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In 1992 I underwent a profound revelatory experience of God which revealed that the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" is a "Sign in the Heavens" that symbolizes God's divine omniscience. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan of the Unitarian Church of Montreal contemptuously dismissed as my "psychotic experience" here: - This revelatory religious experience inspired me to propose an inter-religious celebration of Creation that would take place whenever a total solar eclipse took place over our planet. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan and other leading members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal falsely and maliciously labeled as a "cult" here: - I am now an excommunicated Unitarian whose "alternative spiritual practice" includes publicly exposing and denouncing Unitarian*Universalist injustices, abuses, and hypocrisy. The Emerson Avenger blog will serve that purpose for me and hopefully others will share their concerns here. Dee Miller's term DIM Thinking is used frequently and appropriately on this blog. You may read more about what DIM Thinking is here -

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Tranparent Eye Of The Emerson Avenger Sees Through U*U Hypocrisy On Thanksgiving Day. . .

It is Thanksgiving Day up here in Canada and U*Us can thank U*U World journalist aka U*U propagandist Rick Heller for kindly passing The Emerson Avenger some "ammunition". Indeed I am all too happy to thank Rick Heller myself for so generously providing me with his very own Thanksgiving Day "turkey" to knock the stuffing out of. . .

I just love it when a U*U unwittingly hands me material to parody the flaws and failings of the U*U religious community by making them chow down on their own words with my "Eat-Your-Words Diet" regime, especially when they are pointing the finger at the flaws and failings of one of those "obsolete religions" (to use UUA Presidential candidate Rev. Peter Morales' rather less than diplomatic words) while blissfully ignoring the fact that U*Uism has quite similar flaws and failings. . . Rick Heller just raised the subject of religious intolerance within that "obsolete" religion known as Hinduism on his Transparent Eye blog in a post titled 'Hindu Persecution of Christians'. With only minimal modification of his U*U "foot-in-mouth disease" I was able to demonstrate how his public criticism of religious intolerance within the Hindu religion applies all too well to that "tiny, declining, fringe religion" known as U*Uism. . . Here is the satirical "Eat-Your-Words Diet" comment that I just successfully submitted to Rick Heller's unmoderated Transparent Eye blog. I have added some appropriate hyperlinks to it. It will be interesting to see whether or not Rick Heller tries to hide it from U*U eyes by "memory-holing" it -

U*Uism has a reputation for tolerance, in that it is willing to incorporate new beliefs into its pantheon. Indeed, in the present, there is no such thing as U*Uism but rather a variety of beliefs on the American continent that are intertwined with each other. It seems, perhaps, that in defending its turf against the exclusivist* religions of Islam and Christianity, U*Uism has betrayed some of that spirit. . .

Embrace Atheism, and your reputation will not be demolished, Mr. Edgar recalled being told on that Thursday afternoon in November. “Otherwise, you will be defamed, and you will be thrown out of the "church".”

end quote

BTW It’s worth noting that Rick Heller describes "the Abrahamic religions", Hinduism, and no doubt other "obsolete religions", as "intolerant religions" rather than religions which have a certain number of intolerant adherents. . . Since U*Uism certainly has its own fair share of intolerant Atheist Supremacist "Humanist" U*Us, to say nothing of intolerant U*Us within other subsets of the U*U "religion", perhaps I should not so respectfully suggest that it would only be just and equitable if U*U journalist Rick Heller painted U*Uism with a similarly broad brush and added it to his list of "intolerant religions".

