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Monday, January 04, 2010

Rev. Diane Rollert And The Knoxville Shooting aka The Hate Crime Of Domestic Terrorist Jim David Adkisson - What's The Connection?

The Robin Edgar Sucks blog has just spewed more insulting and defamatory, demonizing and marginalizing, Big Fat U*U BS about your's truly in a blog post titled 'Robin Edgar and the Knoxville Shooting'. Amongst other "less than polite" things, the writer(s) of the Robin Edgar Sucks blog assert -

"He was silent for over six months, only to respond by quoting the allegation from the attacker’s letter that UU’s hated him and all conservatives. His only condemnation of the attack was more like an afterthought, as if to say ‘yeah, shooting people is wrong but they provoked him.’"

"We have searched on the web since we got this, and we can’t find anything to contradict it."

"Robin Edgar keeps saying he doesn’t hate UUs, he’s just against the “bad” ones."

"If this is the only way he could respond to such a tragedy, then we have to wonder if he has any feelings for UUs, other than contempt."

As is typical of DIM Thinking U*Us, to say nothing of just plain stupid dim thinking U*Us, the writers of this Robin Edgar Sucks blog have at least *some* of their facts wrong. No doubt because they were too lazy (to say nothing of hypocritical) to engage in a genuinely free and *responsible* search for the truth and meaning of why I did not have a lot too say about Jim David Adkisson's murderous act of domestic terrorism in Knoxville Tennessee. Obviously it did not occur to the DIM Thinking and indeed dim thinking writers of the Robin Edgar Sucks blog to run a Google search on -

"Robin Edgar" and Jim Adkisson

had they done so they would have *quickly* discovered that I actually did say a thing or two well before six months following Jim David Adkisson's attack and that I did *effectively* condemn it, not that I didn't condemn it in my later writing about that subject.

On July 28, 2008 at 2:18 pm, just *one* day after Jim David Adkisson's terrorist attack on the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation, I said -

"Good point Joseph."

in response to a comment by one 'Joseph' on the 'and now disgust' blog post of the Spirituality and Sunflowers blog of an Atlanta Georgia Unitarian*Universalist blogger. For the Broken Big Fat U*U Record here is what Joseph said that I subsequently affirmed and promoted with my "Amen Choir" comment -

"Would it matter whether this man’s act was against the liberal, conservative or any other movement / set of ideas? Surely we must feel disgust at this act alone – regardless of motive."

This is entirely consistent with what I said in most if not all of my later comments and blog posts about domestic terrorist Jim David Adkisson's murderous rampage at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian*Universalist Church aka TVUUC aka TV U*Us See. . . in Knoxville, Tennessee, on July 27, 2008. I have always said that no matter what Jim David Adkisson's motivations (please note the plural. . .) were, even if they *included* feeling capital 'H' Hated by anti-conservative or otherwise "less than loving" Unitarian*Universalists, that there is no excuse for murdering Unitarian*Universalists. So sorry ever so "free" but rather "less than responsible" writers of the Robin Edgar Sucks blog but you are either badly *mistaken* when you ass*ert or strongly suggest that I didn't say anything about the TVUUC shooting until six months after it occurred or you are Big Fat U*U Liars. . .

My far from *only* "condemnation of the attack" was pretty much the first thing that I said about it and that was said only one day after Jim David Adkisson's terrorist attack on the TVUUC took place. Hardly an "afterthought" as if to say ‘yeah, shooting people is wrong but they provoked him.’ Please excuse me for being "less than polite" writers of the Robin Edgar Sucks blog, including the "anonymous" commenter who is quoted in the blog post, but you are *both* full of Big Fat U*U Shit. Par for the course for most if not all of the "bad" U*Us (Big Fat U*U Bad Asses perhaps?) I have the distinct displeasure to *know*. . .

But yes, it is in fact capital 'T' True that months later, when U*Us and others were blaming right wing "shock jocks" for being the *only* motivation for Jim David Adkisson's self-confessed hate crime against Unitarian*Universalists, I felt it necessary to point out to U*Us the rather *inconvenient* Truth that the perceived or real capital 'H' Hate of alleged or actual anti-conservative Unitarian*Universalists was most probably included amongst the *motivations* for Jim David Adkisson's hate crime.

What of it U*Us?

To quote my very good friend *professor* Richard Dawkins who Theist Hating Big Fat U*U Anti-Religious Bigots positively love -

"If it's true. . . that's tough.

It's still the truth.

The U*Universe doesn't owe U*Us condolence or consolation; it doesn't owe U*Us a nice warm feeling inside. If it's true, it's true, and U*Us had better live with it. . ."

