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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Unitarian Universalism's Alleged Growth And UUA Lies - What's The Connection?

Two days ago the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations posted the following highly questionable Tweet to its Twitter account:

Thanks, @CBSReligion for coming to the #UUA today to interview Rev Morales on growth of Unitarian Universalism! #UU

As seems to be its wont aka habit. . . the UUA added yet another questionable sensationalistic exclamation mark to yet another Unitarian Universalist public statement by the UUA that is open to considerable good old Unitarian question regarding its Truth and meaning, or lack thereof. . .

Just what alleged "growth of Unitarian Universalism!" could CBS Religion possibly be interviewing Rev. Peter Morales about in February of 2013, when the most recent official UUA membership statistics clearly indicate continued decline of The Tiny Declining Fringe Religion under the "less than effective" leadership of UUA President Peter Morales who more or less coined that "less than flattering" (albeit largely Truthful and accurate) description of Unitarian Universalism in his "stump speech" announcing his candidacy for President of  "a tiny, declining, fringe religion"?

As I pointedly pointed out in my Tweets responding to this questionable UUA "spin" aka BS such as. . .

"#UUA Prez Morales knows very well that #UUism is "a tiny, declining, fringe #religion" losing members..."

"If #Unitarian #Universalism is growing why do #UUA membership #statistics show ongoing #decline?"

"@CBSReligion #UU growth is #BS. In 1968 #UUism had 177,431 adult members. In 2012 it had 161,502. #UUA lost 9000+ RE kids in last decade."

Unitarian Universalism is most certainly NOT growing in terms of adult membership in UUA congregations, to say nothing of UU RE enrollments which have been in significant decline for a decade now, and UUA President Peter Morales knows this.

Here is the "heads up" I have held off submitting to CBS News Feedback, preferring instead to allow CBS to broadcast any UUA misinformation and lies told to CBS Religion by UUA President Peter Morales -

This is to inform you that misleading (if not outright false) information has been posted to the CBS Religion Twitter account, and that similar misleading misinformation may have been, or may yet be, aired by CBS Religion.

This CBS Religion Tweet -

and CBS Religion's ReTweet of this UUA Tweet -

misleadingly (if not outright falsely) suggest that "Unitarian Universalism is attracting more followers" and experiencing "growth", when in fact actual membership in UUA congregations has been stagnant for decades and is currently in decline.

Official UUA membership statistics proving that Unitarian Universalism is NOT "attracting more followers" in terms of actual membership in UUA congregations may be seen here-

If the CBS Religion interview of UUA President Peter Morales has not yet been aired I would strongly suggest that the CBS Religion crew should verify any statements that UUA President Peter Morales may have made about the alleged growth of Unitarian Universalism.


Robin Edgar

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just remember CBC and other mainstream media are no longer news investigators, they just serve as political mouthpieces be it for liberal politicians they favor or liberal progressive religion. They will accept whatever Morales says without any fact checking, I am sure.

Friday, February 22, 2013 6:02:00 pm  
Blogger Robin Edgar said...

I look forward to seeing what actually does air on CBS. If Rev. Peter Morales tells any obvious lies, or is otherwise disingenuous and misleading, I will be reporting it here. Although I held off filing a complaint with CBS, I *did* post a few Tweets that should have alerted the CBS Religion crew to any misinformation that might have been fed to them by UUA President Morales if they read my Tweets.

Friday, February 22, 2013 6:52:00 pm  

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