* with 20-20 hindsight I think that I would have done well to replace Rick Heller's word "exclusivist" with "obsolete" thus referencing Rev. Peter Morales' dismissal of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (and no doubt Hinduism, Buddhism, and a fair number of other well established non-U*U religions) as "obsolete religions, created for another time" in his "stump speech" announcing his candidacy for next President of the UUA.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Raising Cain Again. . . Yet Another Unitarian Universalist Letter To The Editor

In a blog post by Kenneth Sutton titled, 'Our basic message, welcoming new ministers, and more' on the UU World magazine's 'Unitarian Universalists in the Media' web page, the UUA shills an Op/Ed article titled 'What we need most is one another' by KY U*U minister Rev. Cynthia Cain that was presumably originally published in the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper and is reproduced on the web site -

Promoting our basic message

The Rev. Cynthia Cain, minister of the UU Church of Lexington, Ky., writes about the UU faith and why, right now, what people really need is each other. ( - Lexington, KY 10.4.08)

Since the UUA and individual U*U "churches" are constantly prodding U*Us to write letters to the editor about various topical issues in order to raise the public profile of the "tiny, declining, fringe religion" known as Unitarian*Universalism in American public life, I thought that I would help them out a bit by submitting the following letter to the editor to about how Rev. Cynthia Cain's hypocritical U*U BS published in the Lexington Herald-Leader and on contrasts with the um *basic message* of Rev. Cain's 'Isten Aldjon, Y'all' blog post titled, OMG! Mean people DO suck.

Re.: What we need most is one another
By the Rev. Cynthia Cain
Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington

Dear Editor,

Unitarian*Universalist aka U*U minister Rev. Cynthia Cain pretends that "life, freedom of expression and belief, community, human compassion, service, and peace are things that are of highest value and worth, things that we (Unitarian*Universalists aka U*Us) strive for." How then does she explain the following hate-filled rhetoric posted to her Isten Aldjon, Y'all blog recently?

OMG! Mean people DO suck. And I just heard from a whole bunch of really mean people. Republicans.


Back to Sarah Palin. I would like to like something about her, but I don't. She's very, very nasty and she will be loved for it, because she is charming (in a phony way) and attractive (in a creepy beauty-queen way). I was horrified by her politics but now I am repelled by her ugly soul.

Just asking. . .

Well I suppose that Rev. Cain does rather stridently strive for her own freedom of expression and belief as it were. I am not sure about how well she and other "like-minded" Unitarian*Universalist U*Us strive for community, human compassion, service, and peace though.


Robin Edgar

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rev. Jeff Liebermann Reviews Bill Maher's 'Religulous' Mockumentary*

U*U seminarian Jeff Liebermann aka Jeff Lieberman attends Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago and is serving as Student Minister at the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh through 2008. This self-described "religious atheist humanist dork" likes to review movies from time to time. A while back he did this wonderful review of my short U*U Tube video U*U COP. Today he has, not surprisingly, offered his review of Bill Maher's "mockumentary"* 'Religulous' on his 'uujeff's muse kennel and pizzatorium' blog. Interestingly enough, good chunks of Jeff Liebermann's review of Bill Maher's mockumentary* 'Religulous' apply quite nicely to U*U COP and my other U*U Tube videos with only minimal modification.

Here are some examples -

Robin Edgar's U*U Tube videos are not exactly what I expected but worth seeing. He makes no attempt to be comprehensive, cherry picking from among the wealth of anti-religious bigots in the U*U World as well as some more mainstream folk. The movies are often hilarious and just as often make U*Us wonder how our species has survived. He presents an even balance between examples of all too scary reality and the "are you kidding me?" moments.

Edgar asks most of the Theist 101 questions that believers consider when either rejecting the anti-religious bigotry of some "Humanist" U*Us, or attempting to understand anti-theist positions at all. Sometimes, he is just being Robin Edgar, a snarky comedian poking fun at the fringe and speaking out against real U*U hypocrisies and injustice. Other times, his questions strike at the heart of human need for what religion has to offer and how churches often pervert that desire to gain power and control.

Here is the comment that I submitted to the future Rev. Jeff Leibermann's "moderated" aka censored blog. I have corrected a couple of typos and may add some pertinent hyperlinks that were not in the comment as it was submitted -

"Sometimes, he is just being Bill Maher, a snarky comedian poking fun at the fringes and speaking out against perceived hypocrisies and injustice."

Did he poke fun at the *real* hypocrisies and injustices of the "tiny, declining, *fringe* religion" known as Unitarian*Universalism aka U*Uism Jeff?