I thought that U*Us affirm and promote a free and *responsible* search for truth and meaning. Don't U*Us think that it is *responsible* to point out that conservative hating Tennessee Valley Unitarian*Universalists, to say nothing of anti-Republican and anti-conservative U*Us elsewhere in the U*U World, may indeed have helped to provoke Jim David Adkisson's attack on U*Us? I mean it's right there in his manifesto cum suicide note isn't it U*Us? I didn't see the slightest mention of right wing "shock jocks" in "less than good" Good Ol' Boy and Inconvenient Tennessee Terrorist Jim David Adkisson's "manifesto", did U*Us? I am not saying that right wing "hate speech" broadcast over the airwaves didn't *also* motivate Jim David Adkisson's hate crime but it does seem that feeling capital 'H' Hated by U*Us was *included* amongst Jim David Adkisson's motivations for murdering U*Us.

So where does Rev. Diane Rollert come into this U*Us ask? Well it just happens to be Yet Another Inconvenient Unitarian*Universalist Truth that, while Jim David Adkisson was no doubt planning his hate crime against U*Us that involved entering the TVUUC with a shotgun and a bag full of shotgun shells, Rev. Diane Rollert was busy seeking a restraining order against totally non-violent me (well at least in terms of *physical* violence) because of her own and other U*Us Big Fat U*U Paranoid Delusions that *I* would enter the Unitarian Church of Montreal with a gun aka firearm, or possibly something else that might be reasonably defined as a weapon such as a NU*Uclear device for *example*. . . and "blow away" Montreal Unitarian U*Us. And it also just happens that, thanks to being "lucky" enough to have gotten a biased aka prejudiced Quebec Court judge and telling a few highly misleading half-truths and outright lies in sworn testimony that this biased judge prevented me from fully exposing in court, Rev. Diane Rollert actually "succeeded" in obtaining a one year restraining order against me about a month and a half *before* Jim David Adkisson actually did what she and/or other paranoidly delU*Usional Montreal Unitarian U*Us *pretended* that I would do at the Unitarian Church of Montreal. So it was a little bit problematic for me to say *anything* about Jim David Adkisson's Tennessee Valley U*U shooting spree without being accused by Rev. Rollert and/or other Montreal Unitarian U*Us of violating the terms of the Big Fat U*Useless Restraining Order that Unitarian*Universalists took out against the wrong person. . . Not that a restraining order is going to actually restrain someone who *really* wants to kill another person. Au contraire. . . seeking a restraining order against the likes of Jim David Adkisson can easily *provoke* them into committing the "serious personal injury offence" they are *seriously* contemplating sooner rather than later. Am I wrong dim thinking U*Us?

But the Big Fat U*Usless Restraining Order that Rev. Diane Rollert and other Montreal Unitarian U*Us "suc*ceded" in obtaining on the basis of both paranoid fantasies and perjurious lies was not the *only* reason that I decided that it would be best all round to say little or nothing about Jim David Adkisson's hate crime on The Emerson Avenger blog, or indeed elsewhere on the internet. Let's face it U*Us *IF* I had blogged about it here it would have brought LOTS of "traffic" to The Emerson Avenger blog, especially in light of my U*Uncanny ability to obtain top level results in Google searches for various key words and phrases such as Jim David Adkisson for *example*. No U*Us, like Jim David Adkisson's attack on U*Us, my decision not to attack U*Us (even indirectly) on The Emerson Avenger blog was motivated by multiple factors, not the least of them being the just plain human decency of not blogging about Jim David Adkisson's attack on the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church on The Emerson Avenger blog at ALL so as not to unseemingly *capitalize* aka "prophet" from that hate crime which after all was an injustice and abuse committed against U*Us not *by* U*Us. Right U*Us?

Think about how many thousands, if not tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of visits that The Emerson Avenger blog *could* have had *IF* I had decided to throw both moderate caution and basic human decency to the Big Fat U*U Wind and blog about Jim David Adkisson's hate crime aka terrorist attack on the Tennessee Valley Unitarian*Universalist Church regardless of the terms of the Rev. Diane Rollert restraining order which did not *necessarily* prevent me from blogging about it, as my later TEA blog posts which were made while the restraining order was still in effect effectively prove. Maybe Unitarian*Universalists aka U*Us should be thanking me for not blogging about the TVUUC shooting on this blog in the immediate afternmath of Jim David Adkisson's hate crime, rather than publicly condemning me aka demonizing and marginalizing me for my carefully considered and I believe ultimately *wise* decision to exercise my proverbial right to remain silent for a "decent interlude" anyway.

More later maybe. . .

There *are* a few other things that I *could* say about this latest insulting and defamatory attack on me by a few DIM Thinking U*Us.

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