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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ensemble Pour Mieux Servir Montreal Police Officers Search For Yet Another U*U Picket Sign Thief. . .

That's right U*Us.

*Somebody* decided to make off with yet another picket sign while I was protesting in front of the Unitarian Church of Montreal this morning. The thief appeared to be youngish, I would guess in his early to mid twenties although he could have been a bit younger or even in his early thirties, and seemed to have a shaved head with a kind of short mohawk. He ran off at a fair clip so I did not even bother trying to chase him since he had a head start of about a hundred feet or so and the picket sign can be replaced for under $10.00. I do not know if this petty thief was a member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal or not but he was definitely an U*U as in an ass. . .

The members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal who witnessed the theft of my picket sign, including Laura Greggain the wife of John Pike who had previously been photographing and/or videoing my protest, claimed not to know the thief. Most ironically the slogan on one side of the sign was -


One of my "classic" picket sign slogans that is quite popular with the public.

Who knows?

Maybe the thief liked that picket sign slogan so much he decided that he just *had* to have it as a souvenir.

Thankfully my other "classic" picket sign slogans that say -




were firmly grasped in my right hand.

The thief made off with one of my free standing picket signs that had been leaning up against a tree trunk facing east.

Most serendipitously a Montreal police car showed up within less than a minute of the theft, indeed it seemed more like thirty seconds or so following it, no doubt responding to an earlier call made by disgruntled Montreal Unitarians seeking to somehow get rid of me. Chances are pretty good that it was Laura Greggain who had called the police since she had been videoing and/or photographing my picket signs and seemed to be waiting for the police to show up. Laura seemed to be particularly displeased with my brand-spanking new picket sign slogan that says -


I flagged the police car down as it approached from the west and it pulled up to the curb right in front of me facing westbound traffic on de Maisonneuve Boulevard near the corner of Bulmer at the western extremity of the grounds of the Unitarian Church of Montreal. I reported the theft of my picket sign to the police officer driving the car and, making it clear to him that the theft had only just taken place, I told him that the thief had run eastwards on de Maisonneuve Boulevard and then turned left on Claremont and run up Claremont Street. I gave a minimal description of the thief, stating that he had a shaved head and mohawk, and asked the police officers if they could try to catch him. With virtually no hesitation the police car left the "scene of the crime" to try to find the rather petty picket sign thief.

As the police car drove off to try to catch the thief I walked eastwards back towards the entrance of the Unitarian Church of Montreal where Laura Greggain asked me where the police went. I informed her that they had gone to try to catch the thief and took the opportunity to point out that stealing picket signs is a real crime whereas my peaceful public protest against U*U injustices, abuses, and hypocrisy, including Big Fat U*U Sodomy Fantasies. . . is not a crime. Laura Greggain seemed a bit put out that her knights in shining patrol cars had driven off leaving this U*U Damsel in her distress. David Rollert, the husband of Rev. Diane Rollert, snarked -

"Even the neighbors are sick of you."

I responded by pointing out to David that the picket sign thief *could* be a member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal and that members of this alleged Unitarian Church of Montreal had stolen my pickets signs in the past.

When the police car did not return after several minutes I decided to go look for it since I thought that the delay in returning might be because they had caught the thief and were processing him in the car. I walked east on de Maisonneuve Boulevard and turned left up Claremont in the hope of finding the police car with the thief inside it. As I got to the corner of Sherbrooke and Claremont the police car pulled up to a red light to my right at the corner of Claremont and Sherbrooke. I asked the police officer driving the car if they had caught the thief . He responded that they had not caught him and were still looking for him. I asked the officer if he wanted to talk with me and he responded that he did not want to talk with me, and that was pretty much that. Since it was such a nice day, and since I had actually considered ending my protest somewhat earlier than usual, even before the theft occurred, I decided to pretty much call it a day. I passed the church on the way back to Vendome Metro station to see if the police were there but there was no sign of them so I headed home.

I will follow up on the theft of my picket sign later, especially since this rather petty thief *could* well be a "vigilante" member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, but if the police did not already catch the thief I will probably let this one go. . . Unlike Montreal Unitarians I try not to repeatedly waste the time of Montreal police officers.

I should ad that I had several quite interesting conversations with Montreal Unitarians and non-Unitarian pedestrians prior to and following the theft of my picket sign. In fact the theft interrupted a conversation that I was in the middle of. I may blog about those conversations in a separate blog post later.

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