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In 1992 I underwent a profound revelatory experience of God which revealed that the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" is a "Sign in the Heavens" that symbolizes God's divine omniscience. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan of the Unitarian Church of Montreal contemptuously dismissed as my "psychotic experience" here: - This revelatory religious experience inspired me to propose an inter-religious celebration of Creation that would take place whenever a total solar eclipse took place over our planet. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan and other leading members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal falsely and maliciously labeled as a "cult" here: - I am now an excommunicated Unitarian whose "alternative spiritual practice" includes publicly exposing and denouncing Unitarian*Universalist injustices, abuses, and hypocrisy. The Emerson Avenger blog will serve that purpose for me and hopefully others will share their concerns here. Dee Miller's term DIM Thinking is used frequently and appropriately on this blog. You may read more about what DIM Thinking is here -

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alleged Disgusting Mistreatment Of Illegal Immigrants At Arizona Detention Centers & Unitarian Universalist Clergy Misconduct - What's The Connection?

The Emerson Avenger was more or less "just asking" UUA President Rev. Peter Morales in the following comment that TEA just submitted in response to the brand-spanking new 'From the Road: On the Border' post of Rev. Morales' ironically titled 'Beyond Belief' blog -

"Her reports of mistreatment in the for-profit detention center are disgusting."

Are this young woman's reports of mistreatment at the detention center as disgusting as the reports of some victims of UU clergy misconduct Rev. Morales?

What are you doing to provide restorative justice for ALL victims of UU clergy misconduct Peter? I see very little evidence of you doing *anything* to provide *any* real and tangible restorative justice to past victims and "survivors" of UU clergy misconduct, nor do I see much evidence of your administration responsibly reforming the seriously flawed UUA policies and procedures for handling clergy misconduct.

This is *your* mess now and hereby I demand that you start cleaning it up now. . .

In fact I demand that you take steps to personally ensure that there will be a significant component of restorative justice for ALL victims of UU clergy misconduct, be that misconduct sexual in nature or not, at the upcoming Justice GA in Phoenix Arizona.


Robin Edgar aka The Emerson Avenger

end quote

Needless to say I am not holding my breath waiting for current UUA President Rev. Peter Morales to publicly condemn the mistreatment of UU clergy misconduct victims not only by abusive UU clergy in the first instance, but by "less than caring" negligent and complicit UUA & MFC staff*, as being "disgusting". Still I *can* "have a dream" as it were and post a parody LOL U*Us photograph reflecting that "dream" to this blog. . .

* If and when victims of UU clergy abuse of various kinds actually dare to formally complain about UU clergy misconduct to the UUA. . .

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Monday, January 30, 2012

UUA Clergy Misconduct Policies & Procedures Are "A False Reassurance" To Clergy Misconduct Victims, To Say Nothing Of UUs More Generally. . .

UUGRrrl has just posted a brand-spanking new blog post titled -

The Problem with UUA Web Pages on Misconduct

to her recently resurrected 'Speaking Truth To Power' blog which had been in hiatus for the better part of two years as a result of UUGrrl being thoroughly dis*illusioned by the UUA & MFC. . . Indeed UUGrrl had pretty much given up in disgust with the UUA's ongoing failure (if not outright refusal) to responsibly reform seriously flawed UUA & MFC policies and procedures for dealing with clergy sexual misconduct, to say nothing of non-sexual forms of UU clergy misconduct aka clergy abuse.

Anyone who is concerned with the negligent and effectively complicit manner in which the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations aka UUA and its all too aptly named Ministerial *Fellowship* Committee aka MFC respond to all manner of clergy misconduct, both clergy sexual misconduct and non-sexual clergy misconduct, should read this important UUGrrl blog post, as well as her past and future 'Speaking Truth To Power' blog posts. UUGrrl shows how much of what the UUA publicly claims on the official UUA web site regarding how it responds to clergy misconduct complaints "simply isn’t true" and how such "misleading" (mis)information constitute a "false reassurance to a person badly in need of real support. It also lacks humility — a quality UUs could probably use in general, but is particularly necessary when addressing misconduct." The Emerson Avenger would even go so far as to say that *some* of what is claimed on the the official UUA website with respect to its clergy misconduct policies and procedures is outright fraudulent in that top level UUA leaders, including several UUA Presidents, are perfectly aware that what it publicly proclaims "simply isn’t true", and constitutes a "false reassurance" not only to victims and survivors of UU clergy misconduct, but to Unitarian Universalists more generally, and indeed to the non-UU general public. . .

