and other U*U "churches" go out of their way to *stress* people who are engaged in free inquiry, seeking and trying to exercise freedom, trying to promote tolerance and ethical living. Many of the "Unitarians" I know do their damnedest to suppress free intellectual inquiry of various kinds, and trample all over freedoms that Canadians and Americans have fought major wars to try to defend. "Unitarians" themselves engage in or condone various forms of intolerance and bigotry, most ironically including (but not limited too. . .) the anti-religious intolerance and bigotry that I and far too many other God believing people aka bona fide *Unitarians* have encountered in too many so-called Unitarian "churches"

4. Unitarian views have evolved under the impact of science, philosophy, and the encounter of the world religions. Today there are some Unitarians who describe themselves as universal theists and others who call themselves humanists. Many feel uncomfortable with labels, whether Christian or other.

That's funny. I seem to recall "Unitarians" very comfortably labeling me as a "crazy" psychotic" "nutcase" and Creation Day as a "cult". . .

5. If you ask Unitarians just what they believe, you may find them stumped for a short answer.

Allow me to help "Unitarians" out with that Chuck. . .

Or would that be allow me to "out" outrageously hypocritical "Unitarians" including you Rev. Charles Eddis?

When was the last time that you looked at yourself in The Mirror Charles?

6. If you were to conclude from this, and from our diversity and our freedom, that we don't know what we think, or that one can believe anything one likes and be a Unitarian, you would be mistaken.

Really Chuck? Are you quite sure about that? From what I can see, and I can see quite a bit, albeit not nearly as much as God can see. . . there is absolutely minimal racial and ethnic diversity in the Canadian and American "Unitarian" "church". And. . . in my own personal experience and observation, there are no shortage of "Unitarians" aka U*Us who can and quite regrettably *do* believe anything one likes.

Am I mistaken in believing that Rev. Ray Drennan, Frank Greene, and John Inder who ALL believe that Creation Day is a cult are still Unitarians? What about all those delusional, if not paranoid, "Unitarians" who apparently believe that I am a "crazy" "psychotic" "nutcase", and even "a dangerously deranged psycho/sociopath whose antagonistic and aggressive threats against others should be sufficient enough to commit him involuntarily to a mental institution"? What about *those* "Unitarians" Chuck? Well I guess the "less than anonymous" "Unitarian" aka U*U who libeled me as a "a dangerously deranged psycho/sociopath" probably doesn't believe that any more, most likely being dead and all. . . right Chuck?

What about Rev. Diane Rollert, current minister of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, whose irrational "near-death fears" are "always brought out" when she gets on an aircraft or receives an email from the dreaded Emerson Avenger seeking dialogue with her? Is *she* still a "Unitarian" Chuck? Do tell. . . I dare say that you are the one who is *mistaken* if you really believe that a person cannot be a "Unitarian" and pretty much "believe anything one likes" including a whole lot of incredibly ignorant, stupid, and harmful things. . .

7. In spite of appearances, we are remarkably united in our basic values and beliefs.

Right. . .

Basic values and beliefs like I am psychotic and Creation Day is a cult Chuck?

Forgive the sarcasm. . .

Let's talk about the *actual* claimed "basic values and beliefs" that you and no shortage of other "Unitarians" aka U*Us have repeatedly disregarded and/or made a total mockery of via your hypocritical words and actions, or indeed your abject failure and/or obstinate refusal to speak words that need to be spoken, and take actions that need to be taken. . . in order to *genuinely* honor and uphold "Unitarian" aka Unitarian*Universalist principles and other claimed U*U ideals.

8. I have never met a Unitarian who did not accept the findings of science. I have never met a Unitarian who did not believe in evolution. I have never met a Unitarian who did not affirm the importance of this life, of living well in the here and now, as opposed to preparing now for a life to come. Unitarians hold that living well now is the only possible preparation for whatever may come after death - if anything.

So just how do you and other "Unitarians" define "living well" Chuck?

Like this maybe? How about this? How does "Unitarian" U*Us crapping all over other people's desires and efforts to live well fit in with "Unitarians" living well Chuck? How does "Unitarians" knowingly and willfully obstructing other people's efforts to live well align with "living well in the here and now"?

9. I have never met a Unitarian who did not feel a sense of personal responsibility for how he or she lived his or her life, and for what happened to society and the world.

ROTFLMU*UO! I have met dozens if not hundreds of "Unitarian" U*Us who quite evidently DO NOT feel a sense of personal responsibility for how he or she LIVES his or her life, and for what happened to U*U society and the U*U World, let alone the *real* world Chuck. Hell you are one of them Rev. Eddis. . . How much personal responsibility have you taken for *your* role in the big fat U*U fiasco that is known as the 'Pathologizing Fiasco' as it were? How much personal responsibility have you taken for your grossly negligent response to my letters of grievance about Rev. Ray Drennan's intolerant and abusive attack on me and his *ahem* obstinate refusal to accept any personal responsibility for how he lived his life with me, to say nothing of the rest of the congregation of the Unitarian Church of Montreal or his estranged children?

