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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Quarantining the UU Foot-In-Mouth Disease of Fausto and PeaceBang

A Google search on - "Unitarian Church of Montreal" and hate - turned up some somewhat stale but still quite nasty UU gossip on PeaceBang's blog here.

Here is my "quarantine" of Fausto and PeaceBang's Foot-In-Mouth Disease -

Well look what Google turned up as I was working on this. . .

Hate is the doctrine of this church,
The suppression of truth is its sacrament,
and hypocrisy is its prayer.
To gel together in war,
To think ignorance is strength,
To pervert the UU creed,
To the end that all souls shall grow
into denial of the Divine
Thus they do covenant
with each other
and without God.

You disappoint me Fausto and indeed PeaceBang. . .

Fausto knows perfectly well that I am picketing the Unitarian Church of Montreal for being just a bit too inhuman-ish. . .

My "alternative spiritual practice" will continue until inhuman "Humanists, and indeed other UU hypocrites, repent.

If PeaceBang, Fausto, and other UUs don't have a beef with this then they are but pathetic hypocrites who must repent as well. . .

:and neither should he.

Ya right Fausto. . .

Just what *hostile* crazies were you referring to here PeaceBang?

These ones perhaps?

Don't even think about memory holing this post. . .


Blogger fausto said...

Robin, I don't know why my suggestion to PeaceBang, that she should advise you as a sympathetic pastor to abandon your "beef" against UCM, should offend you. I've said pretty much the same thing to you directly in the past, in a well-intentioned rather than hostile way. And I do think she would be doing you a service to say it to you as well. I didn't intend it as the vicious gossip you apparently take it to be.

It also doesn't necessarily mean I think you're in the wrong. But I do think you're fighting a losing battle, and you're on an unrealistic and potentially self-destructive mission that isn't worth the effort.

Which I've also said directly to you in the past.

It's not "hostile" to think that you could be doing more productive things with your time and talent, or to ask someone more skilled than I am in the pastoral arts to tell you so.

Sunday, December 04, 2005 8:51:00 pm  
Blogger The Emerson Avenger said...

What offends me Fausto is your snide insinuation that I am picketing the Unitarian Church of Montreal simply because its minister is "too humanist" and that my "beef" with the Unitarian Church of Montreal has no justification whatsoever. That is a gross misrepresention of why I am protesting and you know it. You are clearly insinuating that my protest is completely unjustified when you engage in such denial, ignorance and minimization of the facts that you are very well aware of.

You advise PeaceBang to advise me in her capacity "as a Christian UU minister" that she doesn't "have a beef with UCM" and "neither should" I. Any UU in their right mind who values the purported principles and purposes of UUism most certainly should have a beef with the now very well publicized ways that the Unitarian Church of Montreal has willfully disregarded and flagrantly flaunted claimed UU principles and ideals in its rather inhuman relations with me.

I most certainly am highly justified in having a "beef" with the Unitarian Church of Montreal but you none-the-less pretend that my "beef" has no validity whatsoever. Then PeaceBang responds to your snide insinuations by saying, "I don't have a crucifix big enough to ward off the likes of Robin Edgar. Yiiiich." As though I was some kind of vampire. She then thanks you for "warning (her) off the Montreal Unitarian church" so that she can "sneak by mid-week when no crazies are around. No *hostile* crazies, I mean." If that's not "vicious gossip" what the Hell is it Fausto? Certainly PeaceBang's words justify my picket sign slogan that denounced the malicious gossip of the leaders of the Unitarian Church of Montreal long ago.


I dare say that I could quite justifiably call PeaceBang a *hostile* crazy for so foolishly and indeed quite hostilely labeling me as one. . . You should note however that I did not actually do so. Nor did I call you *hostile*. No I just quite justifiably suggested that you were both "pathetic hypocrites" if you "don't have a beef" with the Unitarian Church of Montreal and really believe that I shouldn't have a beef with it either.

If you believe that I am "fighting a losing battle" I suggest that you think again. . . Do you really think the Unitarian Church of Montreal or the greater UU religious community is winning in this battle? Or can even hope to win it in the future somehow? OTOH If that's what you really believe why is it that you are not offering a helping hand to help me to win this well justified battle? Prey tell. . . Allow me to direct to this recent post where I say - "Hang yourself, brave UUs! We fought at Montreal, we fought at Quebec, we even fought at 25 Beacon Street in Boston, but you were not there."

You assert that I am on an unrealistic and potentially self-destructive mission that isn't worth the effort. Oh really? I guess that I must admit that it is indeed highly unrealistic to expect stunningly hypocritical UUs, and I am not just talking about Montreal UUs. . . to actually practice what they so fraudulently preach. I will happily concede that point to you. . . But I put it to you that it is the Unitarian Church of Montreal and in some ways the greater UU religious community that is hell-bent on a self-destructive path. I took a photo today that illustrates that point quite well but my numerous internet postings will have to suffice for now. I would not be doing what I am doing if I did not think that it was worth the effort but your apparent endorsement of UU institutional stonewalling, cover-up and denial is taken note of Fausto. You may choose to sell your soul to UU hypocrisy but I most certainly will not.

Reread what you said to PeaceBang, how she responded to you, and how you kept complicit silent with her and then see if you still have the gall to suggest that -

It's not "hostile" to think that you could be doing more productive things with your time and talent, or to ask someone more skilled than I am in the pastoral arts to tell you so.

It seems to me that that is not quite what you said in your post. . . In any case it seems quite evident to me, and I expect others. . . that PeaceBang is considerably less skilled in the pastoral arts than you are. I would not take that as a compliment if I was you however. I have had more than my fill of the "pastoral arts" of Rev. Ray Drennan, Rev. Diane Miller, Rev. Dr. John Buehrens, Rev. Clyde Grubbs, Rev. Scott Wells, Rev. Brian Kopke and other artless UU clergy. . .

Sunday, December 04, 2005 10:26:00 pm  

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