I will have more to say about this later but, for the time being, the "bad cop" of the UU World hereby refers you to the 'Speaking Truth To Power' blog of the "good cop" of the UU World known as UUGrrl.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Unitarian Universalism Is Indeed "The Uncommon Denomination" When It Comes To UUA (Mis)Handling Of Clergy Sexual Misconduct Cases

And NOT in a positive sense at all. . .

Au contraire UUs, the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations aka the UUA does a shamefully inadequate job of handling cases of clergy sexual misconduct, to say nothing of the UUA's even worse negligent and complicit mishandling of non-sexual forms of clergy misconduct aka clergy abuse.

But don't take *my* word for it UUs.

Take the word of a the person of inherent worth and dignity who posted the following comment to UUGrrl's 'Breaking the Silence Redux' blog post using the pseudonymous handle 'Another survivor of UU CSM' -

Thank you for resuming this most important work. Your voice brings hope to all those who struggle in silence — hope that others, fellow UUs and outsiders, may see that Unitarian Universalism is far from being the model denomination in handling cases of clergy sexual misconduct — hope that others might hear the call for justice and speak out, telling the powers that be that their treatment of survivors is unacceptable and demanding transparency and inclusion as the UUA leadership takes steps towards developing more humane processes.

end quote

If that recent testimony is not enough to convince you that Unitarian Universalism is FAR from being the model denomination in handling cases of clergy sexual misconduct I refer you to these words from the UUA's official apology to victims of UU clergy sexual misconduct which was delivered by the Executive Vice President of the Unitarian Universalist Association, Kay Montgomery, over a decade ago during the year 2000 UUA GA held in Nashville Tennessee -

"Let me say this as simply and unequivocally as I know how: the Association has largely failed the people most hurt by sexual misconduct, the victims and survivors. Other denominations have done better. These brave and bruised people have, more often than not I suspect, been left lonely, confused, afraid, angry and betrayed. Un-ministered to. . ."

Sadly, very little has changed for the better since UUA Vice President Kay Montgomery delivered that now questionably sincere official apology to UU clergy sexual misconduct victims and survivors. Kathleen C.* Montgomery concluded that official UUA apology with the following words -

I am profoundly sorry. And I pledge that this gap, this failure, will be remedied. This past year we experimented with a nascent advocacy program. Inspired by the Panel's report, we will change and learn and in this untended area, we will bend toward justice. "There is only us."

end quote

It seems that Kay Montgomery, along with the subsequent UUA administrations of Rev. William G. Sinkford and Rev. Peter Morales, have failed quite miserably to live up to aka honor and uphold the letter and the spirit of that "pledge" aka solemn promise. . .

Indeed UUGrrl writes -

As best I can tell, since 2001 the process for handling complaints has become, if anything, more inhumane. There is no longer any excuse for it. As one member said afterwards, “You can’t excuse the inexcusable.”

end quote

I hereby call upon UUA President Rev. Peter Morales to fire UUA Executive Vice President Kay Montgomery for her negligent and incompetent failure, if not her knowing and willful refusal. . . to actually live up to the promise of that effectively empty "pledge" to "bend towards justice" which she made on behalf of the UUA over a decade ago now. . . Ten long years have gone by and not only is there absolutely minimal positive change in how the UUA handles clergy misconduct complaints of all kinds but it would seem that *some* of the UUA's clergy misconduct policies and procedures are arguably "more inhumane" than they were a decade ago. Certainly there are some very serious flaws in the UUA's process for handling clergy misconduct complaints that have never been responsibly reformed and corrected, in spite of the fact that both the Bill Sinkford and Peter Morales UUA administrations, and the UUA Board of Trustess, have been repeatedly reminded about these systemic injustices built into the UUA's clergy misconduct process which are most certainly NOT in alignment with the claimed principles and purposes of Unitarian Universalism aka the The Uncommonly Hypocritical Denomination.

* C. as in "See no evil" perhaps?

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Friday, January 27, 2012

UUA Clergy Sexual Misconduct Policies & Procedures Are Inexcusably Inhumane

But don't take *my* word for it UUs, take the word of UU clergy sexual misconduct victim, and CSM victims advocate, UUgrrl, as posted to the brand-spanking new 'Breaking the Silence Redux' blog post of her recently resurrected 'Speaking Truth To Power' blog which has been on hiatus for a couple of years.