Does this make me the Bill Maher of the U*U World?

"If you are a UU (which I assume from the chalice graphic), then no one should be ridiculing your belief in the Divine."

Tell that to the UUA's Ministerial Fellowship Committee who are on record as pretending that it is "within the appropriate guidelines of ministerial leadership" for an intolerant and abusive Atheist Supremacist "Humanist" U*U minister to mock and ridicule my monotheistic religious beliefs as being nothing but "silliness and fantasy", contemptuously dismiss the profound revelatory religious experience which informed these beliefs as "your psychotic experience" and angrily insist that I seek immediate psychiatric treatment, and to top it all off by falsely and maliciously labeling an inter-religious celebration of Creation that I had successfully organized as "your cult". . .

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Billie Holiday Sings 'Strange Fruit' For Presidents Bill And Mahmoud. . .

It occurs to me that the lyrics of 'Strange Fruit' (with only minor updating and modification) apply all too well to the public hangings that seem to be so de rigueur in President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Iran. With any luck seeing and hearing this video of Billie Holiday singing 'Strange Fruit' might cause UUA President Bill Sinkford, and all those happy smiling white U*Us who shared in the dubious privilege of participating in the UUA's latest misguided publicity stunt and Photo-Op, to wake up and smell the coffins. . .

Persian cranes bear strange fruit,
Blood on the streets and more blood en route?
Slack bodies swinging in the Persian breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the populist's "trees".

Political scene from the land of Mahmoud,
The bulging eyes and the hangman's hood,
Breath of Ayatollahs, sweet and fresh?
Then the sudden smell of rotting flesh.

Here is fruit for his crows to pluck,
For his reign to gather, for his wind to duck,
For the sun to rot, for his cranes to drop,
Here is a strange and bitter crop.

Uninspired Bad Faith, Defective Action: Sinkford, Ahmadinejad, and the Blogosphere

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Yet Another Unitarian*Universalist Photo-Op. . . Getting The Picture Yet Bill?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is my eight thousand plus word "essay" in response to the ever so "diplomatic" questions and concerns that UUA President Bill Sinkford expressed to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) meeting which took place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City on Woden's Day September 24th, 2008; one year to the day after this now eerily prophetic blog post titled Ahmadinejad Speaks To Unitarian Congregation was posted to the Team Tominthebox News Network® satirical blog. . .

"The reports we receive about the treatment of women and political dissidents in Iran raise questions and concerns for us."

"Is Iran moving towards allowing its citizens more freedom of choice and affiliation?"

I don't know Bill. Do you suppose these Iranian citizens had any freedom of choice regarding the color of the crane that they're so closely affiliated with?

Image courtesy of the Iranian Freedom blog.

"Is the government working towards equality for women in public life?"

Well this Iranian woman's public life seems pretty much equal to the public life of the Iranian man pictured below. Or would that be equality in public death Bill?

Both images courtesy of the Plateau Of Iran blog.

"Are protections being created for citizens who identify with different political parties, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations?"

Try guessing which "lifestyle" these two Iranian teenagers "identify with" Bill.

Better make that *identified* with. . .

Black and white image of the public hanging of Mahmoud Asqari and Ayad Marhouni courtesy of artist Paul Harfleet via The Pansy Project blog.

"Our governments and our cultures are very different."

Well the U.S. and Iranian governments look like Black-Eyed Peas in a pod from this perspective Bill. . .

"Given those basic differences, I would like to hear from you how the U.S. and Iran can best work together to find non-violent resolutions to our differences."

So what *did* you hear from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about how the U.S. and Iran can best work together to find non-violent resolutions to their differences Bill? I am all ears, but the UUA web page devoted to your most recent self-congratulatory PR stunt would seem to indicate that you didn't hear anything at all Bill. . .

I am Shahab hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore!*

The two above Iranian missile test launch images courtesy of The Guardian News Blog.

The two Iranian missile test launch images below, exposing the amateurish Photoshop digital image manipulation done by the dilettante propagandists at the media arm of Iran's Revolutionary Guards courtesy of the Wired blog and

*Well at least three or four. . .

