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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Timothy D. Wells Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty But If He Is Actually Guilty Of Murdering His Wife Christine Sevilla. . .

It would seem that he flagrantly broke the Unitarian*Universalist "covenant" which calls upon U*Us to affirm and promote "respect for the inherent worth and dignity of every person."

PETA and/or the SPCA might want to have a word with Timothy Wells too. . .

"The couple’s dog was also found at the scene, about 100 yards from the car, Helfer said. The dog had been struck, but is alive and is expected to be all right, Helfer said."

Well at least Timothy Wells somewhat belatedly lived up to the U*U principle that calls for justice, equity and compassion in human relations by freely and responsibly calling the Rochester NY police to report his crime. At least according to this Democrat & Chronicle news report titled - RIT professor arraigned in wife's murder

Rochester NY Unitarian*Universalist Timothy D. Wells is not
being arrested for erstatz "civil disobediance" in this news photo.

According to an news report titled 'Man accused of strangling wife pleads not guilty' -

"The investigation began overnight after a man called 911 to report he had killed his wife. He said police would find her near a section of the park known as the Devil's Bathtub."

It is however exceedingly improbable that Rochester New York Unitarian*Universalist Timothy D. Wells will be testifying that "the Devil me do it" any time soon. . .

Apparently both Timothy Wells and Christine Sevilla were the very model of modern Unitarian*Universalists if this "fair use" snippet from a news report of this U*U murder is truthful and meaningful -

"Friends say Wells and Sevilla were also driven by political activism. They are members of the Monroe County Democratic Committee and were involved with a group called citizens to save Monroe County."

A news report titled 'R.I.T. Prof Charged With Strangling Wife' informs us that -

"Wells, an Associate Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, specializes in information technology and has studied media psychology."

which is quite ironic all things considered, and even something of a synchronicity in light of some of today's earlier The Emerson Avenger blog posts.

By pretty much all reports this alleged, if not self-confessed, Rochester U*U Strangler is pleading not guilty to the second degree murder of his wife Christine Sevilla which I supppose is yet another sign that Rochester Unitarian*Universalist Timothy D. Wells is indeed the very model of a modern U*U. . .

Revision: An updated report titled 'Associate RIT prof arrested and charged with wife's murder' says that -

"Judge Thomas Klonick. . . entered a plea of not guilty on his (Well's) behalf."

So perhaps Tim Wells did not actually plead not guilty himself as earlier news reports stated or suggested. It is quite possible that a psychologically traumatized Tim Wells was simply too distraught to enter a plea himself.

Here is an unusual "God's Eye View" cinematophotography perspective still photograph of alleged, and apparently confessed, U*U murderer Timothy D. Wells and his wife and victim Christine Sevilla. Needless to say I find it tragically ironic. . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No motive has been reported in this. It could have been accidental. Maybe it was some kind of lover's game that took a turn for the worse. Maybe the guy panicked for a moment and considered trying to cover it up. Maybe it was the only way he could have fulfilled her wish to be buried near wetlands, with her dog. Either way, I always regarded movements such as UU as being non-judgmental, however, there appears to be a bunch of judgement going on here. Let's leave the judgement to the courts, and offer healing and guidance to the world instead of negativity.

Saturday, December 26, 2009 2:13:00 pm  
Blogger Robin Edgar said...

Anonymous the title of this blog post clearly says -

Timothy D. Wells Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty But *If* He Is Actually Guilty Of Murdering His Wife Christine Sevilla. . .

Maybe Christine Sevilla`s death was accidental. Maybe it was indeed "some kind of lover's game" that took a turn for the worse, as others have already speculated. . .

For the record U*Us are actually far less non-judgmental (i.e. far *more* judgmental) than you are aware of, although U*Us *do* seem to be very non-judgmental when it comes to responsibly judging and dealing with their own injustices, abuses, and hypocrisy of various kinds. . . This TEA blog post does little more than point out the glaring disconnect between the U*U principle that calls for respect for the inherent worth and dignity of every person and apparently murdering one's own wife. I have actually witheld further judgment until knowing more about the facts of this case.

Saturday, December 26, 2009 2:51:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those of us at First Unitarian in Rochester, who knew Christine and Tim and still care deeply about them, still hold high respect for Tim's dignity and worth. He pleaded guilty yesterday. He is taking responsibility for his actions. Those that have visited him say he is focusing on making a meaningful life where he is right now. He is the very model of a UU, who strayed for a bit due to mental health problems, some undiagnosed until now. We all stray sometimes.

Thursday, October 14, 2010 6:53:00 am  
Blogger Chris Gregory said...

Hi Robin, My name is Chris. I can't and won't try to justify any of the inappropriate, immoral, or unethical actions of all of the UU's you have shined a spot-light on or argue about whether or not all of the information you post is truly accurate and whether or not any of the facts are exaggerated. The world needs people like you who take it upon themselves to bring injustices into the lime-light and help bring about awareness. But you do so at a price. There's a balance that must be made or you're just another terrorist calling himself a journalist and proclaiming FREEDOM OF SPEECH. However, for someone who claims to have interests in Hinduism (and I'm assuming for spiritual practice and not for interest in ridiculing it as you do Unitarian Universalism, but please correct me if I'm wrong) I can't say you're doing a very good job at practicing Hinduism if you are, but I'm not trying to criticize what you're doing or your lifestyle. Simply, I'm just curious as to why you are singling out Unitarian Universalists when almost every other religion has it's own plurethra of injustices. From the current Pope to Mohammed and even the Dhali Lama could be considered to have unjustly acted...but as Einstein would say..."It's all relative" based on your perspective and beliefs. Why aren't you interested in calling-out all religious leaders who act unjustly? If this is only some sort of vendetta or retaliation, does it make you any better than those who offended you? Seeking truth is all fine and good, just make sure you find a balance ok or Karma will find a way to balance it for you. Just in case you are slightly off your rocker, No, that wasn't a threat and No, Karma is not the name of a sniper coming to get you. In consideration of the whole UUA lawsuits, be careful about that kind of stuff. It's one thing to protect your freedoms, but if you think for a moment you over-stepped your bounds anywhere with a slanderous remark or whatnot, it would be a travesty for someone with as much enthusiasm for justice to be brought down by a legal technicality. Stay safe and try and find some balance, ok. Best Regards. Chris (UU, practicing Pagan, Buddhist, and Hinduist)

Friday, January 11, 2013 3:37:00 am  

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