It is with both "joy and trepidation" that UUgrrl has restarted her archived 'Speaking Truth To Power' blog and, in her first new post in about two years, she writes -

As best I can tell, since 2001 the process for handling (UU clergy misconduct) complaints has become, if anything, more inhumane. There is no longer any excuse for it. As one member (of UUgrrl's UU congregation) said afterwards, “You can’t excuse the inexcusable."

end quote

UUgrrl goes on to blog -

I realized that (to my knowledge) I’m the only survivor of UU clergy sexual misconduct who speaks up. I’ve never thought of it this way before.

I’m also, to my knowledge, the only survivor of UU CSM who has widespread support — my ministers, our director of religious education, old friends, new friends, family, other UU ministers around the country, and now the better part of a good-sized congregation.

Compare that to other victims and survivors of UU CSM. The overwhelming majority have either left Unitarian Universalism or hide their history. And they have good cause. The risks of speaking up are enormous: marriages broken, careers destroyed, public humiliation, and so on.

Put this all together, and a few days ago it dawned on me that I have a moral obligation to speak out. Victims and survivors of UU clergy sexual misconduct have got to have a voice. If those of us who can speak up don’t, will the UUA leadership ever do the right thing?

Who else will hold their feet to the fire?

end quote

To answer UUgrrl's final question. . .

The Emerson Avenger is rather more inclined to light a proverbial fire aka hold a Big Fat U*U Flaming Chalice under the hypocritical U*U asses of those negligent and/or incompetent UUA leaders who are directly or indirectly responsible for the fact that UUA policies and procedures for handling clergy misconduct complaints of all kinds are inexcusably inhumane to borrow a couple of choice words from UUgrrl.

Needless to say, The Emerson Avenger looks forward to UUgrrl's future 'Speaking truth To Power' blog posts which will most likely explain, in her well informed opinion, precisely *how* the UUA and MFC policies and procedures for handling UU clergy misconduct complaints have become "more inhumane" than they were about a decade ago. . . Certainly there has been very little real improvement to these policies and procedures, some of which are clearly NOT in alignment with the First and Second Principles of Unitarian Universalism which ostensibly "affirm and promote" "the inherent worth and dignity of every person" and "justice, equity and compassion in human relations."

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is UUA Trustee Reverend Clyde Grubbs A Big Fat U*U Communist Nut?!!

It would appear that some person of inherent worth and dignity from Boston, Massachusetts, was just asking Google last night. . .
This person's free and (ir)responsible Google search for the Truth and meaning of whether or not *the* Reverend Clyde Grubbs is a "communist nut" led them to my November 2009 blog post titled -

Is Rev. Clyde Grubbs *Really* Suggesting That U*U Ministerial Candidates Are Victims Of Abuse Meted Out By The Regional Sub-Committees On Candidacy?!!

which doesn't even contain the words 'Communist' or 'nut'. . . but *does* call into question Rev. Clyde Grubbs' rather nutty assertion that many UU seminarian "survivors" of the MFC's RSC's aka the Ministerial *Fellowship* Committee's Regional SubCommittee(s) On Candidacy "enter (Unitarian Universalist) ministry resentful" "like child abuse victims" "and regard the good people who serve on the RSCs and MFC as "strangers," "people with their own agendas" yadda yadda yadda.

So that particular Emerson Avenger blog post didn't provide a satisfactory answer to the "Is Reverend Clyde Grubbs a Communist?" part of the question "Is Reverend Clyde Grubbs a Communist nut?", although it *might* have shed some light on the "Is Reverend Clyde Grubbs a nut?" part. . .

Without further ado here are some answers to the "Is Reverend Clyde Grubbs a Communist?" bit -

:Baku KOMMUNIST in Azeri on 8 December 1984 carries on page 2 a 100-word Azerinform report on the visit of an American Communist Party delegation to Baku. The delegation was headed by Clyde Grubbs.
The delegation visited the 50th Anniversary of the Azerbaijan Komsomol machine- building factory, the manuscript collection of the AzSSR Academy of Sciences and the historical architectural complex in the Inner City. "R.A. Mehdiyev, secretary of the AzCP Central Committee, received the delegation

On November 15-16 1991, 30 dissident members of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA convened a meeting to "sign a statement of events" - most or all signatories were soon to break with the party and were later to form Committees of Correspondence. The signatories included Clyde Grubbs, Massachusetts[3];

In 1991, Clyde Grubbs, Massachusetts, was one of several hundred Communist Party USA members to sign the a paper "An initiative to Unite and Renew the Party" - most signatories left the Party after the December 1991 conference to found Committees of Correspondence.[4]

Sources: Key Wiki for Clyde Grubbs and this PDF file courtesy of the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC®)

So it would seem that, at least in the 1980s and 1990s, Rev. Clyde Grubbs was in fact a card-carrying member of the Communist Party Of America and was even a reputed "Communist Reformer" who wanted to "Unite and Renew the Party".

