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In 1992 I underwent a profound revelatory experience of God which revealed that the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" is a "Sign in the Heavens" that symbolizes God's divine omniscience. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan of the Unitarian Church of Montreal contemptuously dismissed as my "psychotic experience" here: - This revelatory religious experience inspired me to propose an inter-religious celebration of Creation that would take place whenever a total solar eclipse took place over our planet. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan and other leading members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal falsely and maliciously labeled as a "cult" here: - I am now an excommunicated Unitarian whose "alternative spiritual practice" includes publicly exposing and denouncing Unitarian*Universalist injustices, abuses, and hypocrisy. The Emerson Avenger blog will serve that purpose for me and hopefully others will share their concerns here. Dee Miller's term DIM Thinking is used frequently and appropriately on this blog. You may read more about what DIM Thinking is here -

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Unitarian Universalist Self-Forgiveness Sucks

Just saying. . .

In these comments that I just submitted in response to Unitarian Universalist David G. Markham's brand spanking new 'UU A Way Of Life' blog post entitled 'The mission of Unitarian Universalism is to teach forgiveness':

"the most important step in this direction is to forgive our own trespasses"

Seriously? I thought that's what psychopaths and sociopaths do. . .

Stunningly hypocritical, and shamefully conscienceless, habitually "forgive" their own trespasses while remaining extremely judgmental of "others".

If Unitarian Universalists want forgiveness for their own trespasses they need to seek forgiveness from the people who their own trespasses have caused harm to. Forgiving one's own trespasses aka "self-forgiveness", that avoids accountability and redress for one's trespasses, borders on psychopathy and sociopathy.

In December of 2014 I offered conditional forgiveness to Montreal Unitarian U*U Sue Montgomery for falsely accusing me of libeling her when in fact I was, and still am. . . telling the readily verifiable Truth about her complicity in, and even knowing and willful participation in, Unitarian Universalist perversion of justice, indeed misuse and abuse of Canada's criminal justice system, towards the end of concealing UUA clergy sex abuse from the public.


Sue Montgomery ignored, and thus rejected, that offer of forgiveness if she acknowledged her "sins" and repented, so she remains unforgiven. I have repeatedly offered conditional forgiveness to Unitarian Universalists if they responsibly acknowledge their "sins" and repent of them, but they obstinately refuse to acknowledge even the slightest wrongdoing. I have never encountered a group of people who on the one hand are unjustly judgmental to the point of ludicrousness, and on the other hand who so stubbornly and self-righteously pretend that they have done no wrong whatsoever. 

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