This blog post is a work in progress that may be updated a bit later.

Just for the hell of it. . . Uninspired Bad Faith, Defective Action: Sinkford, Ahmadinejad, and the Blogosphere

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Rev. Victoria Weinstein Sticks To Her Eat-Your-Own-Words Diet. . .

Couldn't resist having a bit of hyperlink fun with this snippet from Rev. Victoria Weinstein's second Peacebang blog post expressing her indignant reaction to UUA President Bill Sinkford's recent meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -

We are not Standing On the Side of Photo Ops and Headlines, but standing on the side of those who have no voice, are imprisoned, harassed, mortally threatened and executed in a climate of intolerance and injustice.

end quote

Really Rev. Weinstein? Are you quite sure about that?

I would say that you and a good number of other U*Us I know, including UUA President Bill Sinkford, have been standing on the side of outrageously hypocritical bullshit for some time now. . .

Oh and, for the record Rev. Weinstein, you and plenty of other U*Us know perfectly well that the UUA, President Bill Sinkford, and plenty of other U*U clergy, including yourself. . . have been knowingly and willfully standing on the side of Photo-Ops and Headlines for some time now. In U*Uspeak it's sometimes called "civil disobedience". . .

Vanity of vanities. . .

N'est-ce pas Rev. Weinstein?

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Joel Monka And Yet Another Outbreak Of U*U Foot-In-Mouth Disease. . .

Over on Rev. Kit Ketchum's 'Ms. Kitty's Saloon and Road Show' blog, conservative pagan U*U Joel Monka has yet again managed to very firmly plant his U*U foot in his U*U mouth. . .

Here is the follow-up comment that I just submitted to Rev. Kit Ketchum's semi-officially closed 'Just Full Of Questions Today' blog post. Besides dealing with Joel Monka's U*U foot-in-mouth disease it poses one single semi-rhetorical question to Rev. Kit Ketchum which she may or may not deign to answer. I have corrected a typo or two and have added a few hyperlinks that were not in my original comment submitted to Rev. Ketchgum's "moderated" blog -

Joel Monka said - (For the record, I know nothing of Bill Sinkford except that Robin dislikes him.)

Amazing! Rev. William G. Sinkford has been President of the UUA for the better part of eight years now and "conservative" U*U Joel Monka claims to "know nothing" about President Sinkford other than the fact that I have reasonable grounds to be rather less than favorably impressed with him. Well Joel you still have a few months to engage in what U*Us might call a free and *responsible* search for the truth and meaning of President Bill Sinkford before he is replaced by either Rev. Laurel Hallman or Rev. Peter Morales. . . While you are at it you might want to engage in a free and *responsible* search for the truth and meaning behind them and their respective candidacies for UUA President.

BTW Rev. Ketchum I had intended to ask you one single question which was -

If IYHO "the greatest danger" that President Sinkford faced, in this situation, was "the displeasure of his fellow UUs", how does "what he did" rate as "incredibly courageous"?

In rereading this blog post I think that you have pretty much answered that question however. I don't consider it to be a very satisfactory "answer" but will allow it to stand unless you would prefer to elaborate on it some more.

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UUA President Bill Sinkford Gets Slapped Upside The Head On The U*U World Blog

