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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Will Reverend Doctor Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang aka Vicki Vicious Repeatedly Bitch Slap Shallow & Immature Unitarian Universalists Into Growing Up?

"Just asking" as they say, but it *does* seem to *me* that THE one (and thankfully *only*) Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein aka Vicki The Impaler is doing her Big Fat U*U Best to verbally bitch slap shallow and immature U*Us aka Unitarian Universalists into waking up and smelling the insipid, and at times just plain rancid, "Fair Trade" coffee that they have been serving up at U*U social clubs aka "churches" for rather too long now. . . in her Peacebang blog post entitled -

Growing Up May Be The Only Thing That Leads To Growth

Here are some choice quotes from Vicki Vicious' "less than polite" aka "offensive and upsetting" blog post and her follow-up comments with (im)pertinent hyperlinks embedded in them so that curious U*Us, or indeed persons of inherent worth and dignity in the general public, can engage in a free and responsible search for the Truth and meaning of Peacebang's Big Fat U*U Bitching about some of the Big Fat U*U Problems of The U*U Movement. Just think of this as the annotated version of Reverend Doctor Victoria Weinstein's brand spanking new (if not bitch slapping new. . .) 'Growing Up May Be The Only Thing That Leads To Growth' Peacebang blog post -

We never come right out and say this, but our excruciating discomfort with Christianity remains perhaps our greatest stumbling block in attracting new people."

Here’s my version of what goes on in many of our visitors’ minds – based on dozens and dozens of conversations over the years:

“How can this ‘open and affirming’ religious community show such hostility, ignorance and immaturity to the broad, diverse movement called Christianity? These people bill themselves as the free-thinkers and intellectuals? Why, all I had to do was scratch the surface to find that many of them are actually just bitter refugees from Christianity and are still obsessed with its shortcomings. I am outta here!”)

Coolness and a commitment to liberal social activism and a shared hatred toward Christian fundamentalists may be the fly paper that grabs and attracts a certain number of new Unitarian Universalists (or liberal Christians) to congregations, but we need to ask ourselves: do we want to be communities of people gathered around these purposes? What kind of maturity level are we then establishing at the core of our communities? How mature are we now? Have we even stopped to consider that a huge part of our evangelism problem is the wide chasm between the wisdom and maturity of our proclaimed faith commitments and the immaturity and shallowness that characterize the life of too many of our congregations?

Oh, and by the way, and this is important: Unitarian Universalists tend to be quite uncool, and devoted to making our congregations havens for those with bad social skills. It may be time to talk openly about the fact that UUs seem to have a preferential option for the socially inept. I was popular in high school. Sometimes I think that it is this fact more than my Christian theological orientation that leaves me at such odds with the majority UU population I encounter at our larger denominational gatherings.

Deeply spiritual people who want a religious life without dogma but also without a constant haranguing about what “other religions” (ie, mostly Christian neighbors) do wrong, simply leave. They know they’ve been had by false advertising. They say to themselves, “This is a denomination that looks great on paper but feels lousy in practice.”

I hope this is an offensive and upsetting post that will jar some of you into defensive inner rantings (but please, until you have processed what I am saying for some time, don’t rant here). It may particularly gall you that I am lumping together liberal social justice commitments with “coolness”* and hatred toward Christian fundamentalism as the things that UUs unconsciously believe will endear them to seekers (notice that I do not say Muslim fundamentalists or Jewish fundamentalists – these religious fundamentalisms, while certainly not appreciated by UUs, are not derided with the same visceral venom with which we freely rip apart fundamentalist – and even conservative – Christians) 

Why does The Emerson Avenger find the following paragraph so-o-o-o-o ironic, not to mention outrageously hypocritical. . . in that it is a product of the "manic mind" of Peacebang?

I want to see a community of people taking seriously the spiritual life. Figuring out what life demands of them. Considering the time-honored theological questions in conversation with tradition and the insights of science and the contemporary humanities. Holding themselves accountable for getting better at all their relationships. Being people I’m impressed by and what to become more like. Setting an example by their sincere efforts to embody the things they say they believe in. Being a community I’d be proud to be allowed to join if they thought I was ready, willing and able to.

Wow, wouldn’t THAT be a different way to look at things?

Indeed it would. . .

Too bad Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang and other various other verbally and psychologically abusive U*U clergy, as well as their negligent and complicit UUA enablers like Rev. Diane Miller, Rev. Dr. Tracey Robinson-Harris, Rev. Beth Miller, the last three UUA Presidents and the UUA Board of Trustees, not to mention the Cheney-like "Power Behind The Throne" of The U*U Movement. . . UUA Executive Vice President Kathleen "'Kay" Montgomery, can't seem to manage to hold themselves accountable for getting better at all *their* relationships. . .

No U*Us?

Back to more bitch slapping of U*Us courtesy of Peacebang. . .

How sad that we have come to look at spiritual seekers in demographic terms, or as potential pledges. Do we now understand the connection between the shallowness of our vision and practices and our terrible record or (sic) visitor retention?

If I see a group of people jockeying for power and status, or all I hear about is money or social outings or how great “we” are or get asked a bunch of questions that are thinly-disguised inquiries into my political opinions, social status, educational status or marital status, I will know that I am not in a serious and deep spiritual environment but at a cocktail party that happens to have a sermon in the middle of it. Do I even have any spiritual practices that hold me accountable to the values we profess to hold here? If not, why not?

All this panic I hear from UUs about GROWTH, “How are we going to GROW?” That’s not the question. The question is, “How are we going to start growing up?”

