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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Whole Pack Of U*U Lies Courtesy Of Rev. Charles Eddis, Minister Emeritus Of The Unitarian Church Of Montreal

What U*U's Affirm - by Rev. Charles Eddis minister emeritus of the Unitarian Church of Montreal

:I have never met a Unitarian or a Universalist who did not accept the findings of science.

This is almost certainly a misleading half-truth intended to "affirm and promote" the myth that U*Us are big on Reason and rationality. No doubt Rev. Eddis means "the findings of science" in a general sense but it is exceedingly unlikely that Rev. Charles Eddis has never met a Unitarian or a Universalist who did not dispute some of the findings of science. . . Also, depending on just how broadly one wants to interpret the word "science", there are quite a number of "findings of science" i.e. readily demonstrable and verifiable facts and truths that a whole lot of U*Us are quite averse to accepting.

:I have never met a Unitarian or a Universalist who did not affirm the importance of this life, of living well in the here and now as opposed to preparing now for a life to come.

No doubt this is primarily about the "Humanist" faction of U*Uism's rejection of any possibility of an "afterlife" of one kind or another but it is also about the U*U emphasis on "living well" in the U*U World and the "real world". I expect by now that Rev. Eddis has met a fair number of U*Us that do believe in "a life to come" and that one can and shold prepare for it in "this life". It is however open to considerable question as to just how committed U*Us are to "living well in the here and now" when one contrasts the purported principles and purposes of U*Uism and other claimed ideals of U*Uism (including many of the ideals professed in this U*U tract. . .) with the other words and actual actions of U*Us in the here and now. . .

:Unitarians and Universalists hold that living well now is the only possible preparation for whatever may come after death - if anything.

This is indeed largely true in principle, in terms of those U*Us who do believe in the possibility or reality of "the life to come"; however, U*Us not only abjectly fail, but obstinately refuse, to live up to the very principles and ideals that constitute "living well" in Rev. Charles Eddis' and other U*Us conception of "living well".

:Life is a gift, a mystery to be respected and lived.

Well when one takes even a cursory look at how a lot of U*Us live it is open to considerable question just how "well" U*Us "respect" the mystery of life and live their lives. . .

:I have never met a Unitarian or a Universalist who did not feel a sense of personal responsibility for how he or she lived his or her life and for what happened to society and the world.


I have met hundreds of U*Us, many of them members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal where Rev. Charles Eddis is the minister emeritus, who display a glaring lack of a sense of personal responsibility for how he or she lives his or her life and for what happens to society and the world. If Montreal Unitarian U*Us, to say nothing of other U*Us world-wide, really possessed a genuine sense of personal responsibility for how they live, and for what happens to society and the world, they would not have walked past my picket signs for close to a decade now without taking the slightest responsibility for the U*U injustices, U*U abuses and U*U hypocrisy that those picket sign slogans expose and denounce. Ditto for the grossly negligent and utterly irresponsible response of U*Us world-wide, including top level U*UA officials like former UUA President the Rev. Dr. John A* Buehrens, current UUA President Rev. William G** Sinkford, former Ministerial Fellowship Committee Director Rev. Diane Miller and Rev. David Hubner, to my letters of grievance and my online criticism of U*U injustices, U*U abuses, U*U hypocrisy and U*U stupidity. Rev. Ray Drennan is just one glaringly obvious example of an outrageously hypocritical U*U who has obstinately refused to accept the slightest personal responsibility for how his or her words and actions, or lack thereof. . . happened to affect U*U society and the U*U world, to say nothing of "society at large" and the real world. . .

:I have never met a Unitarian or a Universalist who did not insist on the right to make up her or his own mind, rather than being told what to believe.

ROTFLMU*UO again. . .

Rev. Charles Eddis is minister emeritus of a whole U*U "church" full of DIM Thinking U*Us who have effectively allowed the negligent, incompetent, complicit and collusive leadership of the Unitarian Church of Montreal to quite manipulatively tell them what to believe about me as a result of abjectly failing, or even obstinately refusing. . . to responsibly make up their own minds about me after entering into a genuinely free and genuinely *responsible* search for the truth and meaning of the "root causes" of my letters of grievance and my "alternative spiritual practice" of protesting against their own and other U*Us' injustices, abuses, hypocrisy and stupidity.