Regardless of whether or not Rev. Clyde Grubbs is *still* a Communist I guess those credentials make him a shoe in to be a Board member aka Trustee of "The Church Of The Far Left".

No U*Us?

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

UUA Trustee Linda Laskowski Gets An "Electronic Communication" From The Emerson Avenger

In the form of the following comment that I just submitted in response to the 'New Orleans Bound' post of Linda Laskowski's moderated aka censored 'UUA View from Berkeley' blog -

:The Board meeting starts Wednesday, so many of us are going a few days early to work with the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal.

You and other UUA Trustees might be very well advised to ask yourselves just how ethical it was (and is. . .) for all of you to all but totally ignore the very serious concerns about systemic injustices built into the UUA's clergy misconduct policies and procedures that I shared with you the better part of two years ago now during the April 2010 UUA Board meetings.

I am confident that most people will agree that UUA Trustees have behaved in a "less than ethical" manner in not only doing little or nothing to address those legitimate concerns but in refusing to so much as acknowledge receipt of my follow-up emails about those and other concerns.

Why has the UUA Board of Trustees failed, indeed apparently refused. . . to respond in responsibility to the Spirit of my demands that the UUA & MFC must take steps to ensure that a genuinely just and equitable appeals process is properly established for any and all UU clergy misconduct complainants who have reasonable grounds to call into question the justice and equity of UUA & MFC rulings that arbitrarily dismiss, unjustly reject, or otherwise unjustly and unfairly deal with their legitimate clergy misconduct complaints?

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Unitarian Universalist Irresponsibility Towards People Of Inherent Worth & Dignity Beyond UU Walls And Within The Walls Of Dysfunctional UU "Churches"

Rev. David Pyle, the Assistant Minister for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura, California, as well as a U.S. Army Reserve Chaplain, has refused to publish the following comment that I submitted to the 'Our Responsibility to those Beyond Our Walls' blog post on his Celestial Lands blog earlier today because he feels that part or all of it is "beneath" me. Quite evidently I do not share Rev. Pyle's apparently deeply help personal conviction that what some might call this "prophetic work" is beneath me, far from it really.

I have added some hyperlinks to supporting material that were not in the original comment -

: In this paper Rev. Morales makes several arguments, such as how an expanded understanding of UU identity and connection would be beneficial to congregations, in that it would “lower the walls between our congregations and the larger world”.

Unitarian Universalists seem to be only too happy to create their own walls between their insular and isolated UU congregations and the larger world aka the real world. How many times have I heard people complaining about the anti-Christian and broader anti-religious intolerance and bigotry that seems to be quite pervasive throughout the so-called UU World? Although *some* UUA leaders have tried to minimize this serious problem I am quite sure that it was, and still is, a major contributing factor to Unitarian Universalism being "a tiny, declining, fringe religion", to quote some choice words from Rev. Peter Morales' sermon cum "stump speech" announcing his candidacy for UUA President. How many times have I seen intolerant and abusive UUs, including "less than perfect" UU clergy, ranting against Republicans and other political conservatives? Quite frankly I am surprised that there are still some Republican members of UU congregations remaining in light of just how unwelcome they are in most UU congregations. I have been pointing at these walls that UUs erect for years now, indeed over a decade now when it comes to UU anti-religious intolerance and bigotry, yet UUA leaders all but completely refuse to address these serious issues in a forthright and responsible manner. I dare say that UUA President Peter Morales is a major part of that problem in that he is quite evidently NOT part of the solution at the moment. The same may be said for UUA Moderator Gini Courter and most UUA Trustees. . .

: And yet, his argument in this article was reminiscent of all too many conversations I have had with lay-leaders in congregations across 9 states who have told me that they were interested in “growth” to “meet a budget” or “be able to hire a minister”, or “build a building”, or for some other practical, if often nebulous, expectation that growth is something we are supposed to do.