The Emerson Avenger once again interjects to politely suggest that Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang (please note that I politely refrained from adding aka Vicki The Impaler aka Vicki Vicious in this context) *could* start growing up herself by formally and publicly confessing to her numerous sins of commission and sins of omission that have caused considerable harm not only to numerous persons of inherent worth and dignity but to the Unitarian Universalist "institutional church" of which she speaks here, formally repent of her sins (please note that I politely refrained from saying Big Fat U*U Sins in this context), and then sincerely and comprehensively and publicly officially apologize to the numerous people and organizations that her "offensive and upsetting" behavior, indeed her verbally and psychologically and sometimes even physically abusive behavior has harmed over the years. . .

Back once again to more verbal bitch slapping of "shallow and immature" U*Us courtesy of *The* Reverend Doctor Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang, this time in the form of her Big Fat U*U Footnote to the Big Fat U*U Butts of "less than cool" U*Us and a follow-up comment responding to a reader's "negative feedback". . .

* As I said previously, we really aren’t “cool” at all. We continue to harbor a comically unrealistic sense of terminal uniqueness and relevancy — all while remaining willfully ignorant about the actually coolness factor of loads and loads of hip Jewish and Christian and Buddhist and alternative religious communities around us. Seriously, ask around. Especially if you live near an urban center. If not, spiritual seekers have many very cool options for theological reflection and spiritual practice and accountability in on-line communities and through digital ministries. We’re generally dated and staid, folks. We really are.

In response to a Peacebang blog reader reporting -

When the (Unitarian Universalist) minister asked me what religion I was, and his response was ” oh you poor thing, you really do need to break the bonds” I wanted to smack him.

Peacebang wrote -

[Oh my goodness. I am glad you wrote, as hard as this is to hear. We need to know how awful our shallowness and immaturity really look and feel to others. Humbled and grateful to get this negative feedback. - PB]

How unfortunate that Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang aka Vicki The Impaler and her negligent and complicit UUA enablers like Rev. Dr. Tracey Robinson-Harris, Rev. Beth Miller, and UUA Executive Vice President Kathleen "'Kay" Montgomery, not to mention the last two UUA Presidents and the UUA Board of Trustees, are still neither humbled nor grateful to get The Emerson Avenger's negative feedback about Peacebang's verbally and psychologically abusive behavior.

Indeed I dare say that they ALL just don't "get it". . .

OTOH. . .

If *The* Revered Doctor Victoria Weinstein aka Peacebang aka Vicki Vicious is somehow successful in repeatedly bitch slapping most if not ALL of the other numerous "shallow and immature" Unitarian Universalists in the U*U World into actually growing up, The Emerson Avenger can only wish her his Big Fat U*U Best! :-)

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Anonymous Katie Hayes said...

Robin - you wrote this:

Deeply spiritual people who want a religious life without dogma but also without a constant haranguing about what “other religions” (ie, mostly Christian neighbors) do wrong, simply leave. They know they’ve been had by false advertising. They say to themselves, “This is a denomination that looks great on paper but feels lousy in practice.”

And I say, this statement is completely true. I left and became Anglican instead. I just couldn't take their anti-Christian crap any more.

Monday, August 20, 2012 6:27:00 am  
Blogger Robin Edgar said...

Actually those are Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein's words which I am quoting from her 'Growing Up May Be The Only Thing That Leads To Growth' blog post. That being said, I have been saying pretty much the same thing, and engaging in peaceful public protest against The U*U Movement's "anti-Christian crap", not to mention its much more broadly anti-religious crap. . . since at least 1998. In fact, one of my earliest picket signs had several U*U tracts attached to it and described them as false advertising. I later displayed a more bluntly worded picket sign saying -


which not only exposed Unitarian Universalist higly misleading and outright false advertising and other marketing material but subtly suggested that it was anything but a church of God.

Monday, August 20, 2012 7:47:00 am  
Anonymous Katie Hayes said...

Why do they do this then?

Monday, August 20, 2012 9:33:00 am  
Blogger Robin Edgar said...

Why do they do what?

The "anti-Christian crap" or the false advertising?

In any case, I *could* put forward some reasons that would not differ all that much from what Peacebang said but when it gets right down to it it might be best to pose that question to those who actually do those things. I'm as curious to know their excuses as you are. . .

Monday, August 20, 2012 10:35:00 am  
Anonymous Katie Hayes said...

Why do they do the anti-Christian crap? I know so many good Christians.

Monday, August 20, 2012 6:30:00 pm  
Blogger Robin Edgar said...

I expect that there are a variety of different reasons for The U*U Movement's "anti-Christian crap" as you put it, but the standard "excuse" that UUA leaders put forward in condoning this anti-Christian intolerance, which sometimes descends in to outright bigotry, is that the Unitarian Universalist U*Us engaging in it are people who have had bad experience with Christian churches. Here is a verbatim quote from a sermon titled 'Stealing Jesus' by Rev. Dr. Edward Frost minister emeritus of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation Of Atlanta -

"It seems that some Unitarian Universalists are willing to have themselves associated with almost anything — except Christians and Christianity. To some extent, that anti-Christian stance comes out of unfortunate experiences that some Unitarian Universalists had with Christian churches. But I have to believe that it also has to do with the fact that fundamentalist Christianity has all but stolen Jesus, all but stolen what “Christian” means most essentially. Because of that theft of meaning, many Unitarian Universalists, like most Americans, associate “Christian” with the Christian right and cannot imagine a place for it in their company."

I think there is a bit more to it than that but this is a typical example of how U*U religious leaders explain the "anti-Christian crap" that goes on in far too many U*U "churches" and all but guarantees that Unitarian Universalism will remain "a tiny, declining, fringe religion" as Rev. Peter Morales so aptly described The U*U Movement in his sermon cum "stump speech" announcing his candidacy for president of the UUA.

Monday, August 20, 2012 6:57:00 pm  

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