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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gratitude Shmatitude A Thanksgiving Message For UUA President Peter Morales Courtesy Of The Emerson Avenger

This TEA blog post *could* be alternatively titled -

The Emerson Avenger's Karma Runs Over Rev. Peter Morales' Dogma

UUA President Peter Morales has delivered a Thanksgiving holiday message on his ironically títled 'Beyond Belief' blog *entitled* 'Oh Gratitude'. Here is the comment that I just submitted in response to Rev. Peter Morales' questionable Thanksgiving holiday message -

:Gratitude does not mean blinding ourselves to what is wrong in our world, nor does gratitude mean we do not strive to heal what is broken. Quite the opposite is true. Gratitude for all that is good in our lives leads us to compassion and generosity of spirit.

I do not see you doing much at all, let alone "striving", to heal past victims of UU clergy misconduct by providing the long overdue "restorative justice" that the UUA insincerely "preaches" but obstinately refuses to actually practice Peter. I see very little evidence of genuine compassion and generosity of spirit in you personally either. . . I informed you of serious problems with the MFC Rules and other UUA policies and procedures for dealing with clergy misconduct over a year and a half ago during the April 2010 UUA Board of Trustees meeting but, not only have you failed to correct these serious problems that are out of alignment with UU principles and ideals, you have given me the proverbial corpse-cold Unitarian shoulder from Day One.

What was it that you said when I asked you to ensure that my clergy misconduct complaints against Rev. Ray Drennan and Rev. Victoria Weinstein were responsibly reopened and reexamined?

You bluntly responded -

"We are not going to reopen something that happened years and years and years ago."

Just oozing with "compassion and generosity of spirit" eh Peter?

And how did you respond to my unbecoming conduct complaint against Rev. Cynthia P. Cain for the anti-Republican intolerance and bigotry that she expressed here -

You totally ignored it. You did not even responsibly acknowledge receipt of the emails that I sent you. . .

Bravo Peter!

One of the most destructive things that your UU clergy culture does is to irresponsibly teach UU clergy that they can get away with all kinds of "murder" including, but by no means limited to, intolerant and abusive character assassination. Abjectly failing, and even obstinately refusing, to do anything to correct this shameful culture of negligence towards and complicity in UU clergy misconduct of ALL kinds destroys U*U souls and your so-called UU World. . . In fact the Nashville Unitarian Universalist church seem to believe that the UUA's shameful legacy of negligent and complicit responses to clergy sexual misconduct complaints is a significant contributing factor to Unitarian Universalism being the "tiny, declining, fringe religion" of our time. . .

Read 'em and weep for your "tiny, declining, fringe religion" which is unlikely to ever become "the religion for our time" in light of the way that you and too many other UUA leaders are not only miserably failing to practice what you preach, but outright refusing to do so. . .

"We can be proud of our congregation -- time and again willing to break the silence surrounding clergy sexual misconduct. While we have less power than the UUA and it’s difficult to move the process along, we also see that many UU congregations suffer from a history similar to ours. And we see that at a time when logically UUism should flourish, in fact our numbers are falling. Although there are other factors, we doubt this is a coincidence."

end quote

I hereby demand that you act immediately to "move the process along" so that by June 2012 there can be and will be a very significant component of restorative justice for ALL victims of ALL forms of UU clergy misconduct (i.e. not just clergy sexual misconduct alone) as part of the UUA's "Justice GA" in Phoenix Arizona. Maybe then I will actually have some reason to be thankful to you because I and other people who have been victimized not only by abusive UU clergy, but by the UUA's egregious institutional stonewalling and denial etc., don't have much to be thankful for right now Peter.. . .


Robin Edgar

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