What do you suppose the UUA itself primarily wants growth for David? Here's a clue. . . balance the UUA's dwindling budget, be able to support UU ministers, and buy or build new buildings. It's all about the money and "practical" things as far as I can see David.

: Our world is desperately in need of the saving message of Unitarian Universalism.

Forgive me for saying so David but I almost fall out of my chair laughing whenever I see a UU spouting this UUA propaganda. What "saving message of Unitarian Universalism" may I ask? The one that Unitarian Universalists emptily and insincerely, if not outright fraudulently. . . "preach" while abjectly failing, and even obstinately refusing. . . to actually *practice*? From what I have seen over the last decade and a half or more Unitarian Universalists can't even "save" the UU World from itself, let alone "save" the real world. . . If the real world *really* "desperately" needed Unitarian Universalism there would be a lot more than a paltry 160,000 adult UUs and Unitarian Universalism would not be the "tiny, declining, fringe religion" that it currently quite evidently is.

: Let us find any way we can to bring people to the point where they can say, in their hearts and with their voices, “I am a Unitarian Universalist”… and to know what that means.

I wonder how many of today's card-carrying adult Unitarian Universalists can say “I am a Unitarian Universalist” and actually know what that means? Not many in my estimation David. In my experience and observation over the last decade and a half Unitarian Universalists, including far too many UU ministers and top level UUA leaders, have repeatedly, indeed quite continuously. . . made a total mockery of pretty much everything that Unitarian Universalism claims to be in its definitely empty and insincere, and *apparently* quite fraudulent, religious propaganda.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Female SPVM Police Officer Kindly Asks The Emerson Avenger If He Is Cold While Doing His "Alternative Spiritual Practice" aka "Prophetic Work"

Of protesting against UU anti-religious intolerance and bigotry, UU negligence toward (and complicity in...) all kinds of UU clergy misconduct, and various other UU injustices and abuses, in front of the so-called self-described "Unitarian Church Of Montreal" yesterday, Sunday January 15th, 2012.

The caption for the above U*UTube video reads -

An SPVM patrol car slowly drives past me on de Maisonneuve Boulevard while I am shooting an explanatory video clip about my protest in front of the Unitarian Church Of Montreal on Sunday January 15, 2012. A female police officer riding in the passenger seat rolls down the window and kindly asks me if I am cold.

end quote

It seems to me that by politely, and seemingly quite sincerely*, asking me if I am suffering from the cold weather while engaging in my peaceful public protest on front of the alleged Unitarian Church Of Montreal yesterday, and not intervening in any other way at all, this female SPVM police officer (to say nothing of her partner who was driving the patrol car) was more or less affirming and promoting my inherent worth and dignity, as well as respecting my constitutionally guaranteed right to engage in "non-violent direct action" aka peaceful public protest in front of this alleged Unitarian Church. At least three different SPVM police vehicles passed by the Unitarian Church Of Montreal while I was protesting yesterday and not one of them bothered to stop and intervene in any way. In fact, over the course of this long term protest, the vast majority of SPVM police officers who have answered complaint calls from Montreal Unitarians or otherwise intervened in my protest have shown rather more respect for my inherent worth and dignity than most Montreal Unitarians have. . .

Only a minority of irresponsible and incompetent "cowboys", such as Sergeant Detective Scott Darragh for *example*, have over-stepped the not inconsiderable authority invested in them by the Montreal public with various forms of police harassment and intimidation. I have been protesting in front of the Unitarian Church of Montreal for over 13 years now and, over the course of that whole time period, I can only think of about eight or so occasions when SPVM police officers have behaved in an overly-authoritarian, intimidating, or otherwise unprofessional or incompetent manner. Of those occasions there were really only three comparatively serious ones which caused me to seriously consider filing a formal complaint against the SPVM officers involved in them with the Quebec Police Ethics Commission aka Commissaire à la déontologie policière. In the end I only filed one complaint against Sergeant Detective Scott Darragh for unjustifiably and aggressively threatening me with another arrest during a meeting that I had with him and Lieutenant Sylvain Boisvert at Station 11 in June 2010. With the help of Mouvement Action Justice my complaint against Sergeant Detective Scott Darragh was resolved to my satisfaction early last October during a conciliation meeting with him held at the offices of the Quebec Police Ethics Commission in Old Montreal.

That's all for now. . .

i.e. I did not detect any hint or tone of sarcastic or condescending feigned concern in this SPVM police officer's words to me.