It looks like UUA President Bill Sinkford has become somewhat enmeshed in the "interconnected web" of the internet as a result of his rather questionable participation in the Fellowship of Reconciliation meetings with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other prominent delegates from Iran. As previously noted, the response of U*U bloggers, including a couple of outspoken U*U clergy bloggers, was overwhelmingly critical if not outright condemnatory. The critical and even condemnatory response of U*U bloggers to President Bill Sinkford's poorly advised self-aggrandizing publicity stunt has been duly noted by UU World magazine editor Christopher Walton on the UU World blog today in a blog post titled 'Reactions to Sinkford's meeting with Iran's president'. U*U World editor Chris Walton writes, "UUA President William G. Sinkford's participation in a meeting of American peace activists with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, provoked angry reactions in the UU blogosphere." Then, after briefly noting that "The Rev. Kit Ketcham defended Sinkford's participation", he goes on to extensively quote the critical and condemnatory blog posts of Rev. Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang, Rev. Scott Wells, ChaliceChick, and Chicagoland Unitarian Bill Barr who got the ball of wax rolling with a blog post titled 'Ahmadinejad Honors Rev Sinkford' on his "Pfarrer Streccius" blog on the same day that the UUA published it's self-congratulatory aka "crowing"* propaganda on the UUA web site. Chris Walton even went so far as to refer to and quote a blog post titled "Simply talking does not make you a prophet; sometimes, it makes you a fool" from a self-described "estranged UU" named Benjamin on the 'Power Before Policy' blog. I can't for the life of me imagine why UU World editor Chris Walton did not see fit to pull a few quotes from The Emerson Avenger blog posts of this self-described "excommunicated Unitarian". . . Chris Walton concludes his U*U World blog post by mentioning Rev. Fred Hammond's post on his "A Unitarian Universalist Minister in the South" blog post titled 'The Fool as Prophetic Voice' which argues that "there is a place for the fool too as prophetic voice". Perhaps he meant to soften the blow a bit, but his final words about President Sinkford being something of a "fool" are open to some rather less flattering than interpretation. . .

More later. . .

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rev. Scott Wells Is Wondering Where All The Unitarians Are. . .

In a blog post titled 'The missing tradition' on his 'Boy In The Bands' blog U*U minister Rev. Scott Wells suggests that "the real missing tradition within Unitarian Universalism today is not Universalist Christianity, but “classic” Unitarian theism." According to Rev. Wells "I know it was around 25 years ago, when I started with “the Unitarians.”" Apparently the kind of Unitarianism that, "uses the Bible, knows Jesus (if not vitally or even immediately) as inspiration or friend and tries to cultivate a religion based on comprehension: in the sense of cultivating the best of current research, public participation and internationalist interests" is nowhere to be found in the U*U World if one is to believe Rev. Scott Wells. He claims that, "I’ve seen no vital signs in the UU press or blogosphere." And he asks, "Is it a victim of Postmodernism, or perhaps just of changing tastes?" Considering that Rev. Scott Wells makes reference to "gratuitous God bashing" in his blog post I am surprised that he does not consider the possibility that the "“classic” Unitarian theism" he refers to was not the victim of the "gratuitous God bashing" that so many "Humanist" U*Us quite regularly engage in in too many U*U "churches". . .

Here is the comment that I just attempted to leave on Rev. Scott Wells' censored 'Boy In The Bands' blog -

I expect that the classical Unitarians got tired of the gratuitous God-bashing that goes on in rather too many U*U "churches" and left Scott. God bashing and other forms of anti-religious intolerance and bigotry that you turned a contemptuous blind eye to when I protested against it at the Quebec City UUA GA in 2002. N'est-ce pas Scott? Be assured that you rank very highly on the list of outrageous U*U hypocrites I know.

end quote

More later. . .

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Silence Of The U*U Ministers About UUA President Bill Sinkford's "Historic Meeting" With Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

U*U minister Rev. Kit Ketchum is one of the few U*U ministers who has openly praised UUA President Bill Sinkford's participation in the Fellowship of Reconciliation's recent meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, she has even characterized Rev. Bill Sinkford's participation in this "historic meeting" as "incredibly courageous." Other U*U ministers like Rev. Scott Wells and Rev. Victoria Weinstein have been rather less than favorably impressed with President Sinkford's participation in this meeting with President Ahmadinejad and have said so in no uncertain terms on their respective Boy In The Bands and Peacebang blogs. Rev. Ketchum has now twice noted a complete lack of discussion about "this issue" on the UUA ministers' email list that only U*U ministers have access to. Here is the comment that I just submitted to her most recent iteration of that possibly quite revealing information -

I would interpret the general lack of conversation about UUA President Bill Sinkford's meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the ministers' email list and elsewhere as most likely being embarrassed silence, particularly in light of what has already been posted on some minister's blogs. Let's face it. There are very few U*U ministers lavishing praise on President Sinkford for his alleged "incredibly courageous" and "historic" PR stunt. You know the old saying, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." It applies very well to U*U ministers who pretty well have such a code of silence written into the UUMA Guidelines and Code of Professional Practice (PDF file). N'est-ce pas?

