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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Roman Catholic Clergy Sexual Abuse And Rev. Gary Kowalski - What's The Connection?

Alternative blog post titles -

Rev. Gary Kowalski Kicks The Roman Catholic Church In The Balls


Will Rev. Gary Kowalski Resign In Protest Against Unitarian*Universalist Clergy Sexual Misconduct And The UUA's Institutional Stonewalling And Denial?

Rev. Gary Kowalski, minister of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington, Vermont, has joined the ranks of those Unitarian*Universalist clergy publicly lashing out at the Roman Catholic Church over its mishandling of clergy sexual misconduct while not saying a single word about U*U clergy sexual misconduct in a 'Revoltionary Spirits' blog post entitled 'Blame It On The Queers'. I do not have a problem with Unitarian Universalist ministers being openly and publicly critical of the Roman Catholic Church's mishandling of the clergy sexual misconduct of Roman Catholic priests but I DO have a bit of a problem of U*U ministers criticizing Roman Catholic clergy sexual misconduct, and the RC Church's mishandling thereof, while saying absolutely nothing about the clergy sexual misconduct of "less than perfect" Unitarian*Universalist ministers and the UUA's own negligence, incompetence, and institutional stonewalling and denial. . .

Here is the comment that I submitted in response to Rev. Kowalski's blog post with some corrections made to it -

Forgive me for using good old Unitarian Reason here Rev. Kowalski, but if the children who have been sexually molested by Roman Catholic priests are predominantly male it only stands to reason that the child molesting priests are homosexual paedophiles. It is of course wrong to blame all homosexual Roman Catholic priests for the wrongful behavior of a minority of them, just as it would be wrong to blame all heterosexual Roman Catholic priests for the heterosexual clergy sexual misconduct that also occurs in the Roman Catholic Church. Considering that Roman Catholic clergy are supposed to be celibate there ARE too many practising homosexuals in the priesthood, just as there are too many practising heterosexuals in the priesthood. N'est-ce pas?

"No, the Church is more than blameless."

Presumably you mean -

No, the Church is *less* than blameless.

or alternatively -

No, the Church is more than blameworthy.

"Altar boys are being tied up and sodomized, but the Church is the victim rather than the perpetrator of these horrific acts."

Really? The Roman Catholic Church is the perpetrator of such horrific acts Gary? If so, then the Unitarian*Universalist Church is the perpetrator of whatever horrific acts its own "less than perfect" clergy commit. No? For the record Gary the Unitarian*Universalist church is pretty good at presenting itself the victim of those people who dare to publicly complain about Unitarian*Universalist clergy misconduct.

"I told him my own view counts for little. Since I’m not a Catholic, whatever I think or say can be dismissed and discounted as the prejudices of an outsider."

So how about speaking out about the clergy sexual misconduct of Unitarian*Universalists ministers Rev. Kowalski? No one could dismiss and discount your words as the prejudices of an outsider could they? I hereby challenge you to do just that. Publish a similarly critical blog post about U*U clergy sexual misconduct and the UUA's past, if not present and ongoing. . . negligent and complicit responses to CSM complaints.

"I told my friend that ultimately, it would be up to officials in the Church to clean up their own house and make restitution for wrongs committed."

Those exact words can be applied to the officials of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations Gary. When is the UUA finally going to get around to cleaning up its own house and making restitution for the wrongs committed by Unitarian*Universalist clergy, including sins of commission and sins of omission committed by stonewalling and whitewashing UUA officials?

If even a few dozen conscientious U*U ministers resigned in mass protest against U*U clergy sexual misconduct, and UUA mishandling therof, that *might* be the kind of jolt needed to get the higher-ups at 25 Beacon Street to quit *their* stonewalling and come to terms with *their* problem of their own making. Care to be the first to resign in protest Gary? Or should I say unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon?

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