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Friday, October 14, 2011

UU Chalice Lighting And Unitarian Universalist Clergy Misconduct - What's The Connection?

Some person of inherent worth & dignity from Reston, Virginia, was just asking Google yesterday. . .

Their free & responsible Google search for the Truth and meaning of -

chalice lighting clergy misconduct

brought them to the TEA blog post titled -

Rev. Naomi King Somewhat Inadvertently Kicks "Less Than Perfect" U*U Clergy In The Balls With A "Less Than Perfect" Chalice Lighting. . .

I am not 100% sure that this person found what they were looking for since the Truth and meaning of their free and responsible Google search is open to *some* interpretation. . .

It seems to be most probable that this person was searching for a Unitarian Universalist "Chalice Lighting" reading that directly & specifically addresses the issue of clergy misconduct in general and/or Unitarian Universalist clergy misconduct in particular. It is however within possibility that they were actually searching for *examples* of "less than perfect" UU clergy somehow misconducting in the delivery of a UU "Chalice Lighting" during a Sunday service. I can well imagine how someone like the inimitable Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang might deliver a "Chalice Lighting" that was intolerant and/or offensive during a Sunday service. .

I will assume the former scenario and conclude that they probably did not find any UU "Chalice Lightings" that specifically address clergy misconduct, UU clergy misconduct or otherwise. I am thus inspired to modify some existing Unitarian Universalist Chalice Lightings so that they do directly address the clergy misconduct of "less than perfect'' UU clergy so that anyone who wants to read out such a "Chalice Lighting", perhaps while lighting a candle on behalf of UU clergy misconduct victims during the Sharing Joys & Concerns segment of a UU Sunday service, may do so. . .

My own free & responsible Google search for UU Chalice Lightings that are conducive to some plagU*Urism by your's Truly to directly address UU clergy misconduct quickly found a quite suitable Chalice Lighting by Steve Stock on the UUA website Chalice Lighting page -

We light this chalice to celebrate the inherent worth and dignity of every victim of Unitarian Universalist clergy misconduct;

To reaffirm the historic (but apparently quite empty. . .) UUA "pledge" to "bend towards justice" for UU clergy misconduct victims.

To demand genuine restorative justice for ALL UU clergy misconduct victims which transcends mere legality (aka UUA & MFC obstruction of justice. . .) and moves toward viable conflict resolution that genuinely honors and upholds justice, equity & compassion in human relations;

And to share that LOVE which is ultimately beyond even our (not so) cherished Reason, that LOVE which unites UUs.

end PlagU*Urized quote

Rev. Naomi King's own Chalice Light Tumblr account has numerous UU Chalice Lightings that are quite readily adaptable to addressing not only UU clergy misconduct, but the UUA's shamefully negligent & effectively complicit responses to many clergy misconduct complaints against abusive UU clergy.

Here is a sampling of my plagU*Urism of suitable Chalice Lightings -

"Live in solidarity with UU clergy misconduct victims & build refuge for them through bold compassion and loving courage."

"Honor UU clergy misconduct victims with love, with justice, with telling truthfully and reclaiming lost stories of UU clergy abuse and UUA institutional stonewalling and denial."

"Turn away from UU cruelty & closed doors; open UU hearts & make way for restorative justice for ALL victims of UU clergy misconduct."

"May peace through justice ease the suffering hearts of UU clergy misconduct victims. May UUs work together for restorative justice and healing for them."

"Love grant the UUA strength to make amends, to sincerely repent of its negligent & complicit responses to clergy misconduct complaints, and to seek reconciliation with ALL victims of UU clergy misconduct."

"In this moment, remember ALL victims of UU clergy misconduct. With love, work for justice, healing, & reconciliation."

"Usher in trust for clergy misconduct complainants, sweep out suspicion of whistle-blowers; devote yourselves in mercy, love, and justice to seeking reconcilation."

"Grant UUs courage to take responsibility for UU clergy misconduct and UUA institutional stonewalling and denial, to make amends to victims, to live up to the UUA's pledge to bend towards restorative justice for ALL."

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