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In 1992 I underwent a profound revelatory experience of God which revealed that the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" is a "Sign in the Heavens" that symbolizes God's divine omniscience. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan of the Unitarian Church of Montreal contemptuously dismissed as my "psychotic experience" here: - This revelatory religious experience inspired me to propose an inter-religious celebration of Creation that would take place whenever a total solar eclipse took place over our planet. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan and other leading members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal falsely and maliciously labeled as a "cult" here: - I am now an excommunicated Unitarian whose "alternative spiritual practice" includes publicly exposing and denouncing Unitarian*Universalist injustices, abuses, and hypocrisy. The Emerson Avenger blog will serve that purpose for me and hopefully others will share their concerns here. Dee Miller's term DIM Thinking is used frequently and appropriately on this blog. You may read more about what DIM Thinking is here -

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Will The Emerson Avenger Be Able To Astonish Bernard Landry? Time Will Tell. . .

Well I finally got around to making two French language picket sign slogans for my ongoing protest in front of the Québec Human Rights Commission yesterday and just in a nick of time too. . . since Bernard Landry, the former Parti Québecois leader and premier of Québec walked out of the building that houses the offices of what is known in French as La Commission des Droits de la Personne du Québec as I was protesting during the lunch hour this afternoon. He stopped and stood less than ten feet in front of me as I faced the doorway where people were exiting the building and he took the time to read the bilingual picket sign slogans that were directly facing him. I briefly explained to him that I was protesting against the failure, and even the refusal, of La Commission des Droits de la Personne du Québec to responsibly act upon my grievances about religious discrimination and harassment. I did not go into any details of my case as there was simply no time to do so but when he said, "Ca m'etonnerais." (That would astonish me.) in response to my initial assertions I responded that the Quebec Human Rights Commission actually has a rather poor track record when it comes to dealing with complaints about religious discrimination and harassment and, at least in my own case, is extremely reluctant to handle them at all. M. Landry said something to the effect that he would "look into it" and then crossed the road to get into an awaiting car. I am seriously thinking of following up on that providential meeting with a former premier of Québec and asking Bernard Landry to see to it that the Quebec Human Rights Commission's handling of my own case, and other cases involving religious discrimination and harassment, are responsibly subjected to some "oversight" by an appropriate department of the Québec government.

Last night I protested as people were leaving from work between about 4pm and 6pm. Two different people leaving the building approached me and expressed their own dissatisfaction and disillusionment with the handling of their own cases by the Quebec Human Rights Commission. Neither case involved religious discrimination and harassment but that does not change the fact that two people who had some experience with the QHRC were far from impressed by how it responded to their complaints. The first person was a tall gentleman and I have an idea who he might be but will keep it to myself for now just in case I am mistaken. He saw my picket signs slogans and immediately said, "You're right. . . They f*ck you." He did not go into any detail about his case but made it clear that he felt that he had been seriously jerked around by the Quebec Human Rights Commission and that they had failed to protect his human rights. He said that he was writing a book about his unsatisfactory experience with the QHRC. The second person to approach me was an American expatriate who went into considerable detail about how the Quebec Human Rights Commission had not only failed to protect her from age discrimination but how it's handling of her case was characterized by bureaucratic bungling and incompetence. We actually spoke for quite some time and I encouraged her to write about her experience in detail and post it to the internet.

That's all for now. More later. . .

The above photo of The Emerson Avenger aka Robin Edgar was taken by noted Montreal photojournalist Benoit Aquin.

Merci Benoit!

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Blogger indrax said...

I know you tried to explain this to me in an email before, but for the record, what do you expect the QHRC to do for you?
Keep in mind that I'm an American and this is rather alien to me.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 6:48:00 pm  
Blogger The Emerson Avenger said...

I expect the Quebec Human Rights Commission to acknowledge that the false and malicious labeling of Creation Day as a "cult" by Rev. Ray Drennan, Frank Greene, and other like-minded intolerant and abusive fundamenatlist atheist U*U bigots constitutes religious discrimination and harassment. Ditto for the repeated malicious pathologizing of yours truly by abusive U*Us that continues right up to this day due in no small measure to the fact that the Quebec Human Rights Commission has repeatedly failed to hold Rev. Ray Drennan accountable for contemptuous dismissal of my revelatory religious experience as "your psychotic experience" when I complained about his anti-religious discrimination and harassment as far back as the summer or fall of 1996. I expect the Quebec Human Rights Commission to hold the Unitarian Church of Montreal responsible not only for it's grossly negligent and effectively complicit responses to my serious grievances arising from Rev. Ray Drennan's and Frank Greene's anti-religious bigotry but for the retaliatory punitive expulsions that I was threatened with, and subsequently subjected to, for writing letters of grievance and publicly protesting against U*U injustices, abuses and hypocrisy.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 7:38:00 pm  
Blogger indrax said...

What do you mean by 'hold the ucm responsible'?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 7:42:00 pm  
Blogger The Emerson Avenger said...

I expect the Quebec Human Rights Commission to hold the Unitarian Church of Montreal as a religious institution fully accountable for its own participation in the religious discrimination and harassment that I have been subjected to by Montreal Unitarians. There are various sanctions that the Quebec Human Rights Commission can apply to those individuals and institutions that violate the letter and spirit of the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and I expect them to do so. At rock bottom minimum I expect the QHRC to acknowledge that I have been subjected to religious discrimination and harassment by Montreal Unitarians.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 7:51:00 pm  
Blogger indrax said...

Thank you.

How will that further your goals?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 10:49:00 pm  
Blogger The Emerson Avenger said...

Those are goals in and of themselves indrax. . .

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 11:15:00 pm  

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