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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Values Voters Summit And Unitarian Universalist "Foot-In-Mouth Disease" - What's The Connection?

Can U*Us say UUA President Rev. Peter Morales?

Yes, it looks like President Morales went and put his foot in it in yet another Unitarian Universalist Op/Ed piece in The Huffington Post entitled -

The Real Values Voters Summit

Without further ado here is the initial comment that I submitted in response to Rev. Peter Morales' words which exposes his hypocritical "Foot In Mouth Disease" -

"These people attempt to portray themselves as representing values of religious people. The reality is that the opposite is true. Most religious people do not share the values of the extreme right."

So what about the extreme left Peter? How many religious people share the values of what The Oregonian described as "The Church Of The Far Left" when it reported on the 2007 UUA GA in Portland Oregon?

"We -- Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs (and others, too) -- share a core set of religious beliefs and values that should guide our votes in this election and in every election."

As I recall Peter, in your 'A Religion For Our Time' sermon which did double duty as your "stump speech" announcing your candidacy for president of the UUA you quite dogmatically asserted that Judaism, Christianity, Islam and any number of other "old religions" were "obsolete religions created for another time" that "contribute to the darkness" of "hatred, injustice, prejudice, ignorance" and "lead to tribalism, violence, suspicion, hatred, and oppression". . .


So what exactly have you done as President of the UUA work to ensure that *everyone*, including each and *every* victim of UU clergy misconduct. . . is treated with respect and dignity? What are you doing to seek peace among ALL people? Not a whole lot as far as I can see and I can see plenty. . .

Here is the obligatory screenshot of my comment as it was actually posted to The Huffington Post -

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