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In 1992 I underwent a profound revelatory experience of God which revealed that the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" is a "Sign in the Heavens" that symbolizes God's divine omniscience. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan of the Unitarian Church of Montreal contemptuously dismissed as my "psychotic experience" here: - This revelatory religious experience inspired me to propose an inter-religious celebration of Creation that would take place whenever a total solar eclipse took place over our planet. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan and other leading members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal falsely and maliciously labeled as a "cult" here: - I am now an excommunicated Unitarian whose "alternative spiritual practice" includes publicly exposing and denouncing Unitarian*Universalist injustices, abuses, and hypocrisy. The Emerson Avenger blog will serve that purpose for me and hopefully others will share their concerns here. Dee Miller's term DIM Thinking is used frequently and appropriately on this blog. You may read more about what DIM Thinking is here -

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Right To Truth Day aka International Day For The Right To The Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations And For The Dignity Of Victims. . .

Is apparently being observed for the first time today if one is to believe this United Nations web site page about 'International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims'.

According to the United Nations, the purpose of Right To Truth Day is to:

• Honour the memory of victims of gross and systematic human rights violations and promote the importance of the right to truth and justice;

• Pay tribute to those who have devoted their lives to, and lost their lives in, the struggle to promote and protect human rights for all;

• Recognize, in particular, the important work and values of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, of El Salvador, who was assasinated on 24 March 1980, after denouncing violations of the human rights of the most vulnerable populations and defending the principles of protecting lives, promoting human dignity and opposition to all forms of violence.

end quote

Maybe The Emerson Avenger should do an impromptu protest in front of the Unitarian Church of Montreal to observe International Day For The Right To The Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations And For The Dignity Of Victims.

I know that it was just a Big Fat U*U "Sodomy Fantasy" of Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein to vindictively and quite sadistically imagine U.S. state senator Bill Napoli "anally impaled on the Statue of Liberty's torch", but it seems to me that senator Napoli *could* be perceived as being the victim of a truly *Gross* Human Rights Violation perpetrated by Vicki The Impaler, if only an imaginary one.

No U*Us?

In any case, a day dedicated to promoting "the importance of the right to truth and justice" seems to be very much in alignment with the first, second, fourth, and sixth principles of Unitarian Universalism, is right up The Emerson Avenger's alley as it were.

Allow me to start by simply reminding U*Us what the first, second, fourth and sixth principles of Unitarian Universalism actually say since rather too many U*Us, including but by no means limited to U*U clergy and top level UUA leaders, seem to have all but completely forgotten them. . .

Unitarian Universalist congregations affirm and promote:

#1 - The inherent worth and dignity of every person;
#2 - Justice, equity and compassion in human relations;
#4 - A free and responsible search for truth and meaning;
#6 - The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all;

Why is it that Unitarian*Universalists aka U*Us try so hard to prevent the capital 'T' Truth regarding U*U injustices, abuses, and hypocrisy, including what may be reasonably described as U*U human rights violations. . . coming to light?

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