:I have never known a Unitarian or a Universalist who did not believe that Jesus was the son of normal human parents, conceived and born as are you and I.

This may be true but it may well depend on what the meaning of the word "known" is. . . Considering Rev. Charles Eddis' very prominent position in the U*U World it is somewhat unlikely that he has never at any time met a single Unitarian or a Universalist who believed that Jesus was conceived by the "Holy Spirit" as per "orthodox" Christian belief.

:I know no Unitarian or Universalist who regards the world as a puppet stage over which some higher inscrutable power from time to time pulls strings.

This may have been true at the time that Rev. Charles Eddis first wrote this tract decades ago, although even that is open to some question as it is likely that even decades ago there were Unitarians and/or Universalists who Rev. Charles Eddis had some personal contact with who did believe that from time to time God pulls a few strings here and there. I take note of the fact that Rev. Charles Eddis says "I know" rather than "I know of". . . This may well have been Clintonesque disingenuousness at the time Rev. Eddis wrote this tract. In any case, as I have said to Rev. Eddis on a few occasions now, including very recently. . . This part of his inadequately revised "What Unitarians and Universalists Believe" tract has been obsolete for well over a decade now because Rev. Charles Eddis has met me and knows very well that I believe, and can even honestly claim to know. . . that God does indeed pull stings here and there from time to time as evidenced by the phenomenon of the unusual and highly meaningful "coincidences" termed as synchronicity by Carl Gustav Jung. Of course I guess that Rev. Charles Eddis can still disingenuously yet quite truthfully claim not to "know" me. He certainly hasn't made any effort to really get to know me over the last decade or more. . .

:I cannot be sure no Unitarian or Universalist will contradict me on some of this,

Well Rev. Charles Eddis most certainly can know and almost certainly did know that I not only could, but almost certainly would, contradict him on at least some of "this" before it was considerably less than adequately, and quite evidently less than honestly. . . revised and republished recently. . .

:but I venture to say that Unitarian and Universalist agreement on these matters is as close to unanimity as you will find in any religious movement.

Not any more Chuck. . . In fact Montreal Unitarians, and indeed plenty of other U*Us world-wide, quite evidently seem to strongly favor censorship by church, and even misusing and abusing the "secular authorities" of the state as proxies to impose U*U "church" censorship, at least when it comes to censoring and suppressing U*U sh*t-disturbers who dare to publicly expose and denounce U*U injustices, abuses and hypocrisy. . .

:If you ask Unitarians and Universalists what they believe, you may find them stumped for an answer.

Now there's some truth in advertising for you. . .

:If you were to conclude from this and from their diversity and freedom, that they don't know what they think, or that one can believe anything one likes and be a Unitarian or a Universalist, or, as some say, a Unitarian Universalist, you would be mistaken.

No you would not. . . There is plenty of evidence that strongly suggests that Unitarian Universalists can believe pretty much anything they want to believe these days, even when those beliefs are demonstrably false. Heck even this effectively fraudulent U*U propaganda is riddled with demonstrably false beliefs and assertions. Although U*U diversity of belief is quite evident U*U freedom is quite another matter these days. . .

:In spite of appearances, they are remarkably united in their basic values and beliefs.

Perhaps you should say that U*Us are remarkably united in their "claimed" values and beliefs Chuck because their actual values and beliefs are all over the map of the U*U World.

The following addendum to "What U*Us Affirm" comes courtesy of CUC Executive Director Mary Bennett -

:So, what about it? Do you agree with this version of what we affirm?

Quite evidently I do not agree that this version of what U*Us affirm is a truthful or accurate reflection of what U*Us really believe or how they actually live their lives. . . It is abundantly evident that many U*Us abjectly fail or obstinately refuse to actually walk this effectively fraudulent U*U talk.

:Is there more you'd like to add?

I could think of a few things that I would like to add in addition to those obsolete and/or fraudulent words that I would like to remove from this U*U false advertising. Amongst other things I would like to insert the word NOT! between "We are" and "opposed to censorship by church, state, or any other institution."

:Are you one of those Unitarians or Universalists who want to "contradict me on some of this"?

Indeed I am and have already done so in the past. Indeed I fully intend to continue to contradict U*Us on some of this in the future. . .

* Asshat

** Gutless if not Godless

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