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Martin Luther King Day & The Emerson Avenger's "Alternative Spiritual Practice" Of Non-Violent Direct Action aka Peaceful Public Protest

What's the connection U*Us?

Chicagoland Unitarian Universalist Patrick Murfin has posted quite a good piece about Martin Luther King Day on his 'Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout' blog titled 'What Pisses Me Off About Martin Luther King Day' that in *some* ways relates to what Unitarian Universalist clergy misconduct expert Rev. Deborah Pope-Lance once referred to as my "alternative spiritual practice" and what another respected Unitarian Universalist minister, who is very well acquainted with the UUA's negligent and effectively complicit responses to clergy misconduct, much more recently referred to as my "prophetic work".

Patrick Murfin concludes his "rant" with the following words -

"Let’s celebrate him (i.e. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) and them (i.e. thousands of other "ordinary" civil rights activists) by rededicating ourselves to standing up as they did, by putting our bodies, when necessary, on the line to achieve his true dream of an equitable and just society."

Here is how I responded to Patrick's words -

You mean like how I put my body on the proverbial "picket line" in doing the "prophetic work" of my "alternative spiritual practice"* in front of the Unitarian Church Of Montreal on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday yesterday, to say nothing of too many previous Sundays since starting my peaceful public protest against UU injustices and abuses the spring of 1998?

* Dare I say my "spiritual discipline"?

I think I do. . .

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Unitarian Church Of Montreal Gets A Free Panoramic Photograph On Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday 2012 Courtesy Of The Emerson Avenger

The above panoramic photograph of The Emerson Avenger's picket signs displayed in front of the Unitarian Church Of Montreal Sunday January 15, 2012 was taken with a Sony Alpha A35 DSLR using the built in panoramic photography function. I think that the Sony A35 does quite a good job of taking high quality panoramic photographs of static objects like the corpse-cold Unitarian Church Of Montreal.

Click your mouse on this high quality panoramic photograph of the Unitarian Church Of Montreal aka The Church Of The Tarnished Image to view a much larger resolution version of it.

Two Montreal pedestrians walk past The Emerson Avenger's picket signs displayed in front of the Unitarian Church Of Montreal Sunday January 15, 2012

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

In The A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Department. . . To Say Nothing Of The Montreal Police Department aka The SPVM

Here is a boring but educational digital photograph that I took of "The Church Of The Tarnished Image" aka The Unitarian Church Of Montreal earlier today. . .

Not really an auspicious start to Rev. Carole Martignacco's temporary fill-in ministry at the Unitarian Church of Montreal, while Rev. Diane Rollert is away on "sabbatical" in the Philippines, is it U*Us?

Here are a couple of U*UTube videos I shot that provide some explanation of this totally unnecessary intervention by SPVM police officers from Station 11. I did not bother shooting any video of my actual conversation with these police officers although I probably could have in light of the fact that the one who spoke to me the most specifically claimed that he had no problem with me taking photographs and videos of my protest, as should be the case for ALL police officers AFA*I*AC. . . He *did* say that if I put my videos to "bad use" that Montreal Unitarians could take civil action against me, so I responded that I intend to put any documentary photos and videos of my protests that I shoot to "good use". . .

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Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Unitarian Church Of Montreal Is The Very Model Of Modern Unitarian Universalist Institutionalized Narcissism. . .

But don't take *my* word U*Us. . .

Take the word of the Unitarian Church Of Montreal's very own not so *settled* minister Rev. Diane Olenick Rollert, as posted in a comment responding to Rev. Peter C. Boullata's 'Held In The Light' blog post *entitled* 'The Liberal Church Finding Its Mission: It’s Not About You' in which he proclaims,

"Oh dear God, it’s true. We have institutionalized narcissism."

Here is Rev. Diane Rollert's comment verbatim -

Way to go, Peter! You’re going viral here. I’m leaving on sabbatical on Tuesday and am secretly praying that I’ll return in April to find a congregation transformed by your charge. Amen to spiritual discipline. You’ve got our attention. What’s next?

end quote

Well "what's next" as far as The Emerson Avenger is concerned is revealed in the comment that I just submitted in response to *the* Rev. Diane Rollert's comment. . . No doubt Rev. Peter C. Boullata's "aversion addiction" to The Emerson Avenger's public criticism of Unitarian Universalist hypocrites in general, and outrageously hypocritical UU clergy in particular. . . will ensure that my comment will be "awaiting moderation" indefinitely -


Way to go Peter indeed. . .

