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Monday, June 29, 2009

Is "The Elephant In The Room" None Other Than Brand-Spanking New UUA President Rev. Peter Morales?!! It Sure Looks That Way To Me. . .

Well at least he's not a White Elephant just yet. . .

Sorry all you 97% White U*Us but I just could not let that wordplay pass, and please do interpret it as an affirmation of Rev. Pedro Morales' Hispanic aka Latino cultural heritage. The more non-White U*U "elephants" in the room of the U*U World the better AFAIAC.

I can't believe how UUA Moderator Gini Courter so "awkwardly" contributed to the already inept if not outright awful, albeit not entirely *unprepared*. . . manner in which the UUA Board of Trustees "welcomed" UUA President Rev. Peter Morales at its meeting with him today.

I mean what possessed Gini Courter to "observe" -

"We started weird. . . Just because I don't know what to do with the elephant in the room doesn't mean you don't. . ."


So just who or what is "the elephant in the room" Gini? In light of the "context" of your weird and awkward aka inept "observation" it would seem that you can only be talking about newly elected UUA President Rev. Pedro Morales. Am I wrong Gini? Is this any way to refer to the President of the UUA? What part of respect for the inherent worth and dignity of *every* person do you not understand Gini? How would you like it if someone referred to *you* as the proverbial "elephant in the room" Gini? God forbid that anyone should ever dare to refer to Rev. Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang as "the elephant in the room", somebody might end up "anally impaled on the Statue of Liberty's torch" or something!!

Thankfully UUA President Pedro Morales aka Rev. Peter Morales has "spent eleven years in journalism" (to say nothing of a similar number of years in U*Uism. . .) and thus professes to have "a thicker skin than most people." It looks like President Morales may well be needing that "thicker skin" if the UUA Trustees' "welcoming" of him today is any indication of what the future holds for him at 25 Beacon Street in Boston. Of course I would presume that any "elephant in the room" would have pretty thick skin to begin with, to say nothing of a couple of tusks to anally impale obstructionist U*U assholes on. . . :-)

In related news presented in the same UU World blog post quite revealingly, albeit somewhat awkwardly and ineptly, *entitled* 'Trustees start awkwardly, but seeks* common vision' -

Rev. Jeanne Pupke, a newly elected trustee-at-large, shared her concerns that the prepared statement read by the Rev. Will Saunders at the very outset of this morning's UUA Trustees meeting had seemed to say "sit down and shut up" to President Peter Morales.

Yup, that's pretty much how *I* read it too Jeanne.

Excellent observation. . .

Rev. Jeanne Pupke went on to very reasonably and quite rationally *observe*, "Our president was duly elected and has a lot of support." Rev. Pupke had been a supporter of Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman, but wisely made it clear that she was eager to work with President Morales and wanted to welcome him in a manner that would actually make him feel *welcome* amongst UUA Trustees.

Oh well, maybe next time. . .

Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt, the Metropolitan New York District UUA Trustee, and the chaplain of the UUA Board of Trustees, confessed that she had invited Rev. Will Saunders to read the riot act to President Peter Morales during this morning's meeting in order to focus the Board on its urgent need to tell UUA President Morales to "sit down and shut up" because she is *unprepared* to listen to Rev. Peter Morales' "critique of how awful/unprepared/inept we are". . .

UUA Trustees were split down the middle in their public endorsements for each of the two candidates for UUA president, but Rev. Will Saunders had remained neutral until he showed his true colors this morning. Rev. Bray McNatt acknowledged that she regretted not *thinking* more about when (or even *if*) such a questionable prepared statement as that read by Rev. Saunders would have been most useful on today's *agenda*. In fact I hear that Rev. Bray McNatt, and other UUA Trustees who put their foot in it this morning, are feeling just a tad awful as a result of just how awkward aka inept they were in "welcoming" the man who has quite justifiably critiqued U*Us about how awful/unprepared/inept U*Us are. I dare say that the UUA Board of Trustees might have very well advised if it had been a bit more unprepared than it was this morning because *prepared* statements of the kind that Rev. Will Saunders so ineptly read this morning are often pretty awful. . .

UUA Moderator Gini Courter claimed that she had not pre-screened aka "moderated" Rev. Will Saunders' dubious un*prepared statement and thus "was regretting where it ended up being positioned" in the U*U World. No kidding. . .

Gini Courter went on to observe, "This is a board with a very deep culture, and some of it will not be evident, and some of it has nothing to do with the current president of the UUA, or even with the previous president or the president before that. And I hear Peter saying that he knows it's not about him."

No of course not Gini it's not about Peter it's about "the elephant in the room" isn't it? I dare say that Rev. Will Saunders statement made it pretty clear aka *evident* that the UUA Board of Trustees has a very deep culture alright. . .

* Yo Chris, I am pretty sure that the "seeks" in your blog title should *really* be "seek". Right?

Update: The original title off this blog post was 'Is "The Elephant In The Room" None Other Than Brand-Spanking New UUA President Rev. Peter Morales Gini?!! It Sure Looks That Way To Me. . .' I have decided to delete Gini because some non-U*Us might not know that it refers to UUA Moderator Gini Courter and wonder who Rev. Peter Morales Gini is. One more thing. This is obviously a semi-satirical parody post, so before anyone suggests that UUA Moderator Gini Courter was not necessarily referring to Rev. Peter Morales himself when she spoke about "the elephant in the room" allow me to say that I am perfectly aware of that. That being said, Gini Courter's somewhat inept, and presumably unprepared, "the elephant in the room" statement appears to be so closely and intimately associated with Rev. Peter Morales' presence at the meeting with UUA Board of Trustees that this distinction is all but (dare I say it?) *irrelevant*. . .

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