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Monday, June 04, 2007

Montreal Unitarian U*Us Play Dirty With The Emerson Avenger. . .

Two non-U*U Montreal pedestrians
stop to read the writing on the sidewalk.

This post may evolve a bit over the next day or so before being finalized. More photos to follow.

Well tonight was the Annual General Meeting of the Unitarian Church of Montreal and one of the items that was supposed to be on the agenda was a motion seeking congregational approval for taking more or less unspecified "legal action" against U*Us know who. . . I made a point of being present and engaging in my "alternative spiritual practice" aka "hobby" of publicly protesting against various U*U injustices, abuses, and hypocrisy outside the UCM prior to the AGM which began at 7pm. I did not bother to bring any chalk with me because it had rained and, like a goodly number of the U*Us I know, the sidewalks were all wet. . .

When I emerged from Vendome METRO station near the Unitarian Church of Montreal I was somewhat surprised to find that the streets and sidewalks in the neighborhood were quite dry. I made a quick detour to a nearby Pharmaprix and bought yet another $2.99 bucket of large coloured chalk sticks in order to be able to lay down some protest slogans on the sidewalk in front of the alleged Unitarian Church of Montreal. I placed my picket signs against the usual conveniently situated sign posts, lamp posts, and rubbish bins in front of this self-professed Unitarian "Church" and began to chalk slogans on the sidewalk. My quite prophetic picket signs slogans and sidewalk chalk slogans were most appropriate to the current situation, to say nothing of the past. . .










and last, but by no means least. . .


Needless to say it took a bit of time to put the writing on the sidewalk as it were and I did little beyond writing chalk slogans on the sidewalk. I was about to write what was likely to be the last chalk slogan of the night before leaving -


when an Montreal police cruiser from Station 11 pulled up in front of me, facing oncoming traffic in a bus stop zone, and squawked its siren. I got as far as U*Us REFUSE and then got up and began the usual chat with the police officers in the car. As is often the case they were officers that I had not dealt with before, at least I had no recollection of dealing with them recently. The police officers said that they had received a complaint that I was scaring people and I truthfully told them that I had done virtually nothing other than write the chalk slogans on the sidewalk and had had minimal verbal communication with anyone while doing so.

The two officers got out of the patrol car and surveyed the "damage" that the Unitarian Church of Montreal aka The "Church" Of The Tarnished Image is trying so desperately hard to control. . . They asked me about the chalk slogans and I explained that they were protesting against U*U injustices, abuses and hypocrisy. I pointed out that the chalk slogans protesting against Montreal Unitarian U*Us criminalizing dissent were attested to by their very presence at the scene of the alleged "crime". . . The police officers asked me what the U*U was and and I said that it was the official "corporate identity" of the religious community in question, and that the two Us stood for Unitarian and Universalist. I did not bother to explain to them what CUC Executive Director Mary Bennett's all-inclusive asterisk symbol represented. . .

A second police car showed up and the officers consulted together for a while. After taking my ID the two officers got back in their patrol car to consult their onboard computer and booklet of municipal bylaws etc. At a certain point the gentleman in the blue suit and light grey slacks seen in the extreme right of the photo above approached the police car and began talking to the officers. It was clear that he was doing his darndest to get them to do something and he spoke to them at some length. It was also clear that he was accusing me of scaring people and he seemed to even be accusing me of physically violent behaviour which is patently ridiculous because I have never done anything of a physically violent nature in the whole nine years that I have been protesting. Even when I was physically assaulted by U*Us and a self-professed "rabbi" in the past I never retaliated with physical violence and simply warned them that they risked being charged with assault. As reported elsewhere on the interconnected web of the internet, I did charge that fool of a Queen's Counsel lawyer Kenneth Howard QC with the theft of my picket signs and technical assault on me during the commission of his petty theft and "my favorite petty criminal", who had quite delusionally believed himself to be above the law due to his status as a Queen's Counsel lawyer was duly subjected to non-judicial treatment for the criminal acts that he committed. It is most ironic that, in spite of repeated attempts by deeply misguided and outrageously hypocritical U*Us to criminalize me, the only people who have been found to have committed criminal acts during this conflict are U*Us. . .

At one point this Anonymous U*U (could it be. . . *the* Anonymous U*U?) repeatedly jabbed his right finger at his temple area so he was most likely telling the two police officers what a "crazy" "psychotic" "nutcase" I am. In my previous conversations with the police officers regarding the U*U claims that I am intimidating people I told the officers that, as far as I am concerned, such allegations are false declarations to the police by U*Us desperately seeking to have the Montreal police force an end to my ongoing peaceful public protest. I told the police officers to try to get sworn written depositions from those Montreal Unitarian U*Us who are making such false allegations about me knowing that, if the police ever did so, my shadowy U*U accusers would probably have to shut up because they have nothing of substance to put up. . .

Interestingly enough the aging Anonymous U*U who spoke to the police officers is not someone that I recognize as being a member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal. In fact I do not recall ever having seen this U*U before. To be honest I do not know with any certainty if he is a bona fide Montreal U*U. Maybe he is just another fool of a Queen's Counsel lawyer that Montreal Unitarians somehow persuaded to come to their emotional rescue or something. While he was busily telling the two police officers what a dangerously insane, intimidating, and violent fellow I am I could not restrain myself from calmly commenting to him, within earshot of the police, that he and other "like-minded" U*Us are just being paranoid.

After this Unidentified Lying Objector left, the police officers remained in the car poring over their computer and municipal bylaws etc. I wanted to ask them about what I could do about Montreal Unitarian U*Us making false declarations to the police in their desperate, deeply misguided, and so far. . . utterly futile efforts to criminalize my peaceful public protest in front of their alleged Unitarian "Church." I asked the police officer sitting in the driver's seat nearest to the curb if I could ask him a question. He tersely responded that they would talk to me in "two minutes". Sure enough, several minutes later, he got out of the patrol car and handed me an $85 ticket for "dirtying the sidewalk". . .

I firmly but politely (dareI say civilly?) made it clear to the police officer that I considered that the ticket that he chose to issue was a misuse of a municipal bylaw that infringed on my constitutionally guaranteed right to peaceful public protest and that I would definitely be contesting the ticket in court. He said that it was also against the law to take photos of people without their permission and I asked him if he wanted to give me a ticket for that too. . . He then demanded that collect my picket signs and leave the area, intimitating that I was guilty of disturbing the peace. I pointed out to him that all the Montreal U*Us were in their so-called "church" attending their annual general meeting and that thus there were no U*Us around to disturb. Since I had intended to leave earlier anyway I decided that there was not much point in asserting my right to remain unsilent by insisting on staying and protesting a bit longer so told him that I would comply with his unwarranted demand for tonight. I told him that I would see him later in court.

As I was leaving the scene of the crime, walking back towards the Vendome METRO station, the police car suddenly shot off to the west on de Maisonneuve boulevard with its lights flashing and siren squawking. It seemed to be heading to some genuine emergency situation. I could not help but wonder if the U*U proclivity towards police harassment had prevented these police officers from dealing with some real criminals, or with some kind of serious emergency. . .

A few more words and pictures tomorrow.

It looks like this Anonymous U*U has his head up a police car. . .

Why does this photo remind me so much of the classic image

of an ostrich with its head buried in the sand?


Blogger Robin Edgar said...

For the record this ticket is being contested. I have informed the court of my intention to contest the ticket and my reasons for contesting it.

Thursday, July 05, 2007 2:38:00 pm  

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