Where has Rev. Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang accepted the slightest personal responsibility for her insulting and defamatory, or otherwise verbally abusive, attacks on people Chuck? Why didn't the UUA and its very aptly named Ministerial *Fellowship* Committee take *responsible* steps to ensure that Rev. Ray Drennan and Rev. Victoria Weinstein faced a modicum of *accountability* when I complained about their insulting and defamatory language directed at me and other people?

When did Rev. Diane Miller ever accept the slightest personal responsibility for her grossly negligent and effectively complicit failure, if not outright refusal. . . to ensure that Rev. Ray Drennan either took personal responsibility for how he lived his life with me by retracting his insulting, intolerant, bigoted, abusive, hostile, and outright malicious words, or faced some real accountability from the MFC for refusing to do so? When will Rev. Diane Miller accept personal responsibility for *pretending* that Rev. Ray Drennan's demeaning and abusive verbal attack on me was "within the appropriate guidelines of ministerial leadership"?

When will Rev. Dr. Tracey Robinson-Harris and Rev. Beth Miller accept personal responsibility for being a pair of crazy asshats who turned willfully blind eyes, to say nothing of corpse-cold Unitarian hearts. . . toward my formal unbecoming conduct complaint about Rev. Victoria Weinstein's "sodomy fantasy" obscenely imagining a U.S. senator "anally impaled on the Statue of Liberty's torch", as well as other insults, defamation, and verbal abuse that she subjected people to on her PeaceBang blog? You and no shortage of other outrageously hypocritical U*U clergy quite evidently don't know the meaning of the term "personal responsibility" do you Reverend Eddis?

BTW Maybe one day you and other Canadian Unitarian Council leaders can get around to accepting some personal responsibility for that "money laundering" operation (as it were) that you were quite evidently aware of, if not *personally* involved in, when the CUC redirected money from charitable trusts that was supposed to be spent outside of the U.S.A. back to the coffers of the UUA in Boston. . . How did that little scheme work again Chuck?

Oh ya. . .

"Then in 1983 another fund appeared, the Liberal Religious Charitable Society. Because of *restrictions* in the bequest, the UUA could only spend this money outside of the United States. Accord number four was then worked out. The CUC agreed to pay all the money it raised, less $4,000, to the UUA. The UUA, in return, would give the CUC the same amount out of the restricted funds of the Liberal Religious Charitable Society. . . The net result, give or take $4,000, was that for every dollar the CUC raised in Canada, the UUA got two,- and the CUC kept for its own use all the money it raised. This was sufficient for the CUC to hire its first executive director, a full-time position, to add to its administrator, then Thelma Peters."

Just how *ethical* was that little financial arrangement between the CUC and UUA Reverend Eddis? It doesn't look all that ethical to me. . . Where was the money from the Liberal Religious Charitable Society actually supposed to go? Certainly not right back to the coffers of the UUA according to the *restrictions* on it eh Chuck? One person has assessed that situation as a "betrayal" of the Liberal Religious Charitable Society trust if my memory serves me well. . . Is that how "Unitarians" go about living well in the here and now Charles?

More later. . .

This post will evolve and have more links added to it over the next little while.

I may also create a second brand-spanking new Emerson Avenger blog post to deal withe the rest of Rev. Charles Eddis' *obsolete* fraudulent Unitarian*Universalist religious propaganda.

If so I will link to it from here.

* WARNING! Big Fat U*U PDF file. . . :-)

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Does Pagan U*U Joel Monka Believe In Fate? As In His Big Fat U*U Chosen Fate Of Knowingly And Willfully Participating In A Big Fat U*U Witch Hunt?

Somebody from Cape Town South Africa was just asking Google on this day in the life of UU Pagan and big fat U*U witch-hunter Joel Monka. . .

Take it on the chin Joel. . . :-)

Or perhaps I should say, take it on the double* chins of your hypocritical two faces.

* Quadruple chins perhaps?

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Not The Unitarian Church Of Montreal's Finest Hour Not Even It's Finest Three Minutes Or So. . . Behold Montreal Unitarian Community Organizing!

Inspired by pagan U*U Joel Monka's 'Community organizing at it's best' blog post, and U*UBerblogger ChaliceChick's initial comment on it, I have decided to re*present a few of my U*UTube videos of what *could* be described as the product of "Community Organizing" on the part of the DIM Thinking, and indeed just plain dim thinking, members of the U*U "religious community" known U*U World*wide as *THE* Unitarian Church of Montreal. These U*UTube videos, none of which goes longer than three minutes due to the time limit set on the cheap digital camera I used to take then, are definitely NOT "the finest hour" of the Church of the Tarnished Image aka the Church of False Advertising aka the Unitarian Church of Montreal.

Far from it. . .

Totalitarian Unitarian "Citizens' Police Officer" Peter Kohl's
aka U*U COP's Finest Three Minutes?

The Finest Three Minutes of the Totalitarian Church of Montreal
aka The Church of the Immoral Majority?

The Unitarian Church of Montreal's Finest Three Minutes?

Photo*phobic Montreal Unitarian U*U Juan Vera's
Finest Three Minutes On Camera?

Yet Another U*U Philosophical Discussion With
Montreal Unitarian U*U Photo*phobe Juan Vera

What was it that *Jeopardy* game show host Alex Trebek said about Unitarians again?

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