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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Walter Mixa Roman Catholic Bishop Of Augsburg Germany And Rev. Victoria Weinstein Of First Parish Norwell In Massachusetts - What's The *Connection*?

Walter Mixa, 69, was the bishop of Augsburg in southern Germany and of the German military. He tendered his resignation from both posts on the 21st of April 2010 after admitting to hitting children some 20 years ago. Pope Benedict XVI formally accepted Bishop Mixa's offer of resignation this week.

Rev. Victoria Weinstein, the self-described "small town pastor serving an historic New England Unitarian Universalist congregation" known as First Parish Norwell in Massachusetts, happily bragged about abusively kicking a U*U child in the U*U *hard* in both cheeks on the 'But They're SUCH Good Kids' post of her pseudonymous Peacebang blog. The last time I checked, Rev. Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang has yet to tender her resignation as a U*U minister. . .

Herewith a Big Fat U*U Reminder of Reverend *Doctored* Victoria Weinstein's exact words -

I told the cop I would call Clark's mom and thank you. I put a kindly pastoral hand on Clark's shoulder. As soon as the cop was out of sight I gave Clark the side of my boot in the tushie, hard.

"THAT's for stealing," quoth I.

And then I booted him again.

"And THAT's for stealing CIGARETTES."

We talked for awhile (including about my own shoplifting days, and how awful it is to get caught, and how stupid and jackassed it is to do it at all, and how I would make him eat a pint of dirt if I ever found out he'd been smoking) and then I phoned his mother.

"I kept him here so you can kill him," I said.

end quote

Why is it that "less than perfect" Roman Catholic bishops tender their resignation for physically hitting children about 20 years ago, but "less than excellent" U*U minister Rev. Victoria Weinstein gets to unashamedly brag about her presumably much more recent physical assault on a U*U youth by twice kicking him *hard* in his sorry U*U ass on her Peacebang blog without Unitarian*Universalist U*Us so much as raising their eyebrows about it?

Do tell U*Us. . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You hyberolize wayyy too much.
It's boring. Whine, whine is all I can see.

Saturday, May 08, 2010 11:14:00 pm  
Blogger Robin Edgar said...

There is virtually no hyperbole here Anonymouse. What I am doing is drawing a direct comparison between how the Roman Catholic Church dealt with physical abuse of minors in the case of bishop Walter Mixa's alleged slapping of children and how Unitarian*Universalists (mis)handle similar, or possibly even worse. . . physical abuse in the form of gratuitous corporal punishent meted out by an abusive female U*U minister.

Sunday, May 09, 2010 8:25:00 am  
Blogger Robin Edgar said...

BTW Anonymouse.

Do you teach at Andover Newton Theological School or are you just yet another Unitarian*Universalist seminarian?

Either way you are a Big Fat U*U Idiot. . .

Sunday, May 09, 2010 9:24:00 am  
Blogger Robin Edgar said...

Oh and thanks so*o*o*o much for inspiring *this* Internet Anonymity Guessing Game blog post Anonymous(e) U*U from Newton Center, to say nothing of *this* one. . .


Well done! :-)

I dare say that you went ahead and made my day today. . .

Sunday, May 09, 2010 11:23:00 am  

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