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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

U*U Seminarian Shawna Foster Gets Her Big Fat U*U Civil Dis-O-BDSM Photo Op aka 15 Minutes Of U*U World Fame. . .

One of the U*U blog posts about the recent anti-SB 1070 protests in Phoenix AZ that *really* underlined my point about how ersatz U*U "civil disobedience", or what I have abundant "reasonable grounds" to "name-call" U*U Civil Dis-O-BDSM. . . is little more than a cynical, calculated, and carefully orchestrated Big Fat U*U Sham in which U*U clergy knowingly and willfully seek to be arrested on very minor criminal charges or misdemeanors that have little or nothing to do with the "unjust law" that these U*U "religious professionals" are publicly challenging with *pretended*, if not rather pretentious. . . "acts of civil disobedience" is U*U seminarian Shawna Fosters' prideful self-congratulatory blog post which does nothing more than post a UPI photograph of her arrest with the following brief caption -

I was arrested protesting SB 1070. Nice pic from

end quote

That's it. That's all. . .

The "nice pic" of Shawna Foster's arrest, which she apparently obtained from the United Press International website, "captures" her with her chin thrust unnaturally high in the air in what *appears* to be Big Fat U*U Pride. Shawna has seen fit to "frame" that "nice pic" of her arrest within an image of a gold antique picture frame that only accentuates the "less than humble", indeed rather ostentatious, presentation of Shawna's *trophy* Kodak moment proving that she has gone through that elaborate carefully choreographed U*U "rite of passage" of ersatz civil disobedience aka U*U Civil Dis-O-BDSM.

Yes that "nice pic" is an all too revealing true work of art. . .

A picture that may well be worth a thousand questioning and critical words about just what U*Us in general, and U*U "religious professionals" in particular, are actually trying to achieve with their *artificial* aka con*trived aka sham "acts of civil disobedience". If Meadville-Lombard seminarian Shawna Foster's seemingly quite prideful and self-congratulatory blog post is any indication at all it would *appear* that their engaging in the very carefully orchestrated "role playing" of U*U Civil Dis-O-BDSM is as much for the personal gratification of their Big Fat U*U Egos as it is for drawing attention to and challenging any alleged or actual "unjust law".

So you have obtained your Big Fat U*U "Badge Of Honor" now Shawna, but it is open to some good old Unitarian *question* just how much real honor you and other attention seeking U*U religious leaders deserve for your rather questionable "civil disobedience".

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