I have to say that it is certainly quite refreshing to see some U*U ministers disregarding this Omerta-like code of silence that strongly discourages U*U ministers from publicly criticizing the actions of their colleagues. Would that more U*U ministers would openly criticize questionable behaviour of their colleagues, to say nothing of the unquestionably unprofessional and unbecoming conduct of some U*U ministers.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

U*U Reflections On UUA President Bill Sinkford's Meeting With Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The blog of the Fellowship of Reconciliation has posted a follow-up article about the response to the FOR meetings with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other delegates from Iran titled 'More reflections on the Ahmadinejad meetings'. The blog post mentions an article about Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb's speech presented to President Ahmadinejad titled 'Speaking Up to Iran Leader -- Gingerly', that appears in the current issue of The Jewish Week.

When contrasted with the content of Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb's speech UUA President Bill Sinkford's participation in the Fellowship of Reconciliation meetings with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad comes across as more pathetic than prophetic and I said so in this comment that I just submitted to the Fellowship of Reconciliation blog titled 'UUA President Bill Sinkford - Diplomat Or Dilettante?' -

The response from Unitarian*Universalists aka U*Us to UUA President Bill Sinkford's participation in the FOR meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is overwhelmingly critical and negative, at least insofar as it is represented by U*U bloggers. Most U*U bloggers who blogged about President Sinkford's participation, and most U*U comments posted to those blog posts, expressed disappointment and even dismay at President Sinkford's role. Most U*U bloggers who wrote about it perceived President Sinkford's participation as a self-aggrandizing UUA PR stunt that did more harm than good. The content of the Unitarian Universalist Association's "press release" about President Bill Sinkford's participation that you link to tends to bear out this negative assessment.

Please allow me to provide the URLs of the various U*U related blog posts about this issue that I am aware of, so that your readers may make up their own minds about UUA President Bill Sinkford's questionable participation in this meeting and U*U response to it -

When contrasted with Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb's presentation as described in The Jewish Week article, UUA President Bill Sinkford's participation in the FOR dialogue with Iranian President Ahmadinejad comes across as more pathetic than prophetic, particularly when one sees how President Ahmadinejad completely ignored all but one of Rev. Bill Sinkford's soft-ball "questions and concerns" and responded to his question about the treatment of women in Iran in a condescending and dismissive manner.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Some Questions For Rev. Kit Ketchum Arising From Her Praise Of UUA President Bill Sinkford Meeting With Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

U*U minister Rev. Kit Ketchum apparently believes that it was "incredibly courageous" of UUA President Bill Sinkford aka Rev. William G. Sinkford to participate in a The Fellowship of Reconciliation meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and ask him a few comparatively "soft-ball" questions. U*Us can read all about it on her blog post titled Just Full Of Questions Today.

Here is the comment that I just submitted to Rev. Kit Ketchum's "moderated" aka censored Ms. Kitty's Saloon and Road Show blog. It will be interesting to see if she considers it to be "appropriate" and thus deserving of being posted so that others may read it. . .

"Sure, whatshisname probably lied through his teeth."

Strong words Rev. Ketchum.

What about President Bill Sinkford's highly questionable cheap shot aimed at President George W. Bush?

"I could not imagine the current U.S. president taking the time to honor questions about his actions the way Ahmadinejad did today."

Just how truthful is that brazen public statement uttered by President Bill Sinkford? Notice how I didn't say *whathisname* probably lied through his teeth? Doesn't President George W. Bush take the time to honor hard questions about his actions on almost a daily basis? The fact of the matter is that the current president of Iran totally evaded all but one of the questions that President Sinkford asked him and provided a flowery BS answer to the one question he deigned to answer. How does that in any way "honor" the questions that President Bill Sinkford asked Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pray tell?

