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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Montreal Unitarian Margo Ellis Is Clearly A Bully Who Chose The Fate Of Assaulting Me With A Body Check Despite Having Seen Me Standing Up For Myself From Several Meters Away. . .

But don't take *my* word for it U*Us. . .

Take the word of one Paul Broomfield, as posted in his comment on a recent Montreal Gazette article by Monique Muise entitled -

What are your rights when dealing with police?

Robin Edgar Margo Ellis is clearly a bully and chose to knock you over despite having seen you standing there from several meters away.
What a horrible woman.
Thanks for posting the video.

Here is how I responded to Paul Broomfield in a follow-up comment -

Yes Paul, Margo Ellis is indeed a "clearly a bully" who chose deliberately to body check me with her elbow in my gut when she could have easily passed me on the sidewalk to my left as I gave her PLENTY of room to do by moving to my right. The most horrible aspect of this however is not the comparatively minor assault itself, but the fact that there is evidence strongly suggesting that she subsequently called in a false report to the SPVM accusing me of knocking her to the ground or persuaded another Montreal Unitarian to do that dirty deed which is a crime known as public mischief. I will not only be seeking to have Margo Ellis charged with assault but will be seeking to have whoever called in the false report to the SPVM to be charged with public mischief.

This is FAR from being the first time that outrageously hypocritical Montreal Unitarians have made false reports to the police seeking to incriminate me, so that they can force an end to my protest with a court ordered injunction or a restraining order. In fact Margo Ellis was involved in a similar false report to the police accusing me of assault in November of 2010, but thankfully the polite and professional SPVM police officer who handled that complaint took me at my word that I had not so much as touched a Montreal Unitarian during my protest that night let alone assaulted one. Even then I was running video almost constantly to protect myself from false accusations made by Montreal Unitarians, and have video evidence of Margo Ellis apparently trying to persuade the police officers to arrest me that night.

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