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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Meanwhile Over On The U*U Debate Section Of Beliefnet GodKnowsWho Deigns To Argue With An U*U

GodKnowsWho 10/10/2006 9:24 PM

23 out of 25

The fact of the matter is that U*Us aren't half as tolerant as they claim to be. There is a lot of intolerance of various kinds within U*Uism. In my experience liberal North American Roman Catholics are quite a bit more tolerant than a good number of the U*Us I know. Most liberal Christian denominations are every bit as tolerant as U*Uism. One thing that is unique to U*Uism however is the outright anti-religious intolerance and bigotry of the fundamentalist atheist faction of "Humanist" U*Us. How many other religious groups do you know of where God believing people, including bona fide Unitarians. . . are quite regularly subjected to disdain, contempt, hostility and outright abuse by militant atheists?

Snip post responded to point by point below -

GodKnowsWho 10/28/2006 11:48 PM
25 out of 25

:You are comparing apples to oranges: general Catholics, general Christians, compared to a "faction" of humanist UUs.

Wrong Kim. I specifically said "liberal" Catholics and "liberal" Christians who are a "faction" of general Catholics and general Christians.

Thanks however for acknowledging here that anti-religious militant fundamentalist atheist "Humanists" are in fact a "faction" within the U*U religious community.

:That's not fair.

See above. Yes it is.

:Each of those other groups has "factions" that are just as intolerant as any of our "factions",

That is a fact Kim! Bravo!

I am in no way denying the fact that other religious groups have intolerant and abusive "factions", that is precisely why I spoke about "liberal" Christians and Catholics. But thanks once again for effectively acknowledging that the U*U religious community has "factions" that are just as intolerant of those of other religious groups. I dare say I know some U*U Taliban ayatollahs as it were. I definitely know some Stalinistic fundamentalist atheist "Humanist" U*Us who, besides hating God believing people aren't too "Welcoming" towards Republicans either. . .

:and a faction of humanist UUs is a faction of a faction because we are not all humanists.I am perfectly aware of that Kim that is why I almost always specifically refer to fundamentalist atheist "Humanist" U*Us in order to distinguish the intolerant militant disciples of Dawkins from the more "liberal" and tolerant U*U Humanists who are ready, willing and able to get along quite nicely with their God believing neighbours.

:You are getting carried away with your own hatred and bigotry.

Wrong. I am very careful to target the intolerant and abusive "fundie" atheist bigots. I do not paint with too broad a brush. I am not a bigot and I don't even "hate" the "fundie" atheists bigots. I just have a bit of a problem with their discrimination and harassment of God believing people. Especially when it happens in a U*U "church" on any given Sunday, as you well know happens here and there in the U*U World.

:You have "clevered" yourself into a corner and can't get out.... good luck.

Wrong Kim. See above. I am not in any corner at all.

You on the other hand just "dumbed" yourself down into a U*U hole. But speaking of U*Us having "clevered" themselves into a corner, or perhaps I should say having dug a hole for themselves. . . you might want to check out this oh so U*U PDF file.

Allah prochaine Kim. . .


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