"But world community is not going to come about if we refuse to talk with those we disagree with, if we are rude, if we are dismissive or call them liars and engage in open conflict with them."

U*Us, including U*U clergy and top level UUA officials like UUA President Bill Sinkford himself. . . do such things on an ongoing basis Rev. Ketchum. I dare say that he was just a tad rude to President Bush in this UUA article wasn't he? Indeed President Bill Sinkford, other top level UUA officials, and other U*U clergy behave in such ways towards victims of clergy misconduct and various other injustices and abuses committed by U*Us. N'est-ce pas?

"He stuck his neck out, trying to get to know and understand the other side. It might look foolish to some but I think it was worth trying."

It looks like hypocritical grandstanding and posturing to some. . . I find it quite interesting how UUA President Bill Sinkford and other UUA leaders studiously avoid trying to get to know and understand the proverbial "other side" when it comes to U*U clergy misconduct and other internal U*U injustices and abuses.

Update 11:00pm - Rev. Kit Ketchum saw fit to post my comment.
I have submitted this follow-up comment (some typos have been corrected in this version) in response to a comment made by U*U blogger MoxieLife aka Jacquline -

"I think talking is good, period. I think when we turn our back on a person/country we are doing a disservice - to ourselves and them."

I very much agree with you on those points Jacqueline, but what President Bill Sinkford did wasn't really "talking". More than anything else it appears to be posturing and grandstanding, particularly in light of his parting shot swipe at President Bush. . . It is remarkably disingenuous and quite ridiculous for UUA President Bill Sinkford to pretend that President George W. Bush is less forthcoming and forthright in answering questions about his actions than President Ahmadinejad, especially in light of the glaringly obvious fact that President Ahmadinejad *totally ignored* aka deftly sidestepped all but one of President Sinkford's questions. The only question that Ahmadinejad deigned to respond to was about the status of women in Iran, and he did so in an evasive manner that failed to address aka *honor* President Sinkford's "questions and concerns".

This is just President Sinkford and the UUA pretending to be players on the world stage when they can't even responsibly deal with serious problems within the U*U World, some of which he seems to be largely responsible for creating. . . The fact of the matter is that President Bill Sinkford, other UUA administrators, and other U*U clergy obstinately refuse to engage in dialogue with people who have legitimate questions and concerns to share about serious problems within the U*U religious community. When President Sinkford and these other U*Us in positions of responsibility turn their back on people who seek dialogue with them towards resolving conflicts and other serious problems in manners that *honor and uphold* U*U principles they are indeed doing a disservice to those disaffected people, themselves as "religious professionals", and the greater U*U religious community which suffers from their failure and refusal to walk what they talk.

President Bill Sinkford can do virtually nothing to influence life in Iran by posing soft-ball questions to President Ahmadinejad, especially when they are left unanswered in any satisfactory way. Do U*Us really think that President Ahmadinejad isn't already keenly aware of the "questions and concerns" that President Sinkford raised in that meeting? If President Sinkford got off his high horse and devoted as much time and energy to responsibly dealing with internal U*U injustices and abuses and other problems that have needed to be dealt with for years now the U*U World would be a lot better off than it currently is.

Update 02.10.2008 3:30pm - In a follow up comment Rev. Kit Ketchum has indirectly compared UUA President Bill Sinkford's meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with Jane Fonda's visit to Vietnam during the Vietnam War*. Here is the waggish comment that I just submitted in response to that unfortunate comparison -

Maybe President Sinkford can get the UUA to send him on a "fact finding mission" to Iran, get himself photographed at the controls of a Shahab-3 missile launcher, and then we can all start calling him Tehran Bill. ;-)

* Personally I think that UUA President Bill Sinkford's recent meeting with President Ahmadinejad is more comparable to Neville Chamberlain's (in)famous "peace in our time" meeting with U*Us know who. . .

No Neville Chamberlain never had a meeting with The Emerson Avenger. ;-)

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