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In 1992 I underwent a profound revelatory experience of God which revealed that the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" is a "Sign in the Heavens" that symbolizes God's divine omniscience. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan of the Unitarian Church of Montreal contemptuously dismissed as my "psychotic experience" here: - This revelatory religious experience inspired me to propose an inter-religious celebration of Creation that would take place whenever a total solar eclipse took place over our planet. You may read about what Rev. Ray Drennan and other leading members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal falsely and maliciously labeled as a "cult" here: - I am now an excommunicated Unitarian whose "alternative spiritual practice" includes publicly exposing and denouncing Unitarian*Universalist injustices, abuses, and hypocrisy. The Emerson Avenger blog will serve that purpose for me and hopefully others will share their concerns here. Dee Miller's term DIM Thinking is used frequently and appropriately on this blog. You may read more about what DIM Thinking is here -

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Peacebang's Beauty Tips On How To Spot The "Less Than Excellent" aka Ugly U*Unitarian Minister - An Observational "Eat-Your-Words-Diet" Rant

1. He and/or She will be the only one stinking of skunk piss in the "less than crowded" "church".

2. He and/or She will refer to him and/or herself as "an U*U" and when asked where he and/or she lives, he and/or she will say "the U*U World." He and/or She will frequently pepper his and/or her conversation with observations about what it’s like in "America," never realizing that he and/or she is behaving like a total chode. Dude, the U*U World is a tiny, declining, fringe religion. Look into it. "*The* Tiny Declining Fringe Religion" is the name of your "church". Learn it. There’s even a handy nickname - "The U*U Movement". . . U*Use it and abU*Use it.

3. He and/or She will think his and/or her hideous pronunciation of English is charming and make no effort whatsoever to attune his and/or her ear to the language of the Seven Principles.

4. He and/or She will dispense with all formalities such as "Please" or "Thank you" or "You're welcome" or "I'm sorry." He and/or She will misuse the Statue of Liberty's torch even with senators.

5. He and/or She will never ask "Is this permissible?" before snapping at people.

6. He and/or She will dominate the conversation with tales of his and/or her travels, repeating the same exact stories every U*U Dude Traveler before him and/or her has ever recounted. These stories will feature how dirty someplace was, how much money he/she had stolen somewhere else, and how totally pasty he and/or she got from the ghost of Whomever.

7. He and/or She will not say "I'm sorry" or "I apologize" to "the victim."

8. He and/or She will not leave a tip, and because he and/or she has less money than anyone else in real terms, he and/or she will constantly gripe about expenses.

9. He and/or She only smiles at women and/or men he and/or she’d like to bed (which does not include anyone over the age of 109). You can find him and/or her at any local "church" talking the ear off a patient, "blind" female and/or male parishioner.

10. He and/or She flames even where it clearly says "No Flaming*."

U*Us, get it together!!

PlagU*Urized by *The* Reverend Doctor Eric Theodore Cartman III from the Rev. Victoria Weinstein "sermon" entitled -

'How To Tell the U.S. Dude Traveler: An Observational Mini-Rant'

* aka insulting

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