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Friday, August 04, 2017

Eric Alan Isaacson And Unitarian Universalist Clergy Sex Abuse Cover-Up And Denial - What's The Connection?

Can U*Us say resigned UUA Board Trustee Susan Weaver who, in her capacity as *Vice* Moderator of the Unitarian Universalist Association, was also the chair of the UUA's Congregational Boundaries Working Group, is the wife of La Jolla California lawyer Eric Alan Isaacson? To say nothing of the fact that Eric Alan Isaacson may well be a knowing and willful participant in Unitarian Universalist cover-up and denial* of clergy sex abuse himself in that it seems quite probable that he has deleted aka "memory holed" the comments that I posted in response to this Eric Alan Isaacson Facebook post earlier today. . . I can't tell exactly what "Eric The Red-Faced" has done about the comments that I posted to his personal Facebook page, because he has made it impossible for me to view his Facebook account.

Here is the typo corrected full text of the first comment that I posted, "annotated" with hyperlinks to pertinent web pages:

Robin Edgar Eric Alan Isaacson So your wife, former UUA Board *Vice* Moderator Susan Weaver, did not inform you that at least 400 out of 1000+ UUA congregations have been affected by clergy sexual misconduct of one kind or another? That is almost 40% of all UUA congregations, and it is the minimum number of UUA congregations that are affected by clergy sexual misconduct, the number could be significantly higher. Some people "in the know" about UU clergy misconduct matters estimate that as much as 60% of UUA congregations have affected by one form of clergy sexual misconduct or another since the merger in 1961.

I am curious as to why Susan resigned as UUA *Vice* Moderator. Did she come to realize that she was something of a patsy, if not a knowing and willful participant, in ongoing UUA cover-up and denial of UU clergy sexual misconduct of the worst kinds, such as pedophilia and rape? I don't recall ever hearing Susan speak out against the brazen bald faced lies that recently deceased UUA Moderator Jim Key told to U*Us in the stunningly disingenuous, and thus utterly worthless, "UUA Board apology" to victims and survivors of U*U clergy sexual misconduct that he inappropriately inserted into the middle of his first Moderator's Report to a UUA General Assembly in June of 2014.

Nor did I ever hear Susan speak out against the UUA's immoral, UNethical, borderline criminal, and quite frankly insane attempted misuse of Canada's blasphemy law in clergy sex abuse cover-up legal bullying that sought to conceal "such despicable crimes as pedophilia and rape" committed by "certain Unitarian Universalist ministers". It was part of Susan's job as a UUA Board Trustee, to say nothing of UUA *Vice* Moderator. . . to ensure that former UUA President Rev. Dr. Peter Morales, and other implicated UUA leaders such as former UUA Executive *Vice* President Kathleen "Kay" Montgomery, faced accountability for the UUA's shameful betrayal of the centuries old tradition of opposing blasphemy laws that Unitarians and Universalists held to right up to Friday June 1st of 2012 when the Rev. Dr. Peter Morales led UUA ended that tradition by arranging for the UUA's Canadian attorney to falsely accuse me of violating Canada's blasphemy law in legal bullying intended to intimidate me into "memory holing" The Emerson Avenger blog posts that tell the readily verifiable Truth about "such despicable crimes as pedophilia and rape" committed by "certain Unitarian Universalist ministers". I am not aware of Susan Weaver, or any other UUA Board Trustee. . . doing anything to ensure that the UUA formally withdraws its false blasphemous libel accusation against me, publicly apologizes for it, and publicly discloses the Truth about just how many UUA ministers, to say nothing of UUA Religious Educators, have actually engaged in what Stikeman Elliott Barristers & Solicitors litigation lawyer Maitre Marc-André Coulombe quite aptly describes as "such despicable crimes as pedophilia and rape".



So please do ask Susan exactly why she did resign as *Vice* Moderator of the UUA on February 23, 2016, I am not convinced that "Susan’s resignation was for personal and family reasons" alone, if at all. . . and please also ask Susan just what she knows about the UUA clergy sex abuse "issues" that I have raised in this comment. Feel free to also practice UUism's Fourth Principle by engaging in free and responsible Google searches for the Truth and meaning of what I have stated here. And finally, please refrain from deleting aka "memory holing" this critical and controversial (yet very Truthful) comment, since engaging in such censorship and suppression of the readily verifiable Truth about U*U clergy abuse matters will make you complicit with, and even a knowing and willful participant in. . . ongoing Unitarian Universalist cover-up and denial of "such despicable crimes as pedophilia and rape" committed by "certain Unitarian Universalist ministers", to say nothing of various other U*U clergy abuse matters.

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