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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rev. Tom Schade Gets A Big Fat U*U Spanking From UU Mom aka Joyce Dowling. . .

Rev. Tom Schade, the 11th Minister of the First Unitarian Church of Worcester MA. . . posted a "less than polite" response to a comment that conservative UU Bill Baar posted on Rev. Schade's 'What Time Is It?' blog post. I took Rev. Schade to task for one particular aspect of his mean-spirited response to Bill, but I am pleased as Punch to see that UU Mom came along and gave the not so good Rev. Schade a vigorous and indeed quite rigorous verbal spanking which the presumably chastened U*U "Pastor" saw fit to post to his moderated aka censored U*U blog. . .

Without further ado here is the Big Fat U*U Spanking that UU Mom heartily applied to Rev. Tom Schade's ever so virtual online derrière -

I thought the article was good. But the slam to Bill in the comment is one reason why we lose members. Most young adults are politically liberal and we are losing young adult members in our congregations, but that doesn't mean there is a correlation between the two.

It would be great to have a right relations covenant among all UUs that we will try to "listen" to what they're saying and not use language that is oppressive, like "those people". "UU Republicans" are not an actual group that exists. I didn't see Bill say he was a Republican. He sounds like a typical UU who is for separation of church and state. We are hypocrites if we start preaching that we vote for a certain party or candidate. I didn't think the article really violated that, but your comment against so-called "UU Republicans" seems mean-spirited. Did you really mean it that way? Is this how UUs should talk to each other and potential newcomers?

I think all religions are losing ground with the younger generations, because we don't walk where we talk. We're a bunch of hypocrites in the way we treat each other. We have to change that if we want our demographics to change.

end quote

As an added bonus, here is the somewhat bomb*ass*tic comment that I submitted which the not so good Rev. Schade is unlikely to allow to see the light of day. . .

"Bill Baer's comment is typical of conservatives within the UUA: full of bluster and bombast. . ."


You don't think plenty of ever so "liberal" U*Us aren't "full of bluster and bombast" Tom?

Here is a very recent wonderful *example* of Big Fat U*U Bluster & Bombast courtesy of "The Place The Reeks Of Privilege And Hierarchy" aka UUA headquarters at 25 Beacon Street in Boston.

Besides *that* particular example of Big Fat U*U Bluster & Bombast there is hardly a week that goes by in which UUA President Rev. Peter Morales doesn't spout some Big Fat U*U Bluster & Bombast of one kind or another. I *could* throw a bunch of Rev. Morales' quotes at you Tom, including some very recent ones spouted in his Op/Ed piece in The Guardian, but I suggest that you engage in a free and *responsible* search for the Truth and meaning of what I just said here instead. . . You might actually learn something about how "bluster and bombast" are quite typical of puffed-up UUA leaders and ever so "liberal" U*U clergy like Peacebang. It never ceases to amaze me how much glaringly obvious psychological projection U*U clergy are guilty of. . .

BTW Rev. Peter Morales' anti-religious "bluster and bombast" inspired me to dream up the following brand spanking new U*U Acronym in the wake of the UUA's remarkably foolish decision to accuse me of the crime of blasphemous libel for blogging about a U*U rapists and/or pedophile or two. 

BLU*USTER stands for - Blasphemous Libel Unitarian Universalist Style Trashing Established Religions

Rev. Peter Morales' 'A Religion For Our Time' sermon contains several excellent *examples* of Big Fat U*U BLU*USTER as well as some more ordinary aka typical U*U bluster and bombast such as -

"We *can* be the religion for our time."

He updated *that* bluster and bombast at the UUA GA in Phoenix when he spouted -

"Unitarian Universalism has gone viral."

in his all too typically blustery and bombastic Report for General Assembly 2012.

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