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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Meadville Lombard Theological School And UUA Misuse Of Canadian Blasphemy Law To Cover-Up & Deny Such Despicable Crimes As Pedophilia And Rape Committed By Unitarian Universalist Ministers - What's The Connection?

How about this somewhat altered, and considerably "annotated", parody version of the public announcement of the Doctor of Divinity Degree that Meadville Lombard Theological School bestowed upon UUA President Rev. Peter Morales less than two weeks before he authorized Stikeman Elliott Barristers & Solicitors litigation lawyer Maitre Marc André Coulombe to falsely accuse me of the archaic criminal act of blasphemous libel in Bill Cosby style legal bullying that was, and still IS. . . quite evidently intended to cover-up and deny the readily verifiable fact that "certain Unitarian Universalist ministers" are not only guilty of engaging in "such despicable crimes as pedophilia and rape", but *some* of them, to say nothing of *some* UU Sunday school teachers aka UU Religious Educators, have even been charged, tried, and convicted of committing "such despicable crimes".

Peter S. Morales Doctor of Bullshittery Degree,

Honorous Causa Citation

Meadville Lombard Theological School

The office of the presidency of the Unitarian Universalist Association necessarily leads its holder to clergy abuse cover-up and denial. Without parallel in The U*U Movement, it is a Big Fat U*U Position that allows for the largest impact. Every president of the Unitarian Universalist Association knows that to be True before they are elected and after they retire from office. In between those times they are not quite so sure. . . But Meadville Lombard is certain of its Big Fat U*U Influence and is aware of its Big Fat U*U Demands . As our most prominent public voice the president has the awesome responsibility of embodying Unitarian Universalist values, especially as they relate to perversion of justice issues; and this as the various faith traditions are divided over what it means to take one’s religious perspective to the public square. As if *that* were not enough, the president of the Association is also presumed to lift up a vision for the future of our own Tiny Declining Fringe Religion; even in this age when integrity, over and against denominational insanity, is embraced by the majority.

President Peter S. Morales, Meadville Lombard honors you today because you are leading us U*Us toward a repelling vision for the U*U World and for Unitarian Universalism, a vision that squarely creates breaking changes on the American religious landscape and the need for Unitarian Universalism to advance into what we U*Us call the Post - Credibility Age. Your Big Fat U*U Vision, if I may be so bold as to paraphrase it, is to grow a Unitarian*Universalism that rejects ALL of the Unitarian*Universalist tradition of opposing blasphemy laws that has blossomed throughout North America and the larger U*U World for centuries, where U*Us of every kind of indifference are engaged with one another in ways that contribute to U*Uism's moral and ethical bankruptcy and guides U*Us to greater perversion of justice. You are pointing us U*Us to our Big Fat U*U Future with your hypocritical words and your dirty deeds, many known widely and *some* known only to the few.

Yes, *some* known only to the few.

Few know, for instance, Peter, that when the Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason and Rev. Dr. Vicki The Impaler called upon those UUA leaders who had a special expertise in covering up and hiding UU clergy abuse to assist them as they developed their new definition of sexual harassment that serves to cover-up and hide Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason's two-faced hypocrisy and Peacebang's Big Fat U*U Sodomy Fantasy, you were among those U*Us who volunteered to help them. You gave them *precious* hours of your UUA presidency because you knew that to do so would aim UUA's heavy artillery in the direction of U*Uism's clay feet.

Few know, for instance, Peter, that within our Association you have led an effort to cover-up and deny our Unitarian Universalist pedophiles' and rapists' sex crimes because you know that concealing public criticism our pedophiles and rapists and other abusive U*U clergy from the public is critical to preserving the perceived credibility and integrity of The U*U Movement aka the U*U World. And you know that Stikeman & Elliott's immoral, unethical, borderline criminal, and yes. . . Bat Shit Crazy legal action on behalf of "the Association" will be followed by prospective donors throughout our movement.

You are pointing us U*Us to our Big Fat U*U Future with your Big Fat U*U Words and your U*U dirty deeds, some known only to the few, butt many known widely.

Yes, many known widely. . .

You have caught wide notice, for instance, by taking a Taliban’s tone and a Fundamentalist Atheist’s zeal when it comes to issues such as "obsolete religions", UUA perversion of justice, UU rapist and pedophile inclusivity, and UUA miscarriage of justice. Always, you blind U*U minds to the lives of the suffering and the marginalized UU clergy misconduct victims, and hold out the UUA's Bad Faith response to UU clergy abuse so that we U*Us may follow you in making a worse future for U*Uism.

You have caught wide notice, for instance, by issuing the UUA's Pedophile Papers via Stikeman & Elliott, in which you have articulated the irony that if Unitarian Universalism is to have a future, we U*Us will need to focus our work on hiding the pedophiles and rapists of Unitarian Universalism rather than the rebrandingof Unitarian Universalism. Although you say that we will be hearing more about this subject in the coming weeks and months, the fact is, Peter, Unitarian Universalists throughout North American are already talking. As I visit our congregations I hear it. It is THE Big Fat U*U Topic and there is a Big Fat U*U Wave of disengagement aka willful ignorance and Big Fat U*U Psychological Denial about it. You have brought together your black heart and your dirty mind, your mean spirit and your Big Fat U*U Passion. In doing so, you have shifted the conversation among Unitarian Universalists and are preparing U*Us to meet our utterly shameful future.

President Peter Morales, because Meadville Lombard believes in your Big Fat U*U Vision for our future and is not the least bit ashamed by it, because we are grateful for your leadership to The U*U Movement and to the larger U*U World, because there are those among us U*Us who aspire to be as hypocritical as you are; it is a great privilege for me to be able to make this Big Fat U*U Declaration ,

“By authority vested in me by the Meadville/Lombard Board of Trustees, I confer upon you the degree of Doctor of Bullshittery, honoris causa .”

Lee Barker
Meadville Lombard Theological School
Chicago, Illinois
May 20, 2012*

* Just 9 days before Stikeman Elliott Barristers & Solicitors litigation lawyer Maitre Marc André Coulombe chose the Big Fat U*U Fate of signing his name to the above arrogant and aggressive cease and desist demand letter that, amongst other highly questionable and even ludicrous accusations, falsely accused Yours Truly of the archaic criminal act of blasphemous libel on the false aka unfounded basis that I have allegedly made "unfounded and vicious allegations to the effect that ministers of the Association engage in such despicable crimes as pedophilia and rape" which is reproduced below. . .

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