The "less than perfect" not so *settled* minister of what is almost certainly one of the most stunningly narcissistic Unitarian Universalist churches in the whole wide UU World *seems* to be publicly acknowledging the Unitarian Church of Montreal's shameful narcissism in saying, "(I) am secretly praying that I’ll return in April to find a congregation transformed by your charge."

Good luck with that Rev. Rollert. . .

Do you *really* expect your temporary fill-in Rev. Carole Martignacco to somehow magically transform the stunningly narcissistic Unitarian "Church" of Montreal into a spiritually disciplined UU church within the three short months that you will be away on sabbatical in the Philippines when you have quite obviously failed to do so in the several years that you have been the minister of the "Institutionalized Narcissism" of Montreal?

You have had plenty of opportunity to deal with the narcissism, to say nothing of the glaringly obvious hubris. . . of the Unitarian "Church" of Montreal and have not only abjectly failed to do so but have quite evidently chosen the fate of being an enabler of the narcissism, hubris and outrageous hypocrisy of Montreal Unitarians.

Be assured that I will still be engaging in the "spiritual discipline" that Rev. Deborah Pope-Lance once called my "alternative spiritual practice", and another respected UU minister (who is *very* aware of the UUA's negligent and complicit responses to all manner of clergy misconduct) much more recently called my "prophetic work", while you are on sabbatical in the Philippines leaving a hapless Rev. Carole Martignacco holding the proverbial bag. . .

Even before seeing your comment here I was tempted to make a brand-spanking new picket sign slogan saying -


to display during my "Sunday Constitutional" outside the Institutionalized Narcissism Of Montreal while you are away but your comment here just gave me the push to go ahead and do it. . . I may even print up with some other new picket sign slogans inspired by Peter's words here like -


or how about -


Bon Voyage Diane.

See you in April. . .

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First Unitarian Church Of Norton, Massachusetts Is The Fastest Growing Unitarian Universalist Church In The Whole Wide UU World!

In fact the membership of the First Unitarian Church Of Norton MA has grown a whopping 1500% or so since Rev. Christana Wille-McKnight "turned things around" in 2011!

That's the good news for UUs. . .

The not so good news for UUs is that the only reason that the First Unitarian Church Of Norton's membership has grown by a seemingly astonishing 1500 percent in about a year or so is that, not so long ago, its membership was down to "just two elderly people", according to this article titled 'Norton church gets back in the Christmas business'. Thus this once truly tiny church of the Tiny Declining Fringe Religion™ rejoins the ranks of those numerous Unitarian Univeralist churches that have well under 100 members. . .

Maybe the UUA would be well advised to responsibly examine *why* the membership of First Unitarian Church Of Norton declined to "just two elderly people" so as to actually learn something from that rather embarrassing UU history in order not to repeat it. . .

In the meantime Rev. Christana Wille-McKnight seems to have at least temporarily resurrected this all but literally corpse-cold Unitarian church.

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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Unitarian Universalism Is One Big Fat U*U Codependent System. . .

But don't take *my* word for it U*Us.

Take Rev. Tony Lorenzen's word for it.

As posted to his Sunflower Chalice blog in a brand spanking new blog post entitled 'Unitarian Universalism as One Big Codependent System'.

Here are some choice quotes from it but I recommend reading the whole blog post from start to finish. . .

"I think we need to seriously consider Unitarian Universalism, the Unitarian Universalist Association at large and certainly most of our individual congregations as Codependent family systems. We have addicts – people with aversion addictions to Christianity, certainly, but also to spirituality, and spiritual and religious language. The entire structure of Unitarian Universalism colludes to support this addiction."

"The ministry, the religious educators, the national staff and leadership have for too long been enablers of the aversion addiction. We, the leaders of Unitarian Universalism have created a codependent and culture. We collude with the aversion addicts to keep religious language neutral, leave theology out of our church life, and not demand spiritual discipline or disciplines. If we were to insist on such things, the church family system would blow up in anxiety."

"We have lost much of our ability to deal with this addiction because we have become largely codependent. We are not a place where people holding differing religious views are welcome. If that were true, I wouldn’t be writing this. We are a generally a place where people holding some different religious beliefs except Christianity, which is ironically our roots and history, are welcome."

And here is the comment that I posted in response to something Rev. Tony Lorenzen said that echoes what I have been saying for well over a decade now. . .

"If someone needs to be a community where there is never any mention of God, no one ever prays and religion itself is thought to be for lesser people, let’s be honest and tell them they don’t belong in our congregations."

Amen. . .

BTW I have been saying this for over a decade now Tony.

And then Unitarian Universalists wonder why Unitarian Universalism is "a tiny, declining, fringe religion". . .

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Unitarian Universalism Is Narcissism In Institutional Form

But don't take *my* word for it U*Us. . .

Take the word of The Reverend Peter C. Boullata, minister of First Parish Lexington Unitarian Universalist church, as posted in Peter's 'The Liberal Church Finding Its Mission: It’s Not About You' blog post on his 'Held In The Light' blog -

"Oh dear God, it’s true. We have institutionalized narcissism. Here was a person that was not involved in a Unitarian Universalist church, and yet knew something about us. As an outsider, the message he received about what we stand for is: It’s about whatever you want it to be about. It’s all about you."

end quote

As if *that* was not enough Rev. Boullata goes on to say -

"The ever-present narcissism enshrined in our congregations spawns entitlement and complaint rather than engagement and curiosity because, well, you’re not giving me what I want!"

Not that the "ever-present narcissism" that is "enshrined" in Unitarian Universalist congregations is the only thing that spawns complaint. I mean there *are* some perfectly legitimate reasons to complain about Unitarian Universalist "churches", not the least of these things being the "ever-present narcissism" itself.

Rev. Peter Boullata goes on to write -

Inasmuch as Unitarian Universalist communities continue to neglect discernment, theology, discipline, spiritual practice, faith formation, vocation and engagement with our historic testimonies and tradition, we will never be a missional religious movement.

end quote

Needless to say the glaringly obvious subtext of that quote is that, at least in Rev. Peter Boullata's opinion, Unitarian Universalist "churches" do in fact neglect discernment, theology, discipline, spiritual practice, faith formation, vocation and engagement with the historic testimonies and tradition of Unitarianism and Universalism, not that I couldn't add a few things to that list of Unitarian Universalist negligence. . .

It seems that Rev. Boullata's blog post has some resonance with Unitarian Universalists in general, and Unitarian Universalist clergy in particular, in light of the fact that, so far, it has had well over 80 comments posted in response to it.

More later. . .

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Anorexia Nervosa And Anti-Christian Intolerance And Bigotry In The Tiny Declining Fringe Religion™ What's The Connection?

Rev. Tony Lorenzen, the Christian Universalist UU minister who recently resigned as the minister of Pathways Unitarian Universalist Church in Southlake, Texas, has just posted a brand-spanking new blog post about the anti-Christian "bad attitude" that is so prevalent amongst Unitarian Universalists titled 'Unitarian Universalist attitudes towards Christianity as Aversion Addiction'. Even though I am not entirely convinced by Rev. Lorenzen's thesis that the anti-Christian intolerance and bigotry found throughout the Unitarian Universalist "church" is a form of aversion addiction such as anorexia nervosa, I would none-the-less strongly recommend that any person of inherent worth and dignity who is concerned about this issue should read Rev. Tony's blog post and enter into a free and responsible search for its Truth and meaning. There is much that rings True in Tony's words even if they are not 100% correct.

Rev. Lorenzen writes -

Aversion addiction is when we are compulsive in our repulsion or rejection of things. May says “We often call these repulsions by other names: phobias, prejudices, bigotries, resistances, or allergies.” He describes aversion addiction as a mirror image of addictions that most of us are familiar with:

“Instead of tolerance, where we can’t get enough of a thing, we experience intolerance, where no matter how little of a thing we have it is still too much.”

end quote

This concept certainly applies quite well to the reactionary anti-Christian, and indeed more broadly anti-religious, "bad attitude" that many Unitarian Universalists engage in. I have only half-jokingly said that the "Theophobic" fundamentalist atheist Unitarian Universalists I have had the misfortune to encounter are amongst the most "God-fearing" people I know, and have remarked that these Theophobic UUs are positively allergic to not only Christianity but any "God Talk" whatsoever. As Rev. Lorenzen puts it -

There are plenty of people in our congregations who, no matter how little Jesus is mentioned, the word God is used or the Bible referenced, it is too much. There seems to be little or no understanding that all Christianity is not biblical fundamentalism and there are ways to freely follow Jesus down a largely non-dogmatic road and see what his spiritual teachings say about how we should live. There is no good news at all here, no grace, only bad news.

